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Welcome to Boston! Give us all your money and nobody gets hurt.

OK, time for even more Massachusetts bashing...

As is typical for big cities, Boston is in a bit of a financial bind. This is on top of the long list of other problems Beantown has. But one city councilor has an idea to get more money that is, in my humble and understated opinion, just plain nucking futs.

Driving into Boston is a modern urban adventure. The roads are more cratered than Fallujah, the streets were laid out as cowpaths (and are appropriately twisty and narrow), the one-way and dead ends are a labyrinth that would confound Daedalus, the parking attendants are more zealous than Al Qaeda, the general fees usurious, and the drivers all seem graduates of the GTA School. And once you survive Boston long enough to get off the roads, the taxes and fees make you feel mugged every time you take out your wallet.

But City Councilor Paul J. Scapicchio has an idea to make it all better: he wants to institute a $1.00 to $5.00 "pass" to commuters coming into the city. After all, isn't that a small price to enter the paradise that is weekday Boston? And residents shouldn't have too many complaints -- after all, the main burden of the fee wouldn't be people who actually vote in Boston, so Boston politicians wouldn't have to fear too much backlash from their constituents.

Proponents of the fee say the money would go strictly towards street repair, public transportation, and other ways of easing the commuter hassle. And who could doubt them? After all, Massachusetts has such a sterling record of keeping such promises. Whenever any sort of tax or fee is raised with promises that the money will go exclusively towards a certain cause, it always does. Er, almost always does. Um, usually does. I mean, sometimes does. Or occasionally.

Actually, I can't recall a single time Massachusetts has actually kept such a promise, but I'm sure they will this time. After all, they PROMISE.

If Councilor Paul J. Scapicchio had a lick of sense, he'd do what I hear they do in northern New Jersey. There, they apparently use the "Roach Motel" principle -- it's free to get in, but they charge you to get out. Institute a toll strictly on people trying to escape from Boston, and that might raise even more money.


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Any of these entry/exit tol... (Below threshold)
Jack Tanner:

Any of these entry/exit tolls are nuts. I live and work in Boston and wouldn't pay a dime but this sounds like it was cooked up by the 128 Chamber of Commerce. As if MA weren't anti-business enough a commuter fee would be right up there with a city income tax in driving business out. But Jay it is too bad you can't deal with driving anywhere with more than one stoplight in town.

If they're like most way-ou... (Below threshold)

If they're like most way-out-left-leaning jurisdictions, they'll charge a nominal fee to get in, but an arm and a leg to get out.

But Jay it is too bad yo... (Below threshold)

But Jay it is too bad you can't deal with driving anywhere with more than one stoplight in town.

Any town that can't get by with just one stoplight is too crowded.

Thank god I don't live in t... (Below threshold)
Rob Hackney:

Thank god I don't live in that looney left commie faggot loving hell hole. I hear enough about how deviant that state is. Thanks Jay, if I'm ever on a plane going somewhere and I hapen to make a stop there, I damn well aint getting off that plane!!!!!

'Thank god I don't live in ... (Below threshold)
DU Stray:

'Thank god I don't live in that looney left commie faggot loving hell hole.'

I'm happy you don't live here too.

I am not surprised. London... (Below threshold)

I am not surprised. London has a similar program of charging a fee for each car entering into certain areas of the city. I am not sure they still have it, though, but I would imagine they do.

DU STRAY: Just what I'd exp... (Below threshold)
Rob Hackney:

DU STRAY: Just what I'd expect from a socialist. Enjoy your taxes pal.

Rule of Thumb: When you're... (Below threshold)

Rule of Thumb: When you're told a tax is being raised and collected for a specific reason but it goes into a general fund, – you're being lied to.

Sounds like taxation withou... (Below threshold)

Sounds like taxation without representation to me. Something Bostonites should be familiar with and oppose.... if they remember their history, that is.

You realize that you left o... (Below threshold)

You realize that you left out one very important fact regarding tha cowpaths... The cows were really, really drunk when they made them

Enjoy your mental illness, ... (Below threshold)
DU Stray:

Enjoy your mental illness, pal.

I saw a story over the week... (Below threshold)

I saw a story over the weekend where they are considering something similar in San Francisco. Great minds really must think alike…

That story also mentioned the London “downtown” tax, and how it is killing downtown businesses.

DU Stray: Ah, utter class t... (Below threshold)
Rob Hackney:

DU Stray: Ah, utter class there pal. Attack someone personally when the heat gets too much. Disagree with my politics if you like, but no, gotta add a personal insult. You on the left always do that since you have nothing else to do anymore.

Like I said, enjoy your taxes pal. You won't catch me living in that socialist 'utopia'.

Sorry if the truth hurts</p... (Below threshold)
DU Stray:

Sorry if the truth hurts

That's how the Mass Pike is... (Below threshold)

That's how the Mass Pike is, too. Jay. Price depends on how far you drive on it but I don't know what they use the money for - it's full of holes and bumps and not very wide. It's been awhile but knowing Mass, they really do a lousy job on their roads all times of year.


Rob, are you and your imagi... (Below threshold)

Rob, are you and your imaginary friend having fun?






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