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Kofi Annan Said To Be Close To Quitting

Britain's Sunday Times reports:

KOFI ANNAN, the United Nations secretary-general, is said to be struggling with depression and considering his future. Colleagues have reported concerns about Annan ahead of an official report this week that will examine his son Kojo's connection to the controversial Iraqi oil for food scheme.

Depending on the findings of the report, by a team led by the former US Federal Reserve chairman Paul Volcker, Annan may have to choose between the secretary-generalship and loyalty to his son.

American congressional critics of the UN are already pressing him to resign over the mismanagement of the oil for food programme, and even his supporters have been dismayed by the scandals on his watch, including the sexual abuse of children by UN peacekeepers in Congo.

One close observer at the UN said Annan's moods were like a "sine curve" and that he appeared near the bottom of the trough.

One thing the various UN scandals have made abundantly clear is that corruption runs wide and deep at the UN. Throwing out the "Help Wanted" sign for a new Secretary General won't fix those problems, but it's a start...


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Comments (16)

Yaaaay!... (Below threshold)


I agree there, even with Da... (Below threshold)

I agree there, even with Darfur and other disasters the UN should be a part of, Kofi Annan has not done what it's original charter was and is to this day, despite his critics. As to his son, he'll do anything to keep his job than backing his son, I believe and that reason is like being the person who runs the whole world. I'd like to see him go but I don't think that this would solve the UN's problems. I don't like the man so his going, if he does indeed go, won't make much difference. We really should just wipe out the UN and it's NATO forces, bulldoze the building in NY to the nearest river and start over with something that will really work. I mean to watch this stupid stuff on tv, what a waste of time; it has to change and come up to the present and future charters that will work in today's day and age. And make it so that in the future, it changes with the future and not be stuck back in the ice age like it is now.

I'd like to see all these people out of our country, living opulant lives, getting paid incredibly rich and not pay taxes. Somehow makes it harder on us poor people - and maybe what we spend in the UN now - lowering the level paid into the new UN in tomorrow and the future could even save Social Security. We won't have to house these people, let them live here free and because they are from all over the world, let in terrorists. Make condo's out of all the buildings the UN group live in and it will be cheaper for everyone.

When they need to meet, they can meet in different countries every years and not put the burden of it all on the US. Annan's leaving is not going to do that but maybe it's a beginning.


He is only the latest in a ... (Below threshold)
Rod Stanton:

He is only the latest in a long line of corrupt UN Sec Gens. No reason to expect we will get a leader with integrity to replace him.
The UN like the League should be abolished.

Cindy - Hi!... (Below threshold)
Rod Stanton:

Cindy - Hi!

If and when Kofi hangs up h... (Below threshold)

If and when Kofi hangs up his lock picks and crowbar I'm afraid they'll replace him with another paragon of honesty, our pardon selling ex-perjurer in chief and all around lecher, Bill Clinton. There have been rumors of this for quite a while, and I think there's a good chance that he's licentious enough to meet the standards of even the most discriminating members of the UN, the French. If that happens we ain't seen nothing yet. Might as well go ahead and put bars on the windows and put up an electric fence with guard towers now, and put up a sign that says "Turtle Bay International Correctional Facility" now.

The only way to fix the UN ... (Below threshold)
Just Me:

The only way to fix the UN at this point is to dissolve it (or withdraw and tell them to go hang out in Brussels and raise their own money) and start over, but limit membership to true democracies that aren't run by murderous thugs.

Allowing membership in the UN for thugish governments only gives them a legitimacy they do not deserve.

Agree with Kevin and all th... (Below threshold)

Agree with Kevin and all the good points raised above. If the original reason for the UN's existence was a round table where nations would solve their differences, what wars have they actually prevented, anyway. Its continued existence only strengthens the fallacy of "international law". Treaties are made between any nations who wish to, without the UN.

I heard a blip on tv that one of the UN "reforms" being proposed by Kofi Annan is for affluent nations to be forced to pay a set percentage of their GDP to the UN! So that "more equitable distribution" can be made to poor countries. Call a spade a spade: that's worldwide communisim. Let private charities and churches take care of the needy. Besides, the many years of welfare handouts to dictators have simply given them a blackmail tool and carte blanche to suppress their own people with violence, knowing that when famine comes, the US and the UN will be pouring in more money to rebuild their golden mansions. Africa is a prime example.

I have also seen the ominous signs of Clinton heading to that desk. What a nightmare - Hillary as President and Clinton as head of the UN. Since the US only has one vote at the UN (I think?), what can be done to prevent it? Still more urgency to abolish the UN completely, and no new UN.

Hey Kofi: Don't let the doo... (Below threshold)
Old Coot:

Hey Kofi: Don't let the door hit you on the ass on your way out.

P.S.: Kofi should avail hi... (Below threshold)

P.S.: Kofi should avail himself and his son of the marvelous services of his International Criminal Court :)

Along with the long list of others who received millions in the Food for Oil scandal.

Hee, perhaps Slobodan Milos... (Below threshold)

Hee, perhaps Slobodan Milosevic can come to the rescue! If he succeeds in calling Clinton to the witness stand at the ICC, he may expose Clinton enough to cause a worldwide internet tsumani to prevent him ever attaining that position.

"I heard a blip on tv that ... (Below threshold)
Just Me:

"I heard a blip on tv that one of the UN "reforms" being proposed by Kofi Annan is for affluent nations to be forced to pay a set percentage of their GDP to the UN! So that "more equitable distribution" can be made to poor countries."

Not to mention that at this point does anyone trust the UN to even handle this money?

I think there are scandals ... (Below threshold)

I think there are scandals taking place now in Iraq from the $200 billion+ in OUR tax money that will dwarf any UN scandal. It just hasn't been reported (yet). You hypocrites don't seemed alarmed that DoD will not provide an accounting of the $80 billion supplemental spent to date, and they want another $80 billion blank check.

$80 billion isn't a blank c... (Below threshold)

$80 billion isn't a blank check, it is $80 billion. I fail to understand your comment.

The ICC has no business exi... (Below threshold)

The ICC has no business existing, much less trying Kofi and Kojo. They should be tried in Iraq. They helped Saddam rip off the citizens of Iraq, they should face their victims, not a bunch of leftist Eurotrash that would prefer it if Saddam was still in power and the arms sales were still padding their wallets.

Bravo, Bullwinkle! Great i... (Below threshold)

Bravo, Bullwinkle! Great idea! Iraq should extradite them and try them all alongside Saddam.

All this fuss for what? Has... (Below threshold)
John Sinclair:

All this fuss for what? Has anyone looked at the scandals of the top leaders in this dirty Iraqi war? Some of them getting millions of dollars from the profit of US private companies sales is by far more worrisome and unethical than Kofi's son getting a job! All this is a cover up to distract the attention of american citizens.

I forgot one thing: No wonder if weapons of mass destruction haven't been found in Iraq, our poor GIs have been misled: instead, they found WEAPONS OF MASS DECEPTION!

Wake up America!






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