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Your Ass, Their Feet

I'm a big fan of blogs written anonymously that poke fun at celebrities, bloggers, or celebrity bloggers. Obviously they have to be anonymous to truly engage in the kind of raw vitriolic humor that actually entertains. In that vein there's the righteously profane My Foot, Your Ass. MFYA seems to have a particular interest in Wonkette, Hugh Hewitt, Kos, and the Powerline gang. It's snarky and fun... unless of course you're one of their targets.

Don't ask. I've got no idea who writes MFYA.

Many have tried the faux celebrity blog shtick, but most don't have any staying power. I'm Stuck in Rehab with Pat O'Brien shows great promise, especially considering this closing line to their inaguaral post, "And then Pat O'Brien buried his face in his hands and cried."


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Comments (8)

Boy, you're just asking for... (Below threshold)

Boy, you're just asking for it, aren't you?

Feeling a little left out?<... (Below threshold)

Feeling a little left out?

Wandering a tad (but only a... (Below threshold)

Wandering a tad (but only a little tad), whattheheckisTHEMATTER with Pat O'Brien?! I mean, WHATtheHECKisWRONGwith the guy?!?

I'm only surprised that he has not been blogswarmed/addled earlier.

Kevin, we like you. Unlike ... (Below threshold)

Kevin, we like you. Unlike our other targets you're not a whore. You're safe...for now.

A Wizbang Blog! Just when ... (Below threshold)

A Wizbang Blog! Just when I was about to turn my attention to them. Dammit. I guess you are safe for now. [cue evil laugh]

Whoreassfuckingwhoreassh... (Below threshold)


Righteously profane? Raw vitriolic humor? Kevin, you need a vacation. And ScreamingMimi, don't quit your day job!

Julie, I'm living off the t... (Below threshold)

Julie, I'm living off the trust fund. So go hook up with Wonkette. And make sure you bring a camera.

Agree that the line "And th... (Below threshold)

Agree that the line "And then Pat O'Brien buried his face in his hands and cried" is an absolute positive classic. The writer has repeated it in subsequent posts. For those who haven't visited stuckinrehabwithpatobrien.blogspot.com, do so. Interesting character development.






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