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"Apprentice" Star Katrina Campins Flashes Fashion Crowd


During the runway show for Tommy Hilfiger's Resort line Saturday at Fashion Week Miami, former Apprentice hottie - real estate agent Katrina Campins - pranced the entire length of the runway not realizing that she had popped out of the black and white stripped jacket she was modeling. Reportedly the celebrity-filled crowd reacted with a collective gasp, though it seems no one was shocked enough to try and indicate to Katrina she was in the middle of her own wardrobe malfunction...

Katrina Campins models Tommy Hilfiger line (Miami Fashion Week Funkshion Fusion 2005) [WireImage] (NSFW thumbnails)

Links to larger versions of the images (NSFW):

Fark readers asked for it, here's a photoset at Flicker. Backup links (new): [Picture 1, Picture 2].


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Comments (63)

Can't see the left one, but... (Below threshold)
Old Coot:

Can't see the left one, but the right one looks like it's made out of fiberglass...something from Amercian Chopper maybe.

What will we tell the child... (Below threshold)

What will we tell the children?

(Seriously, I needed to know this why? I honestly didn't understand the kerfuffle over the Janet Jackson incident either. Could we please make up our minds what we are supposed to think about public displays of boobies? Thanks.)

No American Chopper is more... (Below threshold)

No American Chopper is more angular... Something that round is more Foose's style... I'm thinking "Rides."

Yep, looks like a cereal bo... (Below threshold)

Yep, looks like a cereal bowl was placed under her boobies. Are there any women who respect what God gave them???? Or are they so obsessed with their looks they just gotta fit this Madison Ave mold???? Disgusting, like Pam Anderson.

Yes, Ed, there are women wh... (Below threshold)
biker babe:

Yes, Ed, there are women who respect what God gave them, unless you frown on tattoos as well as fake boobs.

At great risk of a sexual h... (Below threshold)

At great risk of a sexual harassment lawsuit resulting in unemployment and divorce I showed the pictures to a female coworker. She assures me that there is no way she did not realize she had popped out.

"If she was aware enough to actually walk - she new."

She forgot her underwear.</... (Below threshold)
Jack Tanner:

She forgot her underwear.

It's more like a CBS memo b... (Below threshold)

It's more like a CBS memo boob: Fake But Accurate.

Stephen---go back and ask y... (Below threshold)

Stephen---go back and ask your coworker if, um, surgery could "desensitize" one to such things.

I have come to the conclusi... (Below threshold)

I have come to the conclusion that these women who surgically enhance their Ta Ta's lose most feeling in them. Every shot I see with the slippage of a fake chi chi out of clothing and the owner of the fake boobage has no clue.
To deduce, no feeling left in the nippleage area or where the water soluted plastic vestible resides.
I stand by my thesis.

Ah my fashion neophytes, th... (Below threshold)

Ah my fashion neophytes, this is no malfunction but on purpose I would submit, because ye old tightly fitting blazer sans shirt or even bra is standard presentation on the fashion runway these days, that is why Fashion Television, the all model all runway channel has a segment called Uncut and Uncensored, for all those butt hanging and boob flashing fashions that WHO? except Paris Hilton wears out in public that even FT cannot show during prime time.

And yes, did girlfriend have those fake boobs during the Apprentice or after? I'd fire that surgeon, LOL

(Seriously, I needed to ... (Below threshold)

(Seriously, I needed to know this why? I honestly didn't understand the kerfuffle over the Janet Jackson incident either. Could we please make up our minds what we are supposed to think about public displays of boobies? Thanks.)

Because you need a life?

Seriously, why does it matter so much to you, S9, what Kevin posts here? And why is it so important that everybody come to an agreement of what to think about the public display of human mammalia?

Got control issues, maybe?

That thing is scary looking... (Below threshold)

That thing is scary looking.... I'll take my well-worn (from nursing) real ones any day over that.

That surgeon should have his license revoked.

Hey, I wish I nominated her... (Below threshold)

Hey, I wish I nominated her for new Secretary General of the UN (posted in another thread). She'd fit right in with the other fake boobs.

'I'll take my well-worn (fr... (Below threshold)
DU Stray:

'I'll take my well-worn (from nursing) real ones any day over that'

You can have 'em!

It's a store-bought boob.</... (Below threshold)
Dan Hughes:

It's a store-bought boob.

McGehee writes: A... (Below threshold)

McGehee writes: And why is it so important that everybody come to an agreement of what to think about the public display of human mammalia?

It's difficult keeping up with the changing standards of decency here in America, and when you're a small player in the media business— where one fsckup can put your entire net worth into the hands of a criminal defense lawyer— it would be nice to know whether we think public displays of boobies are indecent or not.

Maybe part of the problem is that it matters whose boobies are on display, and who is making money charging admission to see them.

Sometimes a side effect of ... (Below threshold)

Sometimes a side effect of the store-bought kind is that you no longer have sensation in the skin. While I canNOT imagine how she couldn't have known, I will grant that it's a possibility that she really didn't know because she couldn't feel them.

D U Stray,I bet yo... (Below threshold)

D U Stray,

I bet you are as much of a phony as those boobs are.

At least mine, which still have SOME perk to them, can FEEL when they are blowing in the wind ! She should sue the surgeon for his crappy work.

She STOLE my garlic baker ~... (Below threshold)

She STOLE my garlic baker ~

Implants. Implant... (Below threshold)


Implants 101: if you can see the edge of an implant on women without much to any body fat, it's an implant.

Is there really any credibi... (Below threshold)

Is there really any credibility in the notion that a woman in her position doesn't KNOW that her breast is hanging out? Isn't it rather apparent? She looks pretty proud, after all. Anyone else wonder if she did it on purpose, like (I think) Jackson did?

I agree with Stephen Mackli... (Below threshold)

I agree with Stephen Macklin's coworker.

wavemaker: I'd put money o... (Below threshold)

wavemaker: I'd put money on the fact, if I was a betting person, which I'm not, but, anyway, I'd bet money if I was a betting person that the lady is actually FLAUNTING THOSE FAKE BREASTS.

She's could just not have been aware of what was exposed and what she was exposing, even if she had limited feeling on part of her chest after her implants (it happens but it's usually affecting the nipple area since sometimes a person has plastic surgery on the nipple when a breast is recreated or raised...they raise the nipple apart from the breat implant and area, in separate procedures if not separate surgeries sometimes, but usually at one time, multiple procedures and that can make the newly positioned and/or recreated nipple and nipple area limited in sensation and sometimes render it without feeling)...

The woman appears to my view (situation and behavior in that situation) to be flaunting her fake breasts. Or, flaunting her breasts with the pretense that "no one will know they're fake" or whatever her motivation, still an intentional exposure. As in, she's intentionally exposing herself.

Even if they are fake, God ... (Below threshold)

Even if they are fake, God Bless her, I think they are fine, as is she. As for some kind of "wardrobe malfunction" who cares! This wasn't televised.
While it is sweet and romantic to yurn for the well gnawed tata, I would gladly suckle hers.

Definitely bolt-ons, not th... (Below threshold)

Definitely bolt-ons, not that there's anything wrong with that.

Gnaw and Suckle? Sounds lik... (Below threshold)
Old Coot:

Gnaw and Suckle? Sounds like a good name for a law firm.

-S-, I admire your insight,... (Below threshold)

-S-, I admire your insight, thanks for the lesson --- but let me ask you something (which you may or may not be qualified to answer) --- why would a woman care to have fake breasts if she has no feeling in them --- isn't that sort of like buying a kick-ass sports car and leaving it in your driveway?

I worked briefly in a plast... (Below threshold)

I worked briefly in a plastic surgeon's office. I do remember the informational pamphlets warning that possible side effects of implants were (a) loss of sensation and (b) loss of ability to breast-feed.

So, in exchange for having breasts that - like Ms.Campins' - look as fake as the day is long, you can also lose out on the only to reasons to really HAVE breasts. Sounds like a winning plan to me!

Looks like a flying saucer ... (Below threshold)

Looks like a flying saucer landed on her chest.

Wow. I can't imagine riskin... (Below threshold)

Wow. I can't imagine risking losing the incredible sensation of someone kissing your breasts so you could be a little bigger.

Those are actually nice imp... (Below threshold)
t. z.:

Those are actually nice implants, she is just too skinny. I agree with S.
She's was not a celeb when she got them, she had a good surgeon.
Looks good, probably tastes like .....well.

Why do they look a differen... (Below threshold)

Why do they look a different color than her chest? They just look like they hurt to me - like the skin is too tight. Ouch.

Well, I know that kind of t... (Below threshold)

Well, I know that kind of thing ALWAYS happens to me when I forget to wear a bra AND a shirt under my jacket.

I'm with Kathy on the giving up the good for the better look, which it isn't. So it's a lose/lose.

Thank you, Kathy and Sparkl... (Below threshold)

Thank you, Kathy and Sparkle. I would have been seriously disillusioned otherwise. :-)

wavemaker and others here:<... (Below threshold)

wavemaker and others here:

I'll be blunt (you raised the issues, so I'm just trying to explain to the best of my non-physician capacity, as in, I'm not a professional but I did stay in a Holiday Inn a few nights ago...)...

A lot of people value their cosmetic appearance over what's underneath that appearance. Meaning, they find the plastic, outer appearance of showing "firm, youthful breasts" far and above and more important than opting to maintain a normal breast and to later breast feed a child/their children (let someone else do it or else use a bottle).

So, many people with those standards (not mine) opt to whittle away the appearance despite the drawbacks. Look at the faces with their ears on their necks because they had a pull-back and not a scalp lift...look at these women who display obvious breast implants and then go show them off (probably related to perceived status at being able to pay for them or get someone else to pay for them which to some is the point of having fake anything/something and that is to indicate an altered status or to at least suggest increased status to some others who reason as they do -- it's some sort of competition among the same type, in my experience, to see who can buy what and very much like that sports car analogy to my view).

When you reposition the nipple part of a breast (which is done when most breast reductions and/or breast redo's are done...they first remove the nipple and surround skin, keep it fresh on ice, then they surgically cut into and remove some of the original breast skin and fat and underlying muscle on the chest, then they discard what they don't want to reintroduce, then they reattach by foreshortening the underlying body fats/muscles into a more cosmetically desirable shape [higher, less of everything in most cases like this where no implants to enlarge the area are the issue], then they reattach the nipple in a higher positiion on the newly redone breast areas and when they do that, there's the issue that most of the nerves affiliated with the nipples have been severed and many don't reconnect afterward, thus the desensitivity, even lack of complete sensitivity to the nipples afterward).

Sometimes with implants, they have to do the same things but in reverse, while the things with the nipple areas remain the same as I just described because: a woman with small-to-smaller than she'd like breasts has nipples where they are originally, she gets a larger substance placed inside her chest, under her skin but above her muscles and chest wall, and then the original nipples and their placement by nature no longer accommodate the 'newer' expaned breast shapes on her chest, so the nipples have to be surgically repositioned, and the nerve damage results.

For people who undergo these procedures simply for the cosmetic effects (breast implants are almost always for different reasons than breast reductions and breast reconstructions), particularly with implants, their motive isn't to preserve some biological integrity of their breasts as functional aspects to their reproductive person, but to make a different appearance other than what's already there for one reason or another. So, to my read, the fact that they'd lose sensitivity and even function (for breast feeding) to their breasts afterward, as long as they got their cosmetic solution, seems to be their value system at work.

Which is also why it seems quite so foolish to so many others. I agree that breasts are beautiful -- I like mine and very much -- but these surgeries are not minor things like teeth bleaching and using an Total Gym where your body is concerned and the costs involved are huge. I have a hard time imagining someone so pushed by whatever that they'd go spend so much money and efforts and all involved just to expand their breasts. Personally, I can't understand it beyond understanding it obliquely like this.

And, the reason most cannot... (Below threshold)

And, the reason most cannot later breast feed after these breast implant procuders is due to the engineering changes to the breasts themselves. They have milk ducts...they connect one area to another and during these breast implant and reduction procedures, those milk ducts are disturbed, disconnected, along with most of the nerves.

Thus, none of the "plumbing" and "wiring" inside is actually any longer connected to anything else. It's just a lump of saline pushed under the skin in many implant procedures even when the nipples aren't repositioned (most times the nipples are), so I also do not understand the male fascination with the appearance by implants. I mean, go hug and caress a plastic doll or a water filled balloon....it's about the same thing without the human flesh covering.

SThe breast feeding ... (Below threshold)
t. z.:

The breast feeding thing is a misconception; you can breast feed after implants, if they are under the muscle, as this girl's certainly are. You just have to bind the breasts for 2 weeks when you are done or you'll be back to the surgeon for a lift.

t.z.: you can breastfeed a... (Below threshold)

t.z.: you can breastfeed after implants SOMEtimes (you have to have breasts to do that, however, to be snarky here).

Yes, some can. Some cannot. It's a gamble, however, and something that no surgeon can guarantee will be possible afterward. As in, roll o'the dice if you will or will not be able to afterward, but nearly always when/if the nipples are repositioned, just due to the fact that they have to be surgically detached first before they can be reattached afterward. Where nipples are not repositioned (detached/reattached), a series of straight implants without nipple repositioning isn't as risky as to possible breast feeding afterward.

Sorry, I don't accept plast... (Below threshold)

Sorry, I don't accept plastic...

Oh how fun and easy it is t... (Below threshold)

Oh how fun and easy it is to criticize the beautiful people. Stop the jealousy and send me her phone number.

Sorry, I don't think it was... (Below threshold)

Sorry, I don't think it was on Paris Hilton's Sidekick...

Hubba hubba. How about som... (Below threshold)
Rod Stanton:

Hubba hubba. How about some advance notice in the future so we can get it live.

You people are getting way ... (Below threshold)
Jack Tanner:

You people are getting way too worked up about this. She got some store bought hooties and she wants to show 'em off. The problem is?

K -You're pretty i... (Below threshold)
DU Stray:

K -

You're pretty in to your own tits.

and when she gets older and... (Below threshold)

and when she gets older and they start drooping, she can use them as kneepads.

Which she will need when she gets older and they start drooping.

"so I also do not understan... (Below threshold)

"so I also do not understand the male fascination with the appearance by implants. I mean, go hug and caress a plastic doll or a water filled balloon....it's about the same thing without the human flesh covering."

I'm a male, and I think they look absolutely ridiculous. As someone else mentioned, it looks like someone shoved two cereal bowls under her skin. Yuck. I'll take small reall breasts over big phony looking fake ones like that any day.

I also wonder if the women ... (Below threshold)

I also wonder if the women who get implants consider if there is breast cancer in the family and talk to a mammographer - depending on how the implant is done, it can seriously impede the ability to pick up cancerous tumours in the breast.

Many breast implants can be done well, especially when the size of the implant is selected wisely and one can understand more those women who have always been flat chested and one can especially understand women who've had a breast or two removed because of cancer.

What I don't understand is women like Pam Anderson and this Jordan chick in the UK, this British girl keeps upping the size of her implants - they are up to FF nows. And frankly that is about all she is known for. Sad, very sad. I suppose it is the same with Pam Anderson, her boob size is part of her earning power, like all the strippers who get implants done as well.

I could be wrong, but I am ... (Below threshold)

I could be wrong, but I am pretty sure those pictures appeal to my prurient interest.


D U Stray,D... (Below threshold)

D U Stray,

Damn Striaght I am... they're awesome ~

We've had cereal bowls, fly... (Below threshold)
Geoff Matthews:

We've had cereal bowls, flying saucers, garlic roasters, but no plungers?
Definitely plungers under there.

I think we should vote:... (Below threshold)

I think we should vote:

a. cereal bowls
b. flying saucers
c. garlic roasters
d. plungers

I vote for (d) plungers

Farked... (Below threshold)


Unfarked...... (Below threshold)


Though I am in the minority... (Below threshold)

Though I am in the minority on this thread, I think those beautiful creations are absolute proof that there is a God, and he wants us to be happy. Without God, could we have ever come up with fake tits, golf clubs, or cold beer ?! If those aren't proof enough, I do not know what is ...

Hmmmm When they are obvious... (Below threshold)

Hmmmm When they are obviously fake they aren't good implants. But I say good for her to show them off. It's advertising for her plastic surgan. I got the DD's from God.

My dog has nicer tits than ... (Below threshold)

My dog has nicer tits than that..........

I have been with a respecta... (Below threshold)

I have been with a respectable number of women in my bedding life, but so far never one with mammaries as this. We've all been so indoctrinated to superficiality, it boggles my mind how so many men could salivate over this sort of robo-hooters. Of course I wouldn't reject a gal like this who packs such hardware -- she's rather appealing othewise -- but already the thought of squeezing, licking, biting and fondling those monsters is leaving a bad taste in my mouth. I'd have to put serious mind over matter here, imagining I'm not with an android; also a lot of fun would be sacrificed with the thought that perhaps she's not really FEELING all the hopefully nice things I'd be doing in her chest area. As a reader above commented, the real ones (small, shapeless and otherwise) beat these bongo drums any day.

Well, I dont think "they" l... (Below threshold)

Well, I dont think "they" look as bad as everyone is making them out to be... I would be glad to..umm well... you get the idea. I dated a woman once who had paid a ridiculous amount of moolah for her job.. and as they were visually not so bad... they were hard as grapefruits (kinda scary). She defintely had a loss of sensation and would ask for harder manipulation - which I was basically afraid to do. Was afraid to pop them. So... while I dont think they necessarily unapealing.. natural is definitely best. (not that anyone cares what I think)

You guys are PATHETIC - LIV... (Below threshold)

You guys are PATHETIC - LIVE and Let LIVE - I say.

She is a nice, beautiful and SMART young lady.

Things happen!

I don't care what others sa... (Below threshold)

I don't care what others say- That's a great rack- I wan't to call her and leave her a message- You are soo f'ing hot, I want to ..... Ok I'm no Pat O'Brien but you get the idea

I think there sweet! She is... (Below threshold)

I think there sweet! She is so sexy. The most sexy apprentice or realestate agent ever. She's also got great legs! uummm good.

I agree with the comments a... (Below threshold)

I agree with the comments above. Katrina knew what she was doing. She's not stupid she's in sales and to get more sales into her exclusive real estate firm she showed everyone what they would get if they listed with her. It's all in the marketing. Personally, I hate bolt-ons but I suppose you could still slap that badboy in between these suckers and take them for a ride.






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