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If they renamed it the "vertical bar competition," it'd be an Olympic sport...

Apparently the latest fad to sweep the United Kingdom (and the United States, for that matter) is pole-dancing. Women are embracing it (so to speak) as a new form of exercise. I've seen videos for it (well, seen videos on sale for it) everywhere.

Finally, a fitness craze I can properly appreciate. Anyone got change for a 20?



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Comments (8)

Change for a 20? You tightw... (Below threshold)

Change for a 20? You tightwad!

The city council and church... (Below threshold)

The city council and churches managed to shut down the - uh - pole dance studio in my small Iowa town.

It's all a matter of semant... (Below threshold)

It's all a matter of semantics, the sooner those pole dancing facilities are referred to by the PC name "Breast Ballets" the better. We'll have titty bars on every corner and they'll be widely accepted as a cultural centers. Not that I'd support such a thing, but there are a lot worse things to look at than naked women gyrating on a stage, especially the ones lightly coated with the glistening sheen of baby oil.

Baby oil & glitter....yeah ... (Below threshold)
t. z.:

Baby oil & glitter....yeah boyyeeee.

How come the Poles get al t... (Below threshold)

How come the Poles get al the fun? What about us Swedes?

It's Sunday morning, so I'm... (Below threshold)

It's Sunday morning, so I'm not going to make the -- er, in deference to epador, the second most obvious "pole" joke...

I get the impression some p... (Below threshold)

I get the impression some people aren't catching on that they're not talking about strip clubs.

For me, if my girl pole danced in public, it would be over.

I wouldn't mind it in private. But what other purpose does it serve in public other than trying to pull attention (if not more) from other men.

Dadgum, I'm looking for so... (Below threshold)

Dadgum, I'm looking for someone in the Omaha, Nebraska, area, who teaches pole dancing lessons and is looking to promote their business. Can anyone help?






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