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Site Weirdness Update

I'm still trying to track down why some people can't read the main Wizbang page, but can read individual posts just fine. I've made some code changes to the main page to try to match the archive pages. Is anyone still having a problem reading the main page? If so what browser, OS, and firewall/proxy (if any) are you using?

Update: Thanks for the help. The offending code (the Google search box) has been identified and moved. I'm not sure if it was the Google code or the CSS DIV's that were getting hosed up, but it's all been fixed. The Google Search is now on it's own page. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Comments (15)

Front Page works fine on my... (Below threshold)

Front Page works fine on my Mac using NetNewsWire, Safari and FireFox.

Looks good to me also.... (Below threshold)

Looks good to me also.

I had a problem with the ma... (Below threshold)
Scott Crawford:

I had a problem with the main page in both Firefox and Internet Explorer. The problem appears to have been a closing /script tag before the line:

function OpenComments...

The tag now encloses the script, and the page looks fine.

Looks fine for me in Firefo... (Below threshold)

Looks fine for me in Firefox on XP.

It works fine now with Fire... (Below threshold)

It works fine now with Firefox and IE. Thanks for fixing it. I usually read using RSS, so I didn't discover the failure with the main site until Thursday or Friday of last week.

And thanks for including the whole post in the RSS feed. I can only read blogs that do this, and more and more just send a "teaser" line through RSS. I don't follow teaser links for religious reasons, although I am willing to evolve...

I have had trouble for the ... (Below threshold)

I have had trouble for the past 2 weeks.

I have tried with Mozilla and IE...from 2 differnet computers.

I Have Windows XP Pro SP2 a... (Below threshold)

I Have Windows XP Pro SP2 and Internet Explorer v6 and lately when viewing your main page all I get is the blue background and the bomb logo in the upper left corner and that is it. This does not happen all the time, but lately it has been happening alot lately.

I've been having problems f... (Below threshold)

I've been having problems for a while. I'm using Explorer. If I go out to another site using the link provided, when I try to come back, I get the main page, only from days earlier.

I have the same problem you... (Below threshold)

I have the same problem you mentioned. It occurs in Firefox and in IE.

That fixed the problem with... (Below threshold)
Michael Angier:

That fixed the problem with the main page and Norton firewall. Thanks.

Hey, it works now! Yay.</p... (Below threshold)

Hey, it works now! Yay.

Hey, now it works with my f... (Below threshold)

Hey, now it works with my firewall up! Thanks, Kevin..

By the way, this is my setup:

Mozilla or IE

Using Mac OS X...N... (Below threshold)

Using Mac OS X...

Netscape & Camino...

Looks groovy baby...yeah!

As I shared with you earlie... (Below threshold)

As I shared with you earlier, Kevin, the index page now displays correctly with your recent revisions to that template and without any revisions/changes to my OS (Windows XP w/SP2) and my browser (IE), using Norton Professional (unchanged since previous).

Whatever you've done to attempt to remedy whatever the problem was, it's been effective.

Oh, thank goodness! I thoug... (Below threshold)

Oh, thank goodness! I thought it was just me and that I had screwed up some odd security setting or something.....







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