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Everything ever wanted to know about babes and politics, but were too busy drooling to ask

One of the bigger non-Terri Schiavo topics going around the blogosphere these days is the phenomenon of pretty women in advancing political causes. It seems like nearly everyone has chimed in on it, including yours truly.

The fallout from that posting (and resulting Instalanche -- thanks, Professor!) was tremendously satisfying. I found several new blogs after they tracked back to that piece, including one of a pretty good thinker over at Willisms.

He's taken a second look at the "babe phenomenon," with considerably more evidence and historical context. (And, yes, pictures of pretty women.) It's well worth a read, and worthy of the Instalanche it received.

But Will, forgive the whining tone, but really... you used my title, my P. J. O'Rourke citation, and at least one of the same pictures I used. I probably wasn't the first to tie them all together, but I must've been one of the first you saw -- you linked to it then. Sure, you went a hell of a lot deeper into the phenomenon than I did, and better, but would it have killed you to toss me a link?

Regardless of my petty complaint, Will's piece is superb. It's like Playboy was, in the day -- go there for the article, enjoy the pictures as a free bonus.


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Thanks for the link. You ar... (Below threshold)
Rod Stanton:

Thanks for the link. You are right.

I was moved equally by the ... (Below threshold)

I was moved equally by the pictures of the old women of Afghanistan holding up blue fingers after voting as I am by the babes of Beruit, equally as proud of the accomplishments that enabled both. Different parts moved, of course, but without dwelling on the obvious difference both sights were beautiful.

Where's *my* bonus pics?</p... (Below threshold)

Where's *my* bonus pics?

I linked wizbang on another... (Below threshold)

I linked wizbang on another post a few days ago on the same topic, and mentioned it about a week ago too (heck, I link to wizbang pretty much every other day)... forgive me for the omission on this latest one.

Wizbang does deserve a lot of credit for sparking the "Babe Theory" discussion.

-Will, WILLisms.com






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