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The Me Generation

Anyone notice anything odd about this snipet of news coverage on the anti-war protests last weekend in London?

People poured into the capital from across the country, including 29-year-old human rights author Susanna Akono who traveled in a coach from Kent.

"The war on terror is wrong because it is not going to end terrorism when you have people such as Iyad Allawi (Iraq's outgoing prime minister) being put in power," she said, an anti-war poster in her hand.

Akono from Cambodia, who is married to a British man and is pregnant, said that she planned to go on a hunger strike from April 14 in protest against the continuing war on terror.

"I want to do everything I can to make sure my child has a secure future," she said.


She wants to make sure her child has a secure future, yet she's willing to put the child's health in jeopardy by depriving it of the one thing it really needs - food?



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that's nothin'-- wait until... (Below threshold)

that's nothin'-- wait until you see a "I VOTE PRO-CHOICE" bumpersticker sharing car space with a "MEAT IS MURDER" sticker.
Follow the logic here: when it comes to killing, babies are okay, but cows are wrong? What if we limited ourselves to veal? Or made the cows read "The Second Sex" first?

That reminds me of <a href=... (Below threshold)

That reminds me of this picture.

Un-freakin-real.... (Below threshold)


lol check out the post on m... (Below threshold)

lol check out the post on my blog about the campaign for nuclear disarmament (top post)

Unreal.My ex-wife ... (Below threshold)


My ex-wife had an undiagnosed eating disorder, one I did not become aware of until after the birth of our son.

I discovered that she hid candy bars around the house, so that she could eat as little as possible to avoid gaining any weight.

She had two seizures the year that our son was conceived; the second seizure occurred right when we discovered she was pregnant.

Her OB prescribed Depakote to prevent another seizure. He explained that another seizure would be worse than the potential effects of Fetal Depakote Syndrome. We dodged the spina bifida bullet, but our son has global developmental delay, and is somewhat autistic - both outcomes of Fetal Depakote Syndrome.

All this because the best the doctors could come up with, regarding the seizures, was that her blood sugar was low.

She admitted after our son was born that she wasn't entirely honest to the doctors, including her OB, regarding her diet.

And for whatever psychological condition she may suffer from, that allowed her to put worries about weight in front of the health and well-being of our then-unborn son, she is now remarried and pretends that she had nothing to do with it.

To her, and to any mother who would willingly risk and endanger the health and well being of their unborn child, may she, like this protester mentioned in the article quoted above, rot in hell.

What exactly is a "human ri... (Below threshold)
Just Me:

What exactly is a "human rights author" and how did she get her job, if she thinks Allawi is worse than Saddam Hussein?

Wanderlust (and others)...m... (Below threshold)

Wanderlust (and others)...my sympathies to you and to your son. I hope that what you've shared here/above can provide some insight to others as to the level of mental/emotional illness involved in eating disorders. Unfortunately, a lot of the illness involved gets passed off as routine familiar issues (parent to child). But, eating disorders are a complex and quite serious set of problems to those with them and to those who have to survive them (those with the disorders and the disorders themselves).

Same thing with substance a... (Below threshold)

Same thing with substance abuse while pregnant, and even before/after...a woman's body actually is not entirely her own, not when she's reproducing, anyway.

See, this is why I really d... (Below threshold)
Rob Hackney:

See, this is why I really don't have a problem with Darwinism. The stupid commie moonbats WILL DO THEMSELVES IN as they are COMPLETELY FREAKING RETARDED!

Poor child, but if the mother is anything to go by, it was doomed anyway. Best put a bullet in her head now and save tax payers some trouble later.

Apparently starving the chi... (Below threshold)

Apparently starving the child to death would be much more humane than a bullet to the head.

Oh, no, no, no, dfbaskwill,... (Below threshold)

Oh, no, no, no, dfbaskwill, because you forgot to include starving the child to death without the child's expression taken into consideration first.

Pitiful Sarcasm On:

After all, everyone knows that an unborn child has no means to express what they want so they must not have feelings, be able to think...

Pitiful Off.

I too saw this yesterday, b... (Below threshold)

I too saw this yesterday, but I am assuming (or perhaps hoping is a better word) that she is planning on giving birth BEFORE going on the hunger strike.

She has until April 14th to squirt that sucker out before doing a Sciavo on it.

Psychriatrist to akono, "I ... (Below threshold)

Psychriatrist to akono, "I have the results of your IQ test. It shows that you have an IQ 13 points below that of a pet rock."

Is it true at Susanna Akono... (Below threshold)

Is it true at Susanna Akono's maiden name is Schiavo?

... I am assuming (or pe... (Below threshold)

... I am assuming (or perhaps hoping is a better word) that she is planning on giving birth BEFORE going on the hunger strike.

I agree. Either April 14th is her projected delivery date or perhaps the day of of her abortion appointment. Article doesn't clarify. The third and least rational scenario is that she indeed plans to starve herself while pregnant. (All assuming that she was quoted accurately in the first place.)






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