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The Armed (Iraqi) Citizen

The AP brings up a cool story today... Iraqi citizens are killing insurgents when there are no Iraqi police or U.S. soldiers around.

Baghdad Residents Kill Three Militants

BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) - Shopkeepers and residents on one of Baghdad's main streets pulled out their own guns Tuesday and killed three insurgents when hooded men began shooting at passers-by, giving a rare victory to civilians increasingly frustrated by the violence bleeding Iraq.

The clash in the capital's southern Doura neighborhood erupted when militants in three cars sprayed bullets at shoppers. Three people - a man, a woman and a child - were wounded.

The motive was unclear, but there have been previous attacks in the ethnically mixed neighborhood. Earlier in the day, gunmen in the same quarter killed a policeman as he drove to work, police Lt. Col. Hafidh Al-Ghrayri said.

A forceful citizen response is rare, but not unheard of in a country where conflict has become commonplace and the law allows each home to have a weapon. Early this month, police said townsmen in Wihda, 25 miles south of Baghdad, attacked a group of militants believed planning to raid the town and killed seven.

Sounds like they're figuring it out over there. Armed citizens can do more to stop the terrorists over there than another 50,000 U.S. troops. This is the way it should be. When it becomes obvious the violence will no longer be tolerated it will end and Iraq will be the better for it. Terrorists should live in fear of the average citizen.

What makes it more humorous is that Senator Barbara Boxer, who is best known for her zealotry on gun control, was in Baghdad at the time. I wonder if she thinks these citizens should be carrying guns?

In Barbara Boxer's world, the citizens would have no guns and the terrorists would. Think she saw the error of her ways this week? I wouldn't hold your breath.


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Comments (15)

"When guns are illegal, onl... (Below threshold)

"When guns are illegal, only _____ will have guns."

Wizbang fill-in-the-blank contest?

My suggestion is "Syrians", though "Saudis" would be a pretty close second.

Interesting.And if... (Below threshold)


And if there are school shootings in Iraq by children...what then?

Damn that double edged sword!

They say that every silver ... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

They say that every silver lining has a cloud...


In response to Carla I prop... (Below threshold)
Fred Z:

In response to Carla I propose a modern version: "The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time, with the blood of patriots, tyrants and innocents."

How many children did Nazism and communism kill?

Nobody wants to see a dead child. Even less do we want to see children mass murdered by their own government. Many of those Jewish kids were Germans.

Most gun owners won't admit it. I will. Ultimately a well armed militia is needed to defend against its own government.

This may be the point where... (Below threshold)

This may be the point where someone should mention that the guns used in the recent shootings in Minnesota were (as far as we can tell) legal weapons owned by a police officer.

I just read a great quote f... (Below threshold)

I just read a great quote from a Dutch newspaper, left-of-center Vrij Nederland (3/12/05) at a summary of world news articles on the domino effect towards freedom in the Middle East:

Netherlands: "Arab Spring"

"...The Syrian troops leaving Lebanon may be Bush's next--unintended--achievement. The least you can say about this 'Arab Spring' is that 'the people' are not suffering from agoraphobia [fear of open or public places]. Not in Beirut, not in Baghdad and not in Kabul. A little democracy begins with courage."

I like that last sentence! And from a lefty paper, too :)
It's amazing to see how the EU and other world media have changed their tune in the wake of the Iraqi elections.

P.S. There's a hot thread "debunking the debunkers" on the Syria coup matter at that site's thread starting with "Marie" around 3/16/05, here.

P.P.S.Hee hee, Paul,... (Below threshold)

Hee hee, Paul, you're mentioned there often with regard to the 3 Syrian bloggers you found when you checked for further leads. You're so good, you set off a firestorm (or a storm in a teacup) in your sleep! Your "Fifi" blogsite reference brought on a a "Fifi fit" from the debunkers.

Carla your comment reminds ... (Below threshold)

Carla your comment reminds me of the Protest Warrior sign....WAR NEVER SOLVED ANYTHING....

But end the holocaust.
End Slavery.

Stupid anti war protestors....never learn from history.

In all those "school shooti... (Below threshold)

In all those "school shootings", the parents were never around? Instead of blaming guns, why can't we hold the parent's feet to the flames?

whatever happened to bad parenting?

What Henry wrote (^^).... (Below threshold)

What Henry wrote (^^).

So far, from what I've read, the parents of the children who later committed violence (against family and/or schools), were distant. Not always abusive but actually abusive by being denying parents. You can't withhold parental affection, interaction, relationship and still expect a child, any child, to manage well afterward.

Sometimes there are some people with grave problems, I realize, who spring up despite great parenting but if there IS great parenting present, the parents get those problematic children into treatment, care, some sort of process whereby the problems are identified if not ameliorated.

It is only when violence wi... (Below threshold)

It is only when violence within the heart of man ends, shall there also be that same end by his hand.

Hatred begot violence rather it be carried out by guns, arrows, rocks, or by thy very hand. You can no more stop violence then you can stop hatred.

Instead of spewing that guns are killers, first teach that violence in any of its forms brings about harm, and that Love unto thy neighbor and thy self is the road to peace.

This is not to say there is not a peace only known on the other side of war, for as much as it is naive to say guns kill, it would also be to say we can achieve peace, for there will always be hatred in the hearts of certain men as it was from the beginning, so shall it be unto the end.


The blogger in Australis ha... (Below threshold)
Rod Stanton:

The blogger in Australis has been saying this was going on for over a year. But of course the election all the MSM/DNC wanted to talk about was "QUAGMIRE" Chernoff - Cheknoff?

I was raised around firearm... (Below threshold)
been there:

I was raised around firearms and was made to understand at a very early age the responsibility that went with them. It was made very clear to us that they were not toys and a split seconds stupidity could ruin many lives.

That said we were also made aware that there were some very bad people in the world and lethal force was on a rare occasions a unfortunate nessesity.

In all honsety I have a lot more trouble with the kind of horseplay that goes on with kids playing with paintball guns than with properly supervised use of firearms. Paintball might be fun and good exercize but I would rather my kids learned about safety and responsibility. I'd rather send Gunsite or LFI than the average paintball range.

The fact that my wife and I are armed and willing to defend ourselves I sure has helped to keep a few of our trouble makers from doing us physical violence. I suspect that likewise in Bagdad some of the insurgents will think abit about the possibility of being killed by one of their intended victims.

Cool thing about being a Yank though is many armed men and women fought to protect your right to tell me I am wearing my backside for a hat.

Sorry that should have read... (Below threshold)
been there:

Sorry that should have read:

I'd rather send the kids to Gunsite or LFI than the average paintball range.

It's been a long day.

Note to Carla,Iraq... (Below threshold)

Note to Carla,

Iraq can follow the US of A leed and ban guns at schools - that would make the children safer right?

Or they can follow the example set by Israel and arm the teachers. Bad example - too many guns but then again, when was the last school shooting in either country?






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