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A Slovenian TV program devised to to prove that top models were brainless bimbos was canceled after an former Miss Universe turned out to have a higher IQ than a the shows female nuclear physicist.

Iris Mulej, Miss Universe 2002, was found to have an IQ of 156 by scientists working for the producers.

If you looked like that and lived in Slovenia you wouldn't have to be a genius to figure out that modeling would your ticket to a much better life...

Beauty queen brighter than nuclear physicist [Ananova]
Iris Mulej modeling images (no nudity) [SLO Reactor Forum]


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Comments (26)

I bet she lives a very lone... (Below threshold)

I bet she lives a very lonely life.

Kevin, Long legs must affec... (Below threshold)

Kevin, Long legs must affect your writing skills. You forgot the word "be" before "your ticket.."


Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa... (Below threshold)

Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn! Looks like that, and smart. *nosebleeds*

How are her legs that long?... (Below threshold)

How are her legs that long?! Wowza.

Ho.Lee.Shit.... (Below threshold)


We are now seeing the effec... (Below threshold)

We are now seeing the effects of the Eastern Bloc's ultrasecret Super Babe project. Who said nothing good came from the Soviet era???

Well, Slovenia, okay so Tit... (Below threshold)

Well, Slovenia, okay so Tito was in on the project too.

Whoa. If the Eastern Bloc h... (Below threshold)

Whoa. If the Eastern Bloc had remained intact another 15 years, we would have begged them to let us surrender.

There's a common misconcept... (Below threshold)
Jack Tanner:

There's a common misconception that intelligence is a desirable trait in attractive women. Believe me, it's not.

Do you have her address? ... (Below threshold)
Joe L.:

Do you have her address?

For some reason I have the urge to sell everything I own, liquidate all my assets and send all the money to her.

From the Anova article:... (Below threshold)

From the Anova article:

Iris, who previously admitted one of her ambitions was to have sex with one guy and three other girls,

Hey, I'm a guy. I can help her fulfull her, umm, ambitions.

I would love her for her mi... (Below threshold)

I would love her for her mind... ;)

(...I would love her for the rest too!!!)

Sorry got distracted, sudde... (Below threshold)

Sorry got distracted, suddenly I forgot what I was going to say. Ahhhh ... never mind.

Well, since she isn’t beati... (Below threshold)

Well, since she isn’t beating down my door begging me to marry her, she can’t be all THAT smart…

Ya know, Kevin, Being a mar... (Below threshold)

Ya know, Kevin, Being a married guy with 3 kids and all, you love putting babes on this site - what does your wife think?


I suspect his wife thinks j... (Below threshold)

I suspect his wife thinks just like I do:


Maggie, I always heard it s... (Below threshold)

Maggie, I always heard it said this way: "It don't matter where ya get hungry, as long as you eat at home".

Just in case you missed thi... (Below threshold)

Just in case you missed this tidbit at the end of the article (yes, I read every word):

"Iris, who previously admitted one of her ambitions was to have sex with one guy and three other girls, was Slovenia's Miss Universe contestant in 2002."

She even does applied math in bed.

Am I A Pundit Now?:S... (Below threshold)

Am I A Pundit Now?:
Slovenia is not and was not in the "Eastern Block", even while part of Jugoslavia.

I've lived in Slovenia, as an expat engineer, and I can tell you that girls looking so good are no more uncommon there than on South Padre Island at spring break... and nudist beaches are the accepted as a normal way of bathing.

Visit Slovenia! the food is great and the night life is lively and inexpensive. The people are friendly and very well educated, on average. Their public school scores put ours to shame.

A high IQ is pretty much wo... (Below threshold)

A high IQ is pretty much worthless if you don't do anything WITH those brains.

Heptacableguy: "Jugoslavia"... (Below threshold)

Heptacableguy: "Jugoslavia"?

An intentional misspelling?

A high IQ is pretty much... (Below threshold)
VA Jim:

A high IQ is pretty much worthless if you don't do anything WITH those brains.
Same's true of so many things, money, athletic ability, etc. One of the great principles (principals?) of individual liberty is self-determination. You or I may not make the same choice, but you or I cannot make the choice for them. Seems like Ms. Mulej is satisfied with her life choices.

Jeff H - What's the problem?

Join Mensa, I did.... (Below threshold)

Join Mensa, I did.

Uh, am I the only one who n... (Below threshold)

Uh, am I the only one who noticed the date on this April Fool gag?

Borgqueen:That's s... (Below threshold)


That's some transparent player hatin' right there. If I were that brilliant, regular employment would be pretty damn boring. Have you ever met a genius? Alot of extremely gifted people drop out of normal societal paths. I knew of a guy that was a hells angel, bouncer and truckdriver and had an IQ pushing the 170s. Fact is he didn't like being tied down. If anything this is the perfect job for a genius like herself. Easy hours, good pay, free travel, glamour, and lots of downtime to read them fancy books and write her dissertation on quantum physics or some such smarty pants shite.

It's all the better that she's a model. It breaks stereotypes.

What Soviet area ? Sloven... (Below threshold)

What Soviet area ? Slovenia was never in Soviet area. Also the CNN thought that Slovenia was under Soviet block,... idiots,..but never was. Slovenia was in Yugoslavia for many years as an independant part, now about 14 years is independant as a country and a member of EU.






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