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Scratch n' Match Meltdown

Scratch n' Match Winners

The New York Daily News gave away more that it bargained for Saturday as a misprinting in the papers Scratch n' Match game made $100,000 winners out untold thousands of New Yorkers rather than the intended one winner.

The Daily News is in damage control mode, though they've yet to apologized for the error that caused some "winners" to spend money they don't have and now probably aren't going to get. The Daily News blames the firm that runs the contest for the error, but has agreed to add $1 million dollars to a drawing for all of those who were supposed to win $100,000.

Angry Scratch N' Match Players Storm Daily News Offices [WABC 7Online]

Comments (9)

I'm just trying to figure o... (Below threshold)

I'm just trying to figure out how this will be painted as Bush's fault.

No it wasn't Bush, it was R... (Below threshold)
Just Me:

No it wasn't Bush, it was Rove.

Because they don't like Blo... (Below threshold)

Because they don't like Bloomberg and want to create civil unrest so that Bloomberg fails and he has to call Washington for help....

Remember, next commenter must advance the story!

Looks as though those birds... (Below threshold)

Looks as though those birds are cooking themselves.

The wife of a guy in my off... (Below threshold)

The wife of a guy in my office did the scratch-off and "won" $1000. Her son left on Saturday afternoon for a week-long vacation and she gave him an advance of $250 from her winnings. Needless to say she was a little peeved when she found out she didn't win after all.

More evidence of why it mak... (Below threshold)

More evidence of why it makes no sense to count your chickens before they're hatched.

Or write a check before you make your deposit to pay for it.

Or rely on an inheritance before the reading of the will.


"error that caused some "wi... (Below threshold)

"error that caused some "winners" to spend money they don't have"

Good job for Jaynee and -S- for pointing out the most common American fault, well, maybe the second most common fault. The first is the counting-of-the-chickens and the second is blaming someone else for your own stupidity.


Wahahah!!!! "Winners"!! M... (Below threshold)

Wahahah!!!! "Winners"!! Man, that's funny.

Seriously, let me be the first to say [nelson]Haw haw![/nelson].

What is the date for the sp... (Below threshold)
Richard Poplawski:

What is the date for the special drawing for scratch n' match 3/19/05 winners!






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