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Man, I hope his homeowner's insurance was paid up...

I've always felt a sense of responsibility with the trust Kevin's given me in letting me post to Wizbang. Lord knows other bloggers have run into trouble when they've entrusted their sites to those less than responsible.

Eric, over at Straight White Guy, has recently learned that lesson in spades. Click here, and just keep clicking forward... and do NOT have any beverages or felines anywhere near you.

Eric, your only consolation is that Rob confessed the whole thing in a public forum. Now, if he has any assets worth seizing in court is another matter...


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.. I knew what I was in for... (Below threshold)

.. I knew what I was in for, Jay.. the Acidman rocketh... still though, I do feel some sort of settlement is in order... that cat will not even LOOK at us anymore...

Is suing really the answer?... (Below threshold)

Is suing really the answer??


Priceless.... (Below threshold)







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