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I'm smart and I want respect!

Two weeks ago, I put forth the idea of replacing card slots with USB sockets on portable gadgets, and using USB devices for portable storage for things like digital cameras, MP3 players, and the like. I had several detractors, both from marketing and technical aspects, but I'd expected that anyway when I wrote the silly thing.

But it appears that Big Business was listening, and in less than two weeks they took my idea, ran with it, developed an actual product that does exactly what I called for, and got it to market.

Anyone know a good lawyer?


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I fantasized about a scoop-... (Below threshold)

I fantasized about a scoop-shaped chip that would hold alot of dip for literally 30 YEARS, and now they've come out with one... I feel your pain. ;-)

Ever hear of "copyright?"</... (Below threshold)

Ever hear of "copyright?"


You wuz robbed, J. You wuz... (Below threshold)

You wuz robbed, J. You wuz robbed.

I once met the guy who invented and patented the modified hole-puncher that makes those little square holes in rolodex cards. I hope, for his sake, that he saved his money, because no one uses those anymore.

Personally, I think your idea was a great one. My next digital devices will have USB slots.

You missed another opportun... (Below threshold)

You missed another opportunity. To have the world convert all their power adapter plugs to the one that is already an international standard...the cigerette lighter...

It's "patent," Cindy.... (Below threshold)

It's "patent," Cindy.

Doesn't capitalism suck? I... (Below threshold)
Dan Collins:

Doesn't capitalism suck? It gives one what s/he wants, instead of what people much smarter than one know one requires.

I'm studying to be an attor... (Below threshold)

I'm studying to be an attorney, but I don't think you want to wate 4 to 6 years to sue, do you?

They were even faster than ... (Below threshold)

They were even faster than you think. I bought one of those from Walmart for my wife back in February. Clearly Big Business Co has also perfected a means to read web pages from the future! Sneaky bastards.

(It's a pretty neat device, BTW. The wife's car's a '93 Camry with no cassette or CD player. This little player works just fine, and she can easily listen to her preferred music while driving my car too.)

$under $25 at Walmart in th... (Below threshold)

$under $25 at Walmart in the autmotive/car radio section






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