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Wizbang goes to the birds

I'm no bird-watcher, but twice recently I've discussed birds in postings here. And here comes a third.

Peregrine falcons are normally cliff-dwelling birds, but like rock doves (now commonly known as pigeons), they've adapted to city life quite well. They nest on smokestacks, bridges, and tall buildings.

Including a "skycraper" (by Cow Hampshire standards -- others would call it a high-rise) in downtown Manchester, New Hampshire.

The New Hampshire Audubon Society has set up a couple cameras on the nest, and put them on a live internet feed here. It is just too cool.

I spotted at least one egg a few minutes ago...



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Comments (20)

Kodak's main corprate offic... (Below threshold)

Kodak's main corprate office building in Rochester NY has had nesting Peregrine falcons for several years. Take a look at their site for next few months. It is interesting!

Forgot the link (as usual):... (Below threshold)
Cool! Gee Jay, you're a reg... (Below threshold)

Cool! Gee Jay, you're a regular Marlin Perkins!

Go check out the flock of Loons at Wonkette.

There's a couple of breeds ... (Below threshold)

There's a couple of breeds of hawk in Central Florida that have become, well, complacent about people. I was riding my bicycle down the street a while back, and saw something out of the corner of my eye. One of the little suckers was flying along about ten feet to the left, just as casual as could be, in formation. Damn near killed me (it's a Bad Thing to look at a bird instead of, say, paying attention to the road).

That is a way cool site!</p... (Below threshold)

That is a way cool site!

I fly powered-paragliders. On several occasions the seagulls or pelicans have flown with us - and yes, in formation! What a hoot.

There has been something si... (Below threshold)

There has been something similar going on at a state building in Harrisburg PA for a couple years. They have a pretty good site with history, llive and recorded video, etc.

Looks like one just laid an egg today.


When I lived in Cleveland a... (Below threshold)

When I lived in Cleveland about 10 years ago, there were a couple of Peregrines that lived on a ledge way up on the side of the Terminal Tower. They had just torn through the pigeon polulation, which was significantly reduced.... I don't know if those falcons are still there.

It'd be cool to see the bir... (Below threshold)

It'd be cool to see the birds, but they don't support any other browser than the POS that is IE. Run Linux? No birds for you! Run Solaris? No birds for you! Use any browser other than IE? No birds for you!

Only MORONS design PROPRIETARY web sites. I seriously hope that the MORONS who designed that site either pull their heads out of their posteriors and embrace open standards or that they go out of business and stop polluting the web with proprietary garbage.

I've never understood this... (Below threshold)

I've never understood this but I have some sort of attraction to nearly all wild animals I've ever encountered. They actually follow me around and those are, again I write, wild and undomesticated animals (numerous species, lotsa stories to tell about this). Not aggressive following, not stalking, just that they come over and sit beside me in wild places, fly over head and follow me, you name it, it's happened.

There are a few individual crows in my immediate neighborhood who start flying to me whenever I walk outside, and have for a while now. Even when I'm blocks away from home, they'll start cawwwing whenever they see me, and start following along with me if I'm out walking. Same thing with other birds, wild rabbits, some raccoons, mallard ducks actually fly INTO the pool when I'm in it...it's a mystery to me.

we've got 'em here in San F... (Below threshold)

we've got 'em here in San Francisco too!


See also &nbs... (Below threshold)

See also

    Falcon Cams

    Eagle Cam

    Owl Cam

    Wolf Cam

Why are you yall celebratin... (Below threshold)

Why are you yall celebrating? An egg is just a fetus, it's a mesh of tissue, it has no right to life, it has a right to die! It can have no quality of life whatsoever because its brain isn't formed. We need to remove it from existence with the utmost of speed and misery.

(tongue in cheek)

That's really cool, peregrine falcons are awesome, did you know that when they dive they can dive up to 200 mph? It's insane! I learned that on a trip to morrow bay for Camp Keep as a 6th grader.

Gogman, let me get this str... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

Gogman, let me get this straight: on a FREE web page, you are referred to another FREE web page, where you can use FREE cameras and FREE software to see falcons, up close and personal, for FREE, and you're complaining?

You need to relax, man. Go look at the pretty birdies and chill...

Oh, I'm sorry. My bad. Forget the birdies. Look at the pretty kitties...


Suzy:Maybe you sho... (Below threshold)


Maybe you should consider more frequent bathing...

Just a thought. I don't know from personal experience or anything.


jmaster: well, that was ab... (Below threshold)

jmaster: well, that was about the grossest thing I've ever read.

Maybe you should consider evolving toward some sort of sentient being state. Not that there's anything wrong with not being sentient.

Or, wrong with being a "con... (Below threshold)

Or, wrong with being a "consultant."

I think you can go find som... (Below threshold)

I think you can go find some fresh throw-up by ~DS~, however, somewhere on Wizbang. You can even take a shower first before you commisserate with him/her/it about the phenomenon that dispells the aroma of attraction to sentient life.

Start a partnership, sell your, um, services.

But, let's look at that nas... (Below threshold)

But, let's look at that nastiness a bit more closely, jmaster...perhaps I should write, "nastiness" you've written, within some reality to animal behaviors:

wildlife isn't attracted to human life by odors. They are dispelled by that. So, your suggestion bears no relationship, IN REALITY, to what I shared here earlier -- it's just you being nasty.

Whatever your motivations are I have no idea and am not interested in reading what they are; however, animal life, both domesticated and undomesticated, is dispelled by strong human body odor. Except the odor of decay from dead humans, and that's attractive to certain scavengers.

Since I'm not dead, there's some other reason that I attract or at least pose no aggressive threat to wildlife and/or domesticated animal life, and that is probably that (1.) I'm not displaying aggressive behavior, and, (2.) I pose a possible food source to animals, which is also the reason that most domesticated cats are protective of their "owners" [because the cats are protecting their food source].

The only situation wherein I or anyone should be concerned, when attracting wildlife as food source, would be when predators stalked and/or scavengers followed, indicating that there was the indication of near-death.

Since those haven't been my experiences, I think it's safe to write and reason here that your conclusions are based on nonsensical nastiness from the source: you.

You know, Wizbang used to have interesting and intelligent commentary combined with entertaining copy by a few regulars. I can't explain what's happened to the, um, bad air around here lately.

Suzy:I’m sorry if ... (Below threshold)


I’m sorry if I offended you. I just wanted to liven things up a bit, and yank your chain a little. I have read your posts here for quite a few months. And just so you know, I agree with probably 95% of what you say.

Obviously, I don’t make the rules around here (assuming there even are any rules). But I feel that any one who comments here regularly is fair game for a friendly tweak every now and then. And that’s all I intended.

I know my sense of humor might be considered a bit sick and twisted, or even offensive, by some people. So if you fall into that category, and I offended you in any way, I apologize. That wasn’t my intention.

jmaster: as also in my ema... (Below threshold)

jmaster: as also in my email response to you, apology accepted and apology extended and for the reasons I explained. Sometimes a smiley works wonders to get the point across when there's a fine-line between humor and insult. I realize in retrospect you were attempting to joke and I also realize in retrospect that I misperceived the intent.

I even included my wrong assumptions in my prayers this morning in Mass, at the point where we call to mind our sins and ask for God's forgiveness, so perhaps I can communicate here that I also apologize.






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