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The Truth Hurts

From The Journal News:

A [New York] state Supreme Court justice recently dismissed a lawsuit by Michael Jaliman, an unsuccessful 2004 congressional candidate, who claimed that allegations he was a Communist Party member and an associate of an alleged Iraqi spy were defamatory.

Justice Mark Dillon, who sits in Westchester, called the lawsuit against Janine Selendy, Jaliman's opponent in last September's Democratic primary, and two of her campaign aides frivolous.

Jaliman filed suit last August against Selendy; her campaign manager, Michael Morey; deputy campaign manager Cathy Adler; and Peter Adler, Cathy Adler's husband. He contended that Peter Adler, acting at the behest of the Selendy campaign, had slandered him by making false statements about him at a Beekman Democratic Committee meeting in July. Jaliman also accused Selendy, Morey and Cathy Adler of slanderous statements.

I'm no lawyer, but I've always heard that in regards to libel/slander suits, the truth is an absolute defense...

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" The plaintiff has imprope... (Below threshold)

" The plaintiff has improperly used — indeed, abused — the good auspices of the court for the purpose of grinding a political axe."

Imagine that.






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