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The Power Of Google

Well for one thing it's excellent for debunking bullshit stories like this from The Seattle Times:

Snohomish High School calls nickname derogatory; suspends teen for T-shirt By Lynn Thompson

An item on the Snohomish School District's Web site refers to the football team's "SnoHo" traditions. And "Snoho Mojo" is both a headline in the school yearbook and the name of a local espresso stand.

But when Snohomish High senior Justin Patrick wore a T-shirt to school last month with the lettering "SNOHOS" across the front, it led to his suspension from school.

School officials say "Snohos" contains a slang term for prostitutes [ho] and is derogatory toward women.

Woah, what stellar logic school administrators have deployed. Clearly Ho-Ho's must be banned from the school cafeteria, if they're not already, in order to prevent females from being doubly offended. Jeez...

How prevalent is the usage of that notoriously offensive word "snohos?" Here's what Google has to say:

Results 1 - 5 of 5 for "Snohos"
It's listed on the vasts internets a mere 5 times? Hmmm I'm offended by that...


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Comments (19)

Wait...male prostitutes don... (Below threshold)

Wait...male prostitutes dont exist?

Not in Urban Dictionary eit... (Below threshold)
Bill K:

Not in Urban Dictionary either.

Obviously it's a derogatory... (Below threshold)

Obviously it's a derogatory term for Eskimo prostitutes. The male equivalent would be "snojos" or "snojohns"

Can you imagine the uproar ... (Below threshold)

Can you imagine the uproar if Hostess were to create the "affinity pastry" for sale at the high school: SnoHo Ho-Ho?

... And of course they mus... (Below threshold)

... And of course they must have already banned Santa Claus, Jabba the Hutt and anythng having to do with pirates.

To be consistent, the cafet... (Below threshold)

To be consistent, the cafeteria must also ban all Green Giant products.

there's a town of Ho-ho-kus... (Below threshold)

there's a town of Ho-ho-kus in my part of NJ. an old Indian name, that nobody's sure about its meaning.

Actually, the male equivale... (Below threshold)

Actually, the male equivalent would be SnoLos, or Snow Gigolos

Wouldn't the male be SnoSte... (Below threshold)

Wouldn't the male be SnoSteadman?

It's obviously, as in, d'oh... (Below threshold)

It's obviously, as in, d'oh, a nitpicking case of who spells what how and where:

Google results, "Sno Ho's"

While Google results, "SnoHos" is the same as yours for "Snohos"....

There's a site referencing the county/area that spells it "Sno-Hos"...

I think someone just had it in for the guy and that t-shirt.

And, don't even get me STAR... (Below threshold)

And, don't even get me STARTED on the Hawaiin language. They might want to ban that altogether, what with so many 'oohs' and 'u,u,u's' (pronounced, "ooh-ooh-ooh"'s), not to mention the dreaded frequency of 'uma uma''s (pronounced, 'uhmah uhmah').

Although I don't believe there's any word for "sno" in Hawaiin. So they're safe in that area.

"All pau" in Hawaiian is Pi... (Below threshold)

"All pau" in Hawaiian is Pidgin for "all done" (used as in, "work's finished," "day's tasks are over," "everything's completed" and similar).

Pronounced, "all POW" it could just mean that there's a threat in there....

Sarcasm pau.

I want to know what the "ch... (Below threshold)

I want to know what the "choice words" were, because I suspect they were well deserved, and I'll double the kid's allowancefor the pleasure of hearing them. But let's wait for an expert on first amendment law to instruct us on what's right and what isn't.

Anybody know how to get one... (Below threshold)

Anybody know how to get one of those t-shirts?

Used to live in Snohomish (... (Below threshold)

Used to live in Snohomish (which is incidentally in Snohomish County). But I did not attend school there so I guess I never was a Snoho.

The reason the state is nam... (Below threshold)
proud to be a sno-ho:

The reason the state is named Washington is someone thought the original name of Columbia, as in Columbia river, was too likely to be confused with District of Columbia. So some other genius decided to name it Washington. Between that, Rep. McDermott, the bogus gubernatorial election, and now the SnoHo principal we've got a fine tradition of moronic public officials out here.

I see a purge of lesson pla... (Below threshold)

I see a purge of lesson planning. We'll have to leave the Hopi out of history books from now on. Any english books about the concept of hope must be taken off the reading list. The shop class will have to send out all their blades to be honed, since young and impressionable students obviously shouldn't be doing that. Oh, and chemistry students can't make a solute anymore, because if you take out the o and the e, that says slut.

At least we finally have a reason why it is inappropriate to discuss homosexuality with 5 year olds.

I think it was downright ni... (Below threshold)

I think it was downright niggardly of the administrators to do this.

What's next, banning Santa Claus??

Oh, wait.......

"Wait...male prostitutes do... (Below threshold)

"Wait...male prostitutes dont exist?"

Yes, but the correct term for them is "Gannons", not "hos".






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