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I Believe The Children Are Their Future

Harmony Brands said Friday it is recalling Lover brand latex condoms and B-Sure brand one-step home pregnancy test kits after the FDA warned that their safety and effectiveness could not be assured. Both products were sold nationally in various retail outlets including dollar stores and convenience stores.

Dollar stores aren't the first place that comes to mind for anyone serious about birth control or pregnancy, nor are products from a company that makes Blunt Roll...

Condoms, home pregnancy test kits recalled [MSNBC]

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I am screwed on so many dif... (Below threshold)

I am screwed on so many different levels.

Thanks a lot.

Gotta agree. Honestly if y... (Below threshold)
Just Me:

Gotta agree. Honestly if you are so cheap you buy your condoms at a dollar store, why not just go to the health department where they give them out free?

Well SOB, condoms are sold ... (Below threshold)

Well SOB, condoms are sold at Dollar Stores!

Guess I can afford to buy my own. And at the same time I have no need to go dumpster diving at the local peep show.

Ain't America a grand place?

Is this like some kind of e... (Below threshold)

Is this like some kind of economy dating plan? Bottle of wine with twist-off cap, Big Macs for two, pirated dvd of Gigli, flowers from dumpster behind florist's, half of a Reese cup for dessert, Dollar Store condom, and a month later a generic pregnancy test kit? There's only one way to properly express that, cheap fuckers....

I consider myself a conoiss... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

I consider myself a conoisseur of dollar stores, and I absolutely freaked the first time I saw a pregnancy test in one. Who the HELL would trust it?

Now I know...


My son, whose conception re... (Below threshold)

My son, whose conception resulted from the failure of a major name brand condom bought at Walgreens, gave his then-fiance flowers from the dumpster behind the florist on a regular basis.






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