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Playgirl Editor Fired For Voting Republican


Playgirl editor Michelle Zipp claims in an e-mail to Matt Drudge that she's been fired after a liberal backlash and staff revolt over her "outing" as a Republican in the current issue of Playgirl.

The strange part is that the issue containing her article is on the stands now and Playgirl issued a press release promoting the issue. Seems like strange timing, given that Playgirl is seldom newsworthy...


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Comments (16)

I liked this quote from her... (Below threshold)

I liked this quote from her email:

I just wanted to let you know of the fear the liberal left has about a woman with power possessing Republican views

Behold, the power of the Playgirl editor!

Kevin: Don't you have an o... (Below threshold)
Old Coot:

Kevin: Don't you have an opening on your staff? Her photo on your masthead would really be cool.

Gives new meaning to the ol... (Below threshold)

Gives new meaning to the old Erica Jong "Fear of Flying" phrase Zip(p)less f*ck.

She's cute!... (Below threshold)

She's cute!

At least she wasn't fired f... (Below threshold)

At least she wasn't fired for being fat or transgendered, now that would be, well .... you know ... different, and wrong, too.

Geez, thanks, Coot. Now ev... (Below threshold)

Geez, thanks, Coot. Now everyone will be wanting pictures of Kevin's, um, staff.

wow. It is almost scary rea... (Below threshold)

wow. It is almost scary really. If you live in of the blue states or work in what you know to be a liberal atmosphere, you have to HIDE the fact that you are a Republican.
I remember Ben Stein saying once that he would be approached in parking garages all the time after some filming by actors whispering to him that they were actually Republicans too, but could never tell anyone or they wouldn't work again.

CGHill: I hereby withdraw m... (Below threshold)
Old Coot:

CGHill: I hereby withdraw my suggestion. I would however like to add her to my, um, staff. And BTW, if my wife trolls here, I'm a dead man.

Oh man. I'm dying to know w... (Below threshold)

Oh man. I'm dying to know what google hits this is going to produce.

BTW: I wandered over to playgirl's website ::blinks- what? Don't look at me like that!:: and they have a statement out about Michele's dismissal. This part in particular amused me- oh the double speak of them thar dems.

"For more than 30 years, the Playgirl name has been synonymous with freedom and empowerment…for women, by women, about women. Playgirl values all political affiliations and anyone on its staff is free to express those opinions."

D'oh...I read this earlier ... (Below threshold)

D'oh...I read this earlier and was going to write about it while assuming I was reading about the publication, "Playboy," that would make this event really and truly remarkable.

But, later realizing that it was in regard to "Playgirl," I now write, D'OH. Because, "Playgirl"'s leading customer and reader is a gay male. Thus, the horror that a conservative was among their midst.

The comment made to the now-fired employee was the most telling and that was that if they'd known she was a Republican, they'd have never hired her. That about sums up most of the entertianment industry, certainly does "Playgirl" the publication.

Oh, ick, my memories of being interviewed there, which lasted something like five minutes when I horrified publisher Whoits-In-Leather-Pants by making a light-hearted joke about working with photos of naked men.

It's all about their homose... (Below threshold)

It's all about their homosexual readers, and that's about all it's about. The whole party tag thing, that's a dodge.

Jewels: that there stateme... (Below threshold)

Jewels: that there statement is a lie. It's about gay males. Unless, of course, "women" is "Playgirl"'s code word for "gay males."

Why is everyone so surprise... (Below threshold)

Why is everyone so surprised?

Like it or not, the left generally has a more healthy and candid attitude towards sex than the right does. This may have something to do with their eagerness to toss tradition aside, and few areas of human experience carry more baggage with them than sex. The fear, anxiety, and even shame that some conservatives feel about sex would be sad if it wasn't so comically absurd. The left may be more apt to do something foolish when it comes to sex, but at least they're not neurotic and superstitious about it.

So why should it suprise anyone that a magazine whose topic is sex as viewed from a feminine libertine perspective would be chock full of lefties?


Now obviously her being fired for not towing the party line is just another example of the left acting like goose-stepping morons, but then this is nothing new. Behavior like this is almost a cliche in academia. I wouldn't be a bit surprised if she "came out" knowing full well what the response would be. Why? Because in her line of work there is no such thing as bad publicity. The way I see it, she wanted either a pay raise or a change of venue, possibly both. I say give it to her.

Speaking of which, if she ever needs someone to show her just how uninhibited an enlightened conservative man can be, she's more than welcome to contact me. I'm ready and willing to live up to my home state's motto and volunteer.


No, Lee, the Left does not ... (Below threshold)

No, Lee, the Left does not have "a more healthy and candid attitude about sex..." (which you allege in comparison with conservatives).

Quite the contrary...I venture to guess that what the Left (generally) promotes and regards as being "healthy" is quite entirely not so.

If you're going for the "permissiveness is progressiveness" line of thought, no, it isn't.

You're suggesting some standard of good and bad that can't be easily discussed in a public venue such as this -- and I don't think I would like to have that discussion right now anyway -- but the suggestion that conservatives have a less sophisticated or stunted attitude about "sex" when compared with liberals is rather pitiful.

That statement reminds me, however, of every other issue that the Left hypes about it's concept of superiority, of 'specialness' because of physiology, among other things, while conservatives are supposed to be the nuts. But it is that the actual nuts run amok by that very delusion of omnipresence.

Perhaps you confuse lack of morality, profanity, sensualism, with sophistication. Many among the Left do.

"Because, "Playgirl"'s lead... (Below threshold)

"Because, "Playgirl"'s leading customer and reader is a gay male. Thus, the horror that a conservative was among their midst."

ohhh grrrrllll. let me just set you "straight" on that one. we got much better sh** to look at then those shriveled, sexless men in playgirl. i would venture a guess that if playgirl's main demographic is men, it's men that are still "self-identifying" as straight. and you might want to toss all the closeted, homo-bashing queers in sex only over to us, but on behalf of the rest of the out gay world, let me just say, YOU CAN KEEP EM!!! And you probably should, since they are your ministers, priests, and senators.

Well, please realize that t... (Below threshold)

Well, please realize that the turnover at the Ed-In-Chief at that magazine is TREMENDOUS. In the 32 years they've been in existance, there have probably be over a dozen Editor-in-Chiefs. There is a revolving door at that office and they were probably going to fire her anyway--though I can't imagine telling her it was over THIS and causing such a firestorm...






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