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Digging in the dirt

I've written about the disgusting financial scandal in Massachusetts known as The Big Dig (14.7 Billion Scammed!), but Bruce over at Mass Backwards has the perspective of someone who actually worked on it for several years. He's finally getting around to getting some of his concerns, observations, and gripes off his chest.

Bruce doesn't have any major blockbusters to break, but he provides in interesting insight into some of the idiocies and incompetencies behind one of the biggest and most expensive engineering projects in history -- and, quite possibly, one of the most ineptly done. He's done three posts so far, and shows no signs of slowing down.

I'd be amazed if anyone ends up going to jail over this fiasco, but Lord knows it looks like they ought to.


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Name one end after Kerry an... (Below threshold)

Name one end after Kerry and the other end after Kennedy, the two next biggest 'holes in Massachusetts.






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