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The unkindest cut

Recently, I went to a cheap haircut place near where I work for a trim.

The kind lady who clipped me charged me the Senior rate.

I'm choosing to take that as a gesture of neighborliness, and not a comment on my apparent age, or how long it took to cut my (diminishing) hair...


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Jay: I felt the same way wh... (Below threshold)
Old Coot:

Jay: I felt the same way when the "youngsters" working at the grocery store began to ask me if I needed help getting to my car with a single bag of groceries. Maybe I've gotta stop humming those Guy Lombardo tunes while waiting in line?

If it makes you feel better... (Below threshold)
B Cross:

If it makes you feel better, last year I got an invitation from AARP noting that I hadn't joined yet.

At the time, I was 26. Either they think I'm roughly twice as old as I am, or they're getting desperate for members.

Maybe, she was coming on to... (Below threshold)

Maybe, she was coming on to you, Jay.

I haven't heard from AARP y... (Below threshold)

I haven't heard from AARP yet and I've passed their magic milestone of 50, well, er, some time ago. Do I get to start lying about my age for every year I manage to dodge AARP?

50 in a week. AARP material... (Below threshold)

50 in a week. AARP materials arrived in the mail yesterday. Tell me anyone --- is there a competitive alternative to AARP that does not support the litany of liberal causes in D.C.?

She probably made the call ... (Below threshold)

She probably made the call by looking at the ratio of hair growing on your head vs the hair growing out your ears. lol


sorry jay that was harsh ;-... (Below threshold)

sorry jay that was harsh ;-)

Shoot I am only 35 and I ha... (Below threshold)
Just Me:

Shoot I am only 35 and I have been getting AARP crap for years. It is beyond me why they keep wasting trees on me.

Hey, Old Coot, I remember v... (Below threshold)

Hey, Old Coot, I remember visiting my father and grandmother in Texas once after being away a while and working in the (CA) Bay Area, and running to the local market for some groceries for us all in Dad's car, and this wonderful guy offered to carry the groceries to the car for me (and so he did) and there I was, in my twenties, finding that completely awesome in just how nice the guy and the deed he did were.

So, it's not just an indication of age. Sometimes it's just an indication of consideration and kindness. Because, all those years in the Bay Area, no one ever offered much less did.

Suzi, well it depends on wh... (Below threshold)

Suzi, well it depends on who is working. In vallejo, at the safeway, they do it all the time.

Jay TeaI remember ... (Below threshold)

Jay Tea

I remember bow bummed I was the first time I wasn't carded at a liquor store...

Want to feel old?W... (Below threshold)

Want to feel old?

Wait until a doctor refers to you as "sir" because you are older than he is.

Wait until you are declared dead, and see how happy you are to just prove them wrong, rather than worry about age.

My wife, not yet 40, accide... (Below threshold)

My wife, not yet 40, accidentally hit the "Eligible for Senior Discount?" button on the self-checkout at Kroger once. As anyone who's shopped at Kroger knows, they have these "Kroger Plus" cards that can identify each individual shopper to their system.

I was wondering why we were suddenly saving a lot more money at Kroger than we had been. Maybe now we know. But if my suspicion is correct, it means Kroger is not selling personal information about its customers to other outfits, such as AARP.

And that can't be right.

Jay, it had to be a complim... (Below threshold)

Jay, it had to be a compliment because you do not look over 50 and secondly, there's much hair to trim.

In my entire life, I have never had by haircut by anyone by myself and I do men's very well, too.


I'll cut your hair for free... (Below threshold)

I'll cut your hair for free, buddy.

As an ex- Marine--

At least you will know how it will turn out every time. High and tight.

Don't worry about a tip.



I'm not really that old and it still turns out to be a decent haircut with a little attenton.

You could be "styling" in NH.






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