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But 9/11 was so 4 years ago...

On the morning of September 11, 2001, four planes were hijacked by Al Qaeda terrorists, with three of them crashing into buildings and a total loss of life of over 3,000 people.

The reason I repeat this is because at Logan Airport, where American Airlines Flight 11 and United Airlines Flight 175 (the flights that crashed into the World Trade Center towers) departed, they've apparently forgotten. Because last week, authorities arrested 14 illegal aliens who had full, unfettered access to the entire airport.

The 14 Brazilians were janitors for a company with a cleaning contract with the airport. The company, Hurley of America, insists it had followed all laws and regulations in hiring the illegals (including one on an outstanding deportation warrant), and that the illegals had provided forged documents. They also want it noted that they have 140 employees at the airport, meaning that only 1 in 10 is a potential foreign terrorist.

I feel SO much safer now. I'm glad that when I go on vacation next week, I'm flying out of Manchester.



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Comments (11)

And if a baggage handler ca... (Below threshold)

And if a baggage handler can accidentally stow away aboard a jetliner, so can someone with a bomb.

I remember reading an artic... (Below threshold)
Just Me:

I remember reading an article on airline safety after that happened several years ago, where it discussed the possibility of people being able to gain access to the planes through the support oriented jobs, like clean up crews etc.

Apparantly the folks at Logan missed that article.

Manchester is so much bette... (Below threshold)

Manchester is so much better and easier than Boston anyway.

Logan isn't the only airport with those kinds of security problems; most of the United States has the same kind of setup, so you might as well get used to it, Jay. There is NO 1 airline that isn't filled with illegal aliens doing their job. I don't like it anymore than you do.

Have a good vacation and don't get burnt.


But they are only doing the... (Below threshold)

But they are only doing the jobs regular Americans won't do....

/end sarcasm

Glad I read that after</... (Below threshold)

Glad I read that after I got back from Fantasm. I'm uncomfortable enough knowing that my plane was 6 miles up and travelling as fast as a bullet from my .45 automatic.

Well goddamn.I am ... (Below threshold)
Rob Hackney:

Well goddamn.

I am sick to death of illegals stealing our jobs and commiting crimes like rape an dmurder against LAW ABIDING US CITIZENS.

Maybe if we finally got real, and had a death penalty or at least mandatory jail term on all illegals, we'd get those scum out of our country for good!

Putting our brave men and women on the borders would be good too. That's what we have the military for, TO PROTECT OUR COUNTRY. So let them shoot the mexicans before they make it across I say. You'll find this is a common view down my way, we're sick to death of these parasites!

Why do these airports accep... (Below threshold)

Why do these airports accept the security precautions made by a cleaning company? Why can't the airport hire the damn janitors themselves? Hell you could have a nice little job fair for the airport once a quarter or even once a year, at a mall, a hotel, a school even. Then the airport could properly check these people's background.

I don't think anyone would mind paying the prices required to ensure that they were able to fly safely. I don't know what the various jobs pay but so long as the pay well, enough you would be amazed how many good, honest, drug-free, legal employees would be knocking on their doors for the chance to work at the airport.

You get what you pay for. They should investigate the company and its hiring practices. Its not good enough to just claim documents were forged.

By the way, has anyone considered changing the way these damn airports and other public facilities are organized? There should be a way to break the place up into access zones so that teams of employees could be classified by security clearance and even rotated to ensure that new pairs of eyes and ears were always alert for things out of the ordinary.

Rick you mean like the gove... (Below threshold)

Rick you mean like the government does?

But that makes too much sense!

As a point of note, think about janitors who clean the director's office at langley, talk about security clearance!

If you employ people who ar... (Below threshold)

If you employ people who are using "forged documents," you do receive a communication, or communications, from various agencies about wrongful/inaccurate/bogus Social Security numbers and that's enough to pretty clearly establish that whoever provided whatever bogus number/s to you for employment purposes has issues.

Not like it's difficult for companies to establish inaccuracies related to employees...companies are aware, they just use that excuse afterward (Oh, I didn't KNOW that!) when they're discovered for having employed illegal immigrants/workers/persons-in-the-U.S.-without-benefit-of-legal-presence-to-be-here-and-to-be-employed-within-the-country-by-illegal-method.

Rick: the answer to almost... (Below threshold)

Rick: the answer to almost if not all of those questions you raise there (I realize they are raised rhetorically, however)...is that many companies exist for purposes OF employing illegal immigrants. The problems and issues that could be easily resolved by changing employment practices to most of us as to how we'd resolve these situations are not abided by, followed, by many companies because they INTEND to employ illegal immigrants.

They're discovered doing so and presto, they never knew! Oh, the shock!

"I don't think anyone wo... (Below threshold)

"I don't think anyone would mind paying the prices required to ensure that they were able to fly safely."

Yes, Rick, they would.

The reason that the airline industry crams passengers into seating that gulas victims would find snug is because there aren't enough people to support a niche airline which provides decent space...for a price. The reason that Wal-Mart, Home Depot, etc., come into a town and put the mom-and-pop stores out of business is because people are willing to see the owners out on the streets if they save five cents on a roll of toilet paper.






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