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Walking Octopuses

From the "we learn something everyday dept."

Octopuses Seen Walking From Predators

WASHINGTON - Octopuses, known for using camouflage to avoid predators, have been observed apparently trying to sneak away by walking on two arms while pretending to be a bunch of algae. Two kinds of octopus were seen to use different ways of walking along the sea floor, researchers were reporting in Friday's issue of the journal Science.

The movements were discovered by Christine L. Huffard of the University of California, Berkeley, who was studying underwater video camera tapes of the animals.

Berkeley professor Robert J. Full said Huffard was studying octopus movement as part of a robotics project. He said the researchers use examples from nature in designing robots; one project is to build a soft robot.

Octopuses trying to avoid being eaten usually hold still to camouflage themselves. But by walking on two arms, these two types were able to move quickly while using their other arms to disguise themselves.

Two individuals of O. marginatus from Indonesia wrapped six arms around themselves, looking like a coconut on the sea floor. They ten used the two rear arms to move backward.

In Australia, O. aculeatus was seen raising two arms above its head before lifting four more and moving backward on the two remaining arms. The researchers described it as looking like "a clump of algae tiptoeing away."

The researchers believe the octopuses were trying to flee from predators, though they cannot be sure until they have seen more examples of the behavior.

Click here to see a very cool video as well.

-Of course the oozers will say it proves something but you know they are. ;-)

Comments (7)

First!Cool, a walk... (Below threshold)


Cool, a walktopus!

Looks like you got some tex... (Below threshold)

Looks like you got some text from an advertisement in there after the first paragraph... because I don't think Outlook alternatives and apps to expand the program have much to do with walking octopi. Wow, walking octopi. Trip.

oooops thanks fixed... (Below threshold)

oooops thanks fixed

Cool, a walktopus!</... (Below threshold)

Cool, a walktopus!

Unless I catch it, in which case it's gonna be a woktopus.

They've even been observed ... (Below threshold)

They've even been observed to figure out how to unscrew the lid to a glass jar to get to the crab inside. It's their favorite food. I don't eat octopi. I have a wierd thing about eating stuff that smart.

McGehee's going for that aw... (Below threshold)

McGehee's going for that award again. lol

I have a wierd thing abo... (Below threshold)

I have a wierd thing about eating stuff that smart.

I figure if it's that smart, I better eat it before it eats me.

McGehee's going for that award again. lol

<evil chortle>






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