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Fired CBS News Producer Mary Mapes To Write Her Side Of Story

From Crain's New York Business:

Mary Mapes, the CBS News producer fired over "Memogate," has reached a deal to tell her side of the controversial story that effectively ended the career of Dan Rather and sent morale into a tailspin at the venerable news organization.

St. Martin's Press has agreed to pay in the high six figures to publish a book by Ms. Mapes tentatively titled The Other Side of the Story. According to publishing executives who met with the news producer last week, the book is still in the early stages, but will focus on the 60 Minutes Wednesday report that filled in the missing details--and painted a highly unflattering picture--of President George W. Bush's Air National Guard service. The story was discredited when memos at the heart of the reporting could not be authenticated.

Ms. Mapes continues to insist that the story was accurate, and that the documents were not forged. The book will present a detailed counterattack against an independent panel's findings that the segment should not have aired, and will include documentation and analysis that she says backs up her reporting and which the panel did not release.

The only ones claiming the memos "could not be authenticated" are CBS's legal team, ignoring the findings of their own document expert who examined the memos during the investigation and declared them forgeries.

Given what we now know about the circles Mapes traveled in during her research on story, I'm positively giddy with excitement at the prospect of the release of her book. Tearing it apart should be as easy as knocking candy out a pinata, without wearing a blindfold...


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Comments (22)

You're right. Reading her v... (Below threshold)

You're right. Reading her version of this is going to be pretty fun. And with no election to be affected by far-left propoganda, I won't have to worry about buying a copy and supporting something harmful. Mapes is no threat to truth.

Though I might try the library first, just on general principle.

I normally get things like ... (Below threshold)

I normally get things like that off a p2p in either Ebook or Audiobook mp3 format and share them like a good little liberal would. They can hardly disapprove of anything that keeps a bad, evil, greedy corporation (publishers) from making a profit and also keeps the author from taking money from the poor. I agree 100% with the left's concept that anyone with money must have stolen it from those in need and fight this injustice any time I see someone from the left ignoring it while making a profit for themselves. I only apply it to liberals though. I do the same thing with any movie that has Sean Penn, Susan Sarandon, Alex Baldwin, Tim Robbins, Ben Affleck or any other of the vocal lefties in it. If they don't like it they should STFU, after all, I'm only practicing what they preach. If they'd like to sue me over it they can deliver the papers to my house here in Mexico, but they'll need a gas guzzling SUV that has 4 wheel drive to get here. I have the video camera ready to record the event and that video will also be distributed free of charge. We can see just how well liberalism works and if they still agree that it's as good as they claim when it's applied to them. Does anyone think I'll be hearing from them anytime soon?

Oeee yummy! Write, Mary, w... (Below threshold)

Oeee yummy! Write, Mary, write. I can't wait!
I bet CBS isn't happy about this. It keeps the fires stoked.

I'm just finding the idea o... (Below threshold)

I'm just finding the idea of buying a copy of her book to be kinda icky.

Yes, it's going to be a great time, indeed, for us readers to read your pickapart of the book, Kevin. I am quite looking forward to it.

bullwinkle: maybe you'll s... (Below threshold)

bullwinkle: maybe you'll share a copy (online)? I agree that it'd be a shame to provide some big ~Go Kerry!~

Arghh...comment (^^) got gn... (Below threshold)

Arghh...comment (^^) got gnarfled...

Should have read, "it'd be a shame to provide some big corporation with undeserved profits. And, oh, yeah, ~Go Kerry!~

This will be interesting-it... (Below threshold)
Just Me:

This will be interesting-it will feel like Christmas in the blogsphere, when that one comes out. I wonder if CBS will interview her, when it is published?

She's just some stupid moob... (Below threshold)
Rob Hackney:

She's just some stupid moobat bitch looking to make some money the easy way now that her ass is out of a job. Maybe she should learn some skills in the kitchen

The title of the book should be " Look at me: How a Moonbat Bitch tried to Smear the President"

Say what you mean. They wer... (Below threshold)
Rod Stanton:

Say what you mean. They were faked. They were not forged.
I wonder if she will mention her meetings in May with Killian' son and wife. They both told her then the memos had to be fake. They gave several reasons. First the son ,who was in the same TANG unit, said the father had utmost respect for Bush as an officer. Second both said the father could not type and had no typewriter. If you want more get tapes of Larry Elder's interviews with them (several) last Sep and Oct.

-S-,Of course I'll s... (Below threshold)

Of course I'll share, this liberalism thing is kinda cool when properly applied. I'll let you know when I lay my grubby little money-stained capitalistic hands on it.

ha, bullwinkle, you capital... (Below threshold)

ha, bullwinkle, you capitalist tool, you.


Think it will have some Car... (Below threshold)

Think it will have some Cartereque sex scenes? You know, her and Dan rolling around on the floor of his office after the CBS Christmas party?

I'm glad that she's writing... (Below threshold)

I'm glad that she's writing a book It'll keep Jayson Blair's book company when they both stack up in the discount bin.

Hee hee... this is gonna be... (Below threshold)

Hee hee... this is gonna be fun. :oD

Looking forward to the resulting blog-o-race to read and shred said book.

There are two sides to ever... (Below threshold)
Just Don:

There are two sides to every story.

I suspect Ms. Mapes is about to show the fallacy in that argument.

Only one of those sides is true.

As long as no one here is p... (Below threshold)

As long as no one here is promising to buy it, at the most I either plan on downloading it, or going to a bookstore and reading it there, for sure godamn hell I ain't buying it. I am not supporting Mapes and whatever god-forsaken publisher is willing to print this book.

I've been called a tool man... (Below threshold)

I've been called a tool many times before, but this is the first time anyone put capitalist in front of it. I'm pleased to finally get that added. I was beginning to develop a complex. Wait, she didn't mean fool did she?

- In an interview recently,... (Below threshold)

- In an interview recently, Dan Rather was asked about the Mapes book, and what he thought about a supposed expose' based on the idea that the memo's were actually real, but that a Karl Rove plant had managed to infiltrate the CBS offices and replace all the original paper and disk file copies with the MS Word fakes. He said...."[well] if theres any truth to that as a respected journalist I'd certainly like to cover that story"....

- Edward R. Murrow was unavailable for comment...

Heh. Just wait 'til you see... (Below threshold)
Salt Lick:

Heh. Just wait 'til you see the documents I sold her showing Dubya accidentally bombed a grain silo in Texas. Big cover-up. The fee will pay for my tuition. If I can get my d*mn printer to work.

Salt Lick: you could alway... (Below threshold)

Salt Lick: you could always try to hookup with the time travelling Mullet Man and go back in time and create the documents on a typewriter and avoid the whole Kinko's involvement in the present.

I never coulda seen this co... (Below threshold)
Jack Tanner:

I never coulda seen this coming. Somehow I foresee the book focusing more on unsubstantiated claims about Bush than any problems with the documents. It should succeed in having her beatified in the Church of the High Moonbat as St. Mary of Mapes along with St. Rachel of Corrie.

Jack: shame on you for dis... (Below threshold)

Jack: shame on you for dishonoring the state of Sainthood! Moonbattery reveres AntiSainthood, as in, the (let me see, searching Left examples of 'heroics'...), as in, "The DNA of Hunter Thompson all over the Wall" or "The Fist of Nature," or, "The Uselessness of Mapes' in Print," or something simillar.






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