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The Secret To Stress Free Blogging

Never utter the word "delink."

Until this post, in nearly two years and over 5,000 stories, the word delink has been used 3 times at Wizbang. Once in reference to the Kerry campaign delinking Daily Kos, once wondering if we should have delinked the Nick Berg video, and once in reference to a contest.

Longtime readers might wonder about that number in light of a couple cases (here and here) where I took a very public (and at the time lonely) stand stand against another blogger. Nowhere in those posts is the word "delink" mentioned. Unless your name is Glenn Reynolds the world is not preoccupied with the content of your blogroll. Some bloggers announce sites they add to their blogrolls, but very few discuss when (or why) sites are removed. Typically a public announcement of delinking generates boomerang publicity of the negative sort to the delinker, so it's best to consider that bad publicity you'll likely get is worth announcing your blogroll deletions vs. just deleting them without comment.

Lesson: Delink quietly


Michele, who I once had an allnighter with, and who will surely delink me for mentioning that fact.
Lair, who was also involved said allnighter, and will surely delink/relink/delink/relink/etc. me for mentioning that fact.
Jeff, whose life I saved when I rescued him from an angry group of mushroom-laced revelers dressed as a box of tampons at Halloween on the Boulder mall, and who will now remove me from consideration for the coveted asterisk slot at PW for mentioning that fact.

Yes, yes, yes, I know how to spell Michele's name, but there was an extra "L" in her name when this was first published. Spell check is not always your friend...


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Comments (29)

Here is my comment:<p... (Below threshold)

Here is my comment:

Anonymous said...
What a dumb move. Do you agree with your spouse 100% of the time. If not....I guess we should expect a delinking.

You have just diminished yourself, your dignitas.

"Delinking, delinking, for ... (Below threshold)

"Delinking, delinking, for fun it's a wonderful ploy,
Delinking, delinking, it's fun to amuse and annoy."

You like the pop-culture st... (Below threshold)

You like the pop-culture stuff, right, Kevin? Well this guy told me that me and my "beenie [sic] aren't true conservatives.

So stand by to cover some fun shit. Because I plan on spending the next month banging this guy like a hick bangs a retarded chicken.

Jeff - you little lying sac... (Below threshold)

Jeff - you little lying sack of yams. You are twisting my words like you are twisting..., well ok.

You play the role of the victim pretty good, for a half cocked wanna be radio host.

You must exert some confidence if you want to draw a crowd, my friendly christophobic blogger.

By the way- I think Buchana... (Below threshold)

By the way- I think Buchanan is a tool.

That was in doubt? I must ... (Below threshold)

That was in doubt? I must have missed that...

"So stand by to cover some ... (Below threshold)

"So stand by to cover some fun shit. Because I plan on spending the next month banging this guy like a hick bangs a retarded chicken."

What a fantastic visual. HP's just mad that he isn't one of God's Chosen People.

I'm pretty sure Jeff G just... (Below threshold)

I'm pretty sure Jeff G just insulted us southerners.

I may de-lick him.


Did I say de-lick? Opps! de-link. Thats what I meant...de-link.

For the less-than-positive ... (Below threshold)

For the less-than-positive tone in your mention of me, I am not just linking and delinking you, but I am creating a House BlogAd for you and then deleting it!

Good DAY, sir!


Damn that was you? I just r... (Below threshold)

Damn that was you? I just remember someone yelling out "Nardo!" at one point and I woke up with grass stains on my knees.

I think you left your boxers here.

And how come this guy keeps coming after Jeff (following him around comments and his blog) but he hasn't said a word to me? I demand to be noticed by the person who linked me when he delinked me!

"You must exert some confidence if you want to draw a crowd, my friendly christophobic blogger."

So you didn't do this out of some sense of moral obligation, but for hits and recognition? Next time, ask yourself, What Would Jesus Blog? Because it ain't that.

Good DAY sir.

Michele may not delink you,... (Below threshold)

Michele may not delink you, Kev, over divulging that all-nighter, but the extra "L" you put in her name...

Haha .. that had me laughin... (Below threshold)

Haha .. that had me laughing for 5 minutes.

"Michele may not delink you... (Below threshold)

"Michele may not delink you, Kev, over divulging that all-nighter, but the extra "L" you put in her name."

I just put a hex on his nether regions.

Put an angry cat on his net... (Below threshold)

Put an angry cat on his nether regions. More effective.

well, I am annoyed that Hun... (Below threshold)

well, I am annoyed that Hundred percenter didn't even have the courtesy to link me before jumping down my throat in a post so that he could delink me.

I make it a rule to link to... (Below threshold)

I make it a rule to link to everyone Rittenhouse Review publically announces won't be linked there, just because that sort of nonsense annoys me. There's a temptation to follow that rule here, despite the fact that I haven't said one word about the underlying subject, but I think I already link all of those people (and won't give him yet another hit to confirm it).

It was obvious enough that this whole thing was a troll just from the 'delinking' post. Good of him to confirm it here, though.

Confidential to "HundredPer... (Below threshold)

Confidential to "HundredPercenter": the International Zionist Conspiracy pays *way* better than the VRWC. You just totally blew it in ways you can't imagine.

He said "Christophobe"! He ... (Below threshold)

He said "Christophobe"! He really said it. This is beautiful.

I think I'll go back to Him We Do Not Visit one more time just to make sure that every single one of those blogs is on my sidebar. The ones I do visit are first-rate, and I'll bet the others are equally superb.

Unless your name is Glen... (Below threshold)

Unless your name is Glenn Reynolds the world is not preoccupied with the content of your blogroll.

I never got the whole Instapundit blogroll frenzy. Does anyone actually have the energy to click on those links after clicking on the other 1000 links a day?

In other news, can you all link and de-link this guy? Damned bastage stole my name.

sortapundit:Fear not... (Below threshold)

Fear not. The Blog Warriors will come to the rescue. You're one of us now.

I'm not too sure about that... (Below threshold)

I'm not too sure about that, Basil. I've been doing this for 2 years and after a week battling with your horde I could barely light a cigarette. This guy, after a week of blogging, will be reduced to a quivering mess.

Just... go easy on him.

Seems we may have a cause.<... (Below threshold)

Seems we may have a cause.

I'm a HundredPercent sure t... (Below threshold)

I'm a HundredPercent sure that Jeff's metaphor goes into my personal "things I don't want in my head" Hall of Fame. Right next to "Oliver Willis naked in a tub of Crisco."

In this alleged all-nighter, did Michele wear The Hat?

SO Kevin;I put in ... (Below threshold)

SO Kevin;

I put in a FAKE link as a JOKE and you took it down!

Did you so it because the link didn't work!?
Of course it didn't: it was fake!

But maybe you took it down because you have a sense of humor only when it's at SOMEBODY ELSE'S expense.

If that's the case, then: BAD FORM.

And then (if that was the case): I'll bet you that you take this down too!

Which would mean - you are a phony, too: sure, you won't delink - BECAUSE THAT'S BENEATH YOU! -

But you blacklist in other ways.

If that's the case, then why not change the name of Wizbang to

Just 4 phonies.

Only one way to prove what your made of: put the fake link back up.

The fake link said:
Blogoshpere Delinks to Wizbang.

It's your turn: show us who you really are.

My fingers are crossed: I'm hoping you took it down becasue the link was broken.

ANYHOW: you have a fig-leaf/lifle-line now.

Let's see if you use it

Good luck.

ALL YOUR DELINKS ARE BELONG... (Below threshold)


I like public delinking. P... (Below threshold)

I like public delinking. Public delinking is interesting.

I also thank you for that link to Hundred Percenter, who I just added to my blogroll for his/her quite interesting decision -- which I agree with, by the way.

I think what's going on amo... (Below threshold)

I think what's going on among (mostly) conservative bloggers (it's questionable, is my point, as to some and those I also delink, if link at all) (although I've never found public delinking to be a problem), is that everyone is bored.

Once that occurs, then these blog-linkage issues with the inevitable references to Glenn Reynolds (did I misspell his name? so shows my limits o' fascination if not linkage) start to reoccur. As in, when it gets to the point where bloggers start breaking and reestblishing certain affinities and boundaries, they're bored, they're "redesigning the website" and such (I note that Andrew Sullivan, not a conservative [ahem] used that same response for and due to similar circumstances).

I also find the clubbiness of certain bloggers' linkage routines just too-too. As in, if it's clubby, it suggests exclusivity and at that point, *I* get bored. Thus, no link or delinkage but, again, I've never felt compelled to keep that private, or not private, just that if it's something that affects the site, write about it. HOW you write about 'it' is the question here, is what is of interest.

I know I've recently cleaned house and my philosophy is, once a site is well known to any extent (Wizbang is excluded from this philosophy, however, due to my own sense of convenience via a blogroll or even permanent link on my sites), that they're everywhere, anywhere, on all RSS feeds and in your face so much that they're, um, in your face, then I try to move on (delink) and replace them with a lesser known but interesting blog site -- it gives newer or lesser visited sites more traffic, or if only mention, and it gets me off the clubby circuit. I've never been too clubby but mostly, I can't stand biting, spitting cat fights. Cats, O.K. to point (although not in my house) (barn's alright), but I prefer BIRDs.

Ohterwise, obviously, I mis... (Below threshold)

Ohterwise, obviously, I miss the humor here. It's one of those "you had to be there" bits. Which equals "clubbiness." Cats, clubbiness, next the fights, spitting...I can't handle it.

delinker deblogger desooner... (Below threshold)

delinker deblogger desooner debetter






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