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Miss DUI

From the bio of Miss USA contestant Sheena Benton (Delaware):

To relax, Benton enjoys painting and drawing, visiting art museums, fishing and hiking, watching NFL football, and taking long drives "in the beautiful countryside of Delaware."
DUI won't stop Miss Delaware [The News Journal]


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Comments (5)

ok, what was the purpose fo... (Below threshold)

ok, what was the purpose for this tidbit? The point?


Cindy - Beauty con... (Below threshold)

Cindy -

Beauty contestants are easy marks for cheap humor. I don't think there's any thing deep here. I just found it amusing.

- PS I like reading your comments here at wizbang. Much food for thought.

From the article: "She was ... (Below threshold)

From the article: "She was 22 when this happened. What 22-year-old hasn't done that?" said Mary Hilliard McMillan, Miss USA spokeswoman. "[Trump] said, 'What are we going to do? Ruin this girl's life over one mistake she made a year ago? That's silly.' "

I know alot of 22 year olds who haven't done that.

Is Trump saying that kicking her out of the pageant will ruin her life? He thinks quite alot of himself and his pageant, doen't he?

taking long drives "in t... (Below threshold)

taking long drives "in the beautiful countryside of Delaware" doesn't mean she was behind the wheel ;- DUI - extremely poor form for a "scholarship" contestant who's supposed to be role-model material, but she pleaded guilty and has been sentenced. Even MADD refused to condemn her.

The scary part is who the News Journal chose to comment, and why: "Francine Whidby, 43, of New Castle, said she can't believe Miss USA officials even considered letting Benton compete.

"She said her 16-year-old daughter, who participates in pageants, showed her the news about Benton's arrest earlier this week.

"'She said, "Mommy, does this mean when I get older I can do this?" It put the thought in my daughter's head right then and there,' Whidby said."

Gee, a pageanter lookin' for loopholes at the tender age of 16. And calling her mother "Mommy." But it's Trump's fault the kid has thoughts "put in her head," and that bad, bad Benton.

Typical Trump....consummate... (Below threshold)

Typical Trump....consummate arbiter of American morals. He blew a great opportunity to say "you're fired" here.

Tee bee --- I laughed at the same quote --- I don't beieve a word of it, even if I agree with "mommy's" point. There you have it --- concocting a phoney story to make a valid point.






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