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Quote Of The Day - Sticks And Stones Edition

My vote goes to Paul at Wizbang. The substance and style of a Usenet troll, but without the charm.

A comment at Crooked Timber to a post wondering "who is America's worst blogger?" So far he's running well behind; I guess he'll just have to try to piss people off a little harder...

Comments (10)

Jealousy is so ugly. What a... (Below threshold)

Jealousy is so ugly. What a bunch weenies.

Well, there's someti... (Below threshold)

Well, there's sometime I just spent I can never get back...

And to think, I thought I would never experience jr.high hallway bagging firsthand again!

Paul?He's one of t... (Below threshold)


He's one of the best!!!!

I could go through the blogosphere and find hundreds that should be considered the worst while Paul should be near the top of the best of bloggers on the net. Go get him good, Kevin.


Has anybody nominated Crook... (Below threshold)

Has anybody nominated Crooked Timber?

Considering most of the oth... (Below threshold)

Considering most of the other blogs that they think suck, I'd be proud to be on that list.

Paul, you truly ARE a shita... (Below threshold)
Neil Talcum:

Paul, you truly ARE a shitass blogger, but I don't think you're the worst. Misha and DuTwat are slightly worse than you. You are pretty bad, though, and it is important to remember that thousands of people read your blog to laugh at how stupid you are, and how much of a dick you can be.

It surprises me that Paul w... (Below threshold)

It surprises me that Paul would be named. Now Jay I could well understand but not Paul. No accounting for taste I suppose.

...all that, and I'm sure t... (Below threshold)
Patrick Chester:

...all that, and I'm sure they'll say Paul's a big doo-doo head too! ;)

A transparent campaign by t... (Below threshold)

A transparent campaign by the "Oozers" to libel Paul --- and they don't even have the courage to use their real names. A modus operandi to be proud of! "Neil Talcum" ......HAHAHHAHAHA, nice name!

"Neil Talcum"..BWHAHAHAHA! ... (Below threshold)

"Neil Talcum"..BWHAHAHAHA! Gawd, you're such an idiot. First for your choice of a name, second because you think everyone else that reads this sight is as mentally challenged as you, and finally because you can't see the inherent magnificence of Du Toit and Misha.

If you ever grow a brain, come back and see us!






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