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The First Rule Of Bank Robbery

What's the first rule if you want to rob a bank?

Robbery charges stun teenagers' families

Family and friends of two Australian teenagers charged with bank robbery in the US are "shocked" and "devastated" about the situation facing the two men.

Luke Gabriel Carroll and Anthony Harold Prince, both 19, are spending the Easter weekend in jail after being arrested at Denver International Airport six days ago.

The childhood friends from the NSW North Coast are in FBI custody after being accused of stealing about $US130,000 ($168,000) in a bank hold-up at Colorado snow resort Vail. An FBI affidavit allegedly states Carroll and Prince confessed to the crime.

The teenagers face up to 25 years in prison after allegedly forcing two female tellers at the Vail Village WestStar Bank to hand over the money at gunpoint on March 21.

Police said the robbers, whose faces were hidden behind ski masks, were armed with air pistols.

Authorities said the Australian ski enthusiasts were easily detectable because of their accents, name tags they were wearing and the types of weapons used.

I'm not sure the exact first rule, but I'm pretty sure not wearing name tags while you do it is in the top 10.


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Comments (11)

Well. Good to know that id... (Below threshold)

Well. Good to know that idiots come from all nations, and all backgrounds....

And if you're a rapist, don... (Below threshold)

And if you're a rapist, don't tatto your name and street on your chest and take your shirt off.

Correction. What was I thin... (Below threshold)

Correction. What was I thinking! If you are a rapist, by all means tatto your name and street on your chest and remove your shirt.

When I rob banks I always w... (Below threshold)

When I rob banks I always wear my "Hello! my name is Oliver Willis" name tag. So far, so good, the cops have never even stopped by to ask questions, of me, at least.

Here's a good one based on ... (Below threshold)

Here's a good one based on a former client: When you burglarize your neighbor's house, don't leave a trail of M&M.

First rule: You do the crim... (Below threshold)

First rule: You do the crime, you better be prepared to do the time.

lol julie, because they don... (Below threshold)

lol julie, because they don't melt in your hand, the have fingerprints on them? lol

An FBI affidavit alle... (Below threshold)

An FBI affidavit allegedly states Carroll and Prince confessed to the crime.

So, is the reporter not sure if the affidavit really states that they confessed? Allegedly, this alleged reporter did not attend any alleged English courses while in an alleged college.

Rule #2: Don't use your own... (Below threshold)

Rule #2: Don't use your own deposit slip to write the note.

Well, he comes from a area ... (Below threshold)

Well, he comes from a area that is just east of "Hippie Central", and travelling on a Kiwi passport. I know the aussies like to get us Kiwi's (NZers) into trouble, but hey.....

u fuckin lame computer gimp... (Below threshold)
myles best friend of anthony:

u fuckin lame computer gimps get lives u fucking faggots i wish i knew who u people were id fuck u up think of somthing better to do






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