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Sign Of The Times - Lost In Translation Edition

Probably a Photoshop job, but still funny...


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Comments (11)

"Probably"? Surely you jest... (Below threshold)

"Probably"? Surely you jest...

PS - Please disengage tongue from cheek.

"Fake but accurate."<... (Below threshold)

"Fake but accurate."

If I took a piece of paper,... (Below threshold)

If I took a piece of paper, wrote: "I want to privatize social security" and signed it "George W. Bush" it would be fake, but accurate. Swirl it.


Yeah, it's definitely a Pho... (Below threshold)

Yeah, it's definitely a Photoshop job (you can tell by how the letters don't *quite* blend into the image), but it's still funny. :D

How much do unfair buses co... (Below threshold)
Dean Satterlee:

How much do unfair buses cost?

The good news is, my 13 yea... (Below threshold)

The good news is, my 13 year old son just made this photo his wallpaper. You guys can debate its authenticity, but he can't stop laughing. Smart kid!

That's a thing of beauty. ... (Below threshold)

That's a thing of beauty. I'm betting CAIR will sue.

Looks accurate to me. Get R... (Below threshold)
Rod Stanton:

Looks accurate to me. Get Rather's input.

Ha, "anit-war rally..." (se... (Below threshold)

Ha, "anit-war rally..." (see larger version).

Was this circulated to Repu... (Below threshold)

Was this circulated to Republican Senators?

I've had this picture up ne... (Below threshold)
Margo D:

I've had this picture up next to my computer for about a year now....and it never ceases to make me laugh.






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