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More Burger Humor

As if Sandy "McBurgler" Burger's guilty plea wasn't enough fun for the day, James Taranto at Best Of The Web has the audio and transcript of a distraught woman calling 911 because a fast food restaurant won't make her cheeseburger correctly. Snopes verified that the call recording is real, though they've not been able to determine whether the caller was really a busy mini-van mom or a prankster.


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Comments (7)

Martha goes to jail for lyi... (Below threshold)

Martha goes to jail for lying to investigators about an itty bitty stock sale. This guy tries to cover up incompetence that led to the worst terrorist attack in history, gives us some BS about an "honest mistake" and gets a slap of the wrist.

sorry, wrong thread.... (Below threshold)

sorry, wrong thread.

Conservantrix: It could ha... (Below threshold)
Krusty Krab:

Conservantrix: It could have been worse. You could have cross-posted from a thread on Lonely Hillbilly Poultry Club.

That is all.

Why has it taken so long to... (Below threshold)
Rod Stanton:

Why has it taken so long to get this crook? And why settle fo a misdemeanor? Destroying secret docs is a felony. Is W going soft? Sandy should spend the next decade in the gray bar hotel!

Conservantrix, well at leas... (Below threshold)
Just Me:

Conservantrix, well at least they were both about Burgers/Bergers.

I'm not surprised. Top secr... (Below threshold)

I'm not surprised. Top secret documents aren't as valuable as they once were. It's just another indication of how cavalier our government has become when it comes to stealing secrets. Also, no one seems to care if Clinton or a Clinton hack obstructs an investigation. And the MSM actually ignored this whole story of corruption and larceny. Imagine how this story would have been covered had the culprit been a Republican.

Sandy Berguler, That is his... (Below threshold)

Sandy Berguler, That is his new nick-name! Somehow it fits....That is what I heard Rush say and I just think it is so funny that I have been laughing by myself out loud!






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