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Carrie Underwood Rocks even as Idol Gives Out Wrong Phone Number

Photo courtesy Carriefans.com

Carrie Underwood rocked American Idol last light and got a stunning prediction from Simon Cowell.

"Kerry, You're not just the girl to beat, you're the person to beat, I'll make this prediction -- not only will you win this competition, you'll sell more records than any other 'Idol' winner."
Long time readers know she's been my favorite from the beginning. Nailing a rock song last night might have put her over the top.

Meanwhile, since this is the third season, you'd think the producers of the show would actually know the phone number...

Error Leads to 'American Idol' Revote

LOS ANGELES (AP) - The 11 contestants left on Fox's reality hit "American Idol" are getting another shot at stardom.

Phone numbers that allowed viewers to pick their favorite contestant were incorrectly displayed during Tuesday's show, prompting a re-vote during the show scheduled to air Wednesday, the network said in a statement.

Phone lines will remain open for two hours following the episode, when another singer will be booted off this week by viewers. The contestant with the fewest votes goes home.

My wife's first comment was "Well some graphic artist is fired" call me a cynic but I'm not so sure.... How else do you squeeze a third night of the highest raked show on TV?????? I'm not saying it was on purpose... I'm just saying it is mighty convenient, that's all...


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Comments (26)

You actually watch t... (Below threshold)
Jim in Texas:

You actually watch that stuff???? ewww

Maybe that's where the "Nig... (Below threshold)

Maybe that's where the "Nig*er Ellis" graphics artist ended up?

Jim I said the EXACT same t... (Below threshold)

Jim I said the EXACT same thing last season.

Then someone I respected (forgot who by now) mentioned that their daughter got them hooked on it. I watched it just to "see what all the fuss was about" and found that I was entertained... some of those kids can sing!

Check it out... I bet you will be surprised.

I was very dissappointed la... (Below threshold)
Jessica Matherly:

I was very dissappointed last season, I hope to see the right person wins this year! GO CARRIE

You know- I watched the sho... (Below threshold)

You know- I watched the show last night for the first time in quite a while and I have to agree that Carrie Underwood completely blew everyone else away. What an amazing voice and intepretation of that Heart song. (and I'm not a big country fan or a Heart fan.)

The one person on the show that seems like he could have a chance at beating her though is the first rocker guy (I don't know the names). That guy is so understated when he sings but has that powerful voice.

The other rocker guy was't bad either, but what the hell was he thinking singing that David Cassidy song. Maybe next time he'll sing something from Tony Orlando and Dawn or Barry Manilow.

A couple others weren't bad, but that Anthony Federov and the dark haired girl that sang the Taylor Dayne song have got to go.

Actually, this is season 4.... (Below threshold)
Brian Day:

Actually, this is season 4.
Season 1 - Kelly Clarkson
Season 2 - Rubin Studdard
Season 3 - Fantasia Barrino
Season 4 - ?

Carrie is good, but she won't make it to the final 2.

Brian Day, what is your bas... (Below threshold)

Brian Day, what is your basis for that prediction? Mikalah and Nadia both had terrible performances. Constantine was also terrible! Vonzell, Bo (my wife's new obsession) and Carrie were all great (in my humble opinion) last night. The rest were forgettable.

I blame the wife. She watc... (Below threshold)

I blame the wife. She watched while I read. And then by osmosis I got hooked, too, via Clay Aken (sp?).

Actually, the initial tryouts, I think, produce some gut-splitting, knee-slapping entertainment (and since football is over...). It's amazing how some folks think they have voice when they sound like cats in heat... or worse. And there's always a few psychos.

What fun!

This year I think the final three will be Carrie, Bo, and the Bob Marley guy. She has a natural, down-home beauty and a fine voice, Marley is a natural musician, and even old "Machine Head" afficionados will come out of the woodwork to sneek vote calls in to help Bo. To early to make a call between the two guys, but I think the girl voters will swing Bo (evidence seen in Rick13's post above).

I'm pulling for Bo just cuz, man. Fellow "Machine Head"ers know what I'm drivin' at.

They're doing it over again... (Below threshold)

They're doing it over again tonight. But me? I could care less about these things. Put real tv on...


I think the final three wil... (Below threshold)

I think the final three will be Carrie Underwood, Nadia Turner, and Bo Bice. Beyond that, I think it all comes down to a popularity contest in who can draw the biggest fan base.

I think John nailed it -- a... (Below threshold)

I think John nailed it -- although Nikko could be a sleeper.

That phoney Mikahla is GONZO this week. She and her phoney Barbra accent.

Win or not, Carrie will end... (Below threshold)

Win or not, Carrie will end up selling a shitload of records out of Nashville.

"Brian Day, what is your ba... (Below threshold)
Brian Day:

"Brian Day, what is your basis for that prediction?"

Bo will be one of the final two. The other will be Constantine or Vonzell to join Bo.
Carrie will be in the final four.
Anwar or Nikko are my upset choices to make it in the final four.

Brian Day, are you deaf????... (Below threshold)
Amy M:

Brian Day, are you deaf???? Carrie is one of the best. Nikko won't make it to the final four. Bo and Carrie all the way!

what was the name of the so... (Below threshold)

what was the name of the song that carrie sung last night??

I think Carrie is the best ... (Below threshold)
Nick N:

I think Carrie is the best singer in the competition. With better song selection next time,
Constantine could be a force to reckon with.



I heard Carrie, and yes she... (Below threshold)

I heard Carrie, and yes she is amazing, but I'm pulling for Scott and Bo in the final two. Scott is highly underestimated. He's amazing, and Bo has his presence that is gentle and powerful at once. Carrie is sweet and shy, and unless she adds some flare she won't be noticed enough to be in the final two. But she's already in the final four, she's in! Anwar and Nikko will go. Vonzell will be in the top 4. I'm thinking that Jessica may be eliminated soon, hopefully Mikalah will go first, she's beautiful, but her voice is nothing compared to the others. Nadia hasn't stood out that much to me, and Anthony hasn't impressed me one bit. Constantine is just...there's something I don't like. He can sing, but he can sing, if that makes any sense. Being the average age of most voters myself, I'm saying that the average teen/early twenties will vote that way. Step it up Carrie.

I agree 100%. CARRIE UNDERW... (Below threshold)

I agree 100%. CARRIE UNDERWOOD WILL BE THE NEXT AMERICAN IDOL. She is my favorite contestant, not only for this season, but for every season yet. She is very deserving of it. She's a sweet, nice, extremely talented individual. God gave her the talent and she is using it to her full ability. The other singers are talented, but it Carrie's turn to shine and win this season's American Idol. Just watching and listening to her perform gives me goosebumps, and it's just hypnotic. Who couldn't love her?? CARRIE UNDERWOOD ALL THE WAY!

Carrie Underwood is without... (Below threshold)

Carrie Underwood is without a doubt the biggest talent ever on American Idol. With her powerful vocals and amazing stage presence, as far as I'm concerned the rest are competing for 2nd. And by the way, has anyone noticed how she acknowledges the band after each performance? What a kid!!

carrie underwood is simply ... (Below threshold)

carrie underwood is simply the best! she leaves the audience in awe after every performance! I believe Anthony Fedorov's got the chance too. He's an amazing singer.

Carrie Underwood... She giv... (Below threshold)

Carrie Underwood... She gives me chills when I hear her sing! She has an amazing voice. Bo and Carrie will definitely battle it out in the end. My opinion, Carrie has this thing wrapped up already! She's beautiful, looks like she's got a great personality, and can sing better than anyone up there! All of my support goes to Carrie!

Carrie already has this thi... (Below threshold)

Carrie already has this thing won, and if you pay attention you will see certain little things that I think American Idol does to ensure that she will win it (they give her a little extra airtime ask her questions, when they replay her preformance to give out the #s they always show the peak of her preformance) Plus shes got it all looks,talent,hair color (admit it atleast 40% of all of us guys always pull for the blondes) and that really likeable personality.


Carrie kicked some butt, my... (Below threshold)

Carrie kicked some butt, my opinion the best american idol yet.
Thank god she nixed the country 80's hair. I just recently realized how
beautiful she is from some of her pics on the web. I made me her #1 fan :)
Enjoy: http://12708.celebrityshame.com/Carrie_Underwood_Pic.html

Carrie is so awesome... (Below threshold)

Carrie is so awesome

I am your bigest fan of you... (Below threshold)

I am your bigest fan of you and i love the song jesus,tack the wheel

It's funny to read through ... (Below threshold)

It's funny to read through some of these comments that you all made over a year ago. I guess Simon Was right after all :) Carrie has out sold all prior Idols "Debute Album" with her Debute album Some Hearts which has been in the top 5 of the country charts for 40 weeks now, 15 of which was #1. Selling over 3.3 Million and still selling 25k per week. Expected to go 4X Platinum by Nov 2006. Won Countless Awards including..
Oklahoma Music Hall Of Fame
· Received 2005 Rising Star Award

2005 Billboard Music Awards
· Won Top Selling Hot 100 Song Of The Year for Inside Your Heaven
· Won Top Selling Country Single Of The Year for Inside Your Heaven
· Won Country Single Sales Artist Of The Year
2006 CMT Video Awards
· Won Breakthrough Video Of The Year for Jesus, Take The Wheel
· Won Female Video Of The Year for Jesus, Take The Wheel · Nominated for Most Inspiring Video Of The Year for Jesus, Take The Wheel
· Only artist to win more than 1 award
· Performed Jesus, Take The Wheel during the show
· Hosted CMT's Video Of The Year special

2006 ACM Awards
· Nominated for Top Female Vocalist
· Won Top New Female Vocalist
· Won Single Of The Year for Jesus, Take The Wheel
· Jesus, Take The Wheel nominated for Song Of The Year
· Had the most nominations for a female artist this year
· Performed Jesus, Take The Wheel, which drew the largest standing ovation of the night

2006 GMA (Dove) Awards
· Won Country Recorded Song Of The Year for Jesus, Take The Wheel
2006 Music Row Magazine Awards
· Won Critics' Pick award for best new artist
2006 Inspirational Country Music Awards
· Nominated for Top Mainstream Country Artist
· Jesus, Take The Wheel nominated for Song Of The Year
· Jesus, Take The Wheel nominated for Video Of The Year

Oh and while we are on this subject, Speaking of "ALONE" Carrie stood on Stage with "HEART" In Atlantic City and performed this very song live with them which was aired on VH1's Decade of Rock!






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