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It's Not The Crime, It's The Coverup...

Principal Elaine Almagno caught smoking outside of school
(AP) -- A student who photographed his principal smoking outside a school building was allowed to return to class after initially being suspended for posting the photos on the Internet.

School district officials Wednesday reversed the suspension of sophomore Eliazar Velasquez and said principal Elaine Almagno was wrong to violate a state law that prohibits smoking within 25 feet of a school building.

"The school had no authority to punish him for the information he had up (on the Web site) or to require him to take down the site," said Superintendent Melody Johnson.

Johnson said school officials told her Velasquez was suspended because he disrupted the learning environment at the school by posting the photos on the Internet. She said she reinstated him after reviewing the incident.

The only environment Velasquez disrupted was the principal's smoking environment. Gotta hand it to the kid, she was p0w3d!!!

No Smoking! [The Central Scoop]

Comments (17)

Great post. Kid after my ow... (Below threshold)

Great post. Kid after my own heart.

I'm with you Mr Snitch! Th... (Below threshold)

I'm with you Mr Snitch! That took balls.


You spelled "pwned" wrong. ... (Below threshold)
Josh Martin:

You spelled "pwned" wrong.

Good. That "teacher" ( Nazi... (Below threshold)
Rob Hackney:

Good. That "teacher" ( Nazi authoritarian government working parasite ) needs a damn good thrashing.

I've seen this mentioned in... (Below threshold)

I've seen this mentioned in several places, and something is missing: any report of the principal being punished for violating the state law that prohibits smoking within 25 feet of the school. Lord knows it cannot be for lack of evidence...

With schools now being so a... (Below threshold)

With schools now being so anal about zero tolerance for everything, where is their zero tolerance for smoking within 50 of a public building?

That kid has balls.

I love it -- the initial re... (Below threshold)

I love it -- the initial reaction was to say that making truthful statements and posting accurate photographic documentation of officials violating the rules qualifies as "disrupting the learning environment."

Awesome! She looks amazingl... (Below threshold)

Awesome! She looks amazingly trashy. Smoking is ugly.

Send that kid a set of paja... (Below threshold)

Send that kid a set of pajamas stat! And good for the school superintendent for coming to her senses.

I love how you can "disrupt the learning environment" by engaging in Constitutionally-protected activity OUTSIDE of school.

I find this pathetic. Long... (Below threshold)

I find this pathetic. Long lost is the notion that tattle-tellers are whiners to be frowned upon. The little critter who shot the series has learned well to use PC to fund ulterior motive.

At first glance, it's a funny liberal-nabbed-by-liberals'-rules story. At second, it's an eery look into the products of our education system.

I wanna know who the snivil... (Below threshold)
Clash City Rocker:

I wanna know who the sniviling suck-up wearing the high-water pants and playing pocket-pool is. He should be fired just for gp.

Clash City Rocker: what wi... (Below threshold)

Clash City Rocker: what with the briefcase at his tipping toes, I'm guessing that he's "faculty." That'd be double-dip problem to my view.

The kid has my admiration. I was also curious why there's no news of any measures taken against the randy principal, who does, indeed, look trashy and does indeed display ugly behavior. Not to mention stupid behavior.

Well, *certain people* hack... (Below threshold)

Well, *certain people* hacked the local high school website the evening before the last Mayorial race (to promote the Democratic candidate) and I never heard a thing about anyone being disciplined for doing that.

I don't even know if it was a student who did the hacking.

Can't we get rid of Ward Ch... (Below threshold)

Can't we get rid of Ward Churchill...HE SMOKES!

I thought smoking was suppo... (Below threshold)

I thought smoking was supposed to make you thinner.

I know I'm getting in on th... (Below threshold)

I know I'm getting in on this WICKED late, but I'm playing catch-up. Anyway, I left high school almost 10 years ago and they were already using "disrupting the learning environment" to punish anybody they didn't like. Glad to see the bullshit hasn't even slowed down in the intervening years.

LMFAO! That'sa my Principal... (Below threshold)

LMFAO! That'sa my Principal smoking! LMFAO!!! Miss Almagno got CAUGHT!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KEEP SNIFFING IT! LMFAO!






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