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Theresa Marie Schiavo (1963-2005)

Terri Schiavo died this morning around 10:00am, on her 14th day without food or water.

terri_schiavo2 x400.jpg

"Eternal rest grant unto her, O Lord; and let perpetual light shine upon her. May she rest in peace. Amen."

- Eternal Rest Prayer


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Comments (77)

May she finally rest in pea... (Below threshold)

May she finally rest in peace. I'm praying for all on both sides of this issue.

God bless Terri Schiavo. ... (Below threshold)

God bless Terri Schiavo. She didn't deserve what happened to her, and her family deserved to be with her in her last hours.

God help me, I want to punch something into paste, I'm so sad and angry.

State-sanctioned Murder ... (Below threshold)
Jameel Rashid:

State-sanctioned Murder of its citizens.

What happens in 5 years when we find out that bio-technology could have saved her?

What happens when we find out that her husband had alterior motivies?

No bringing her back then.

Let the Grand Jury discover... (Below threshold)

Let the Grand Jury discovery begin.

Mike, we're coming after you.

Let the Grand Jury disco... (Below threshold)

Let the Grand Jury discovery begin.

Mike, we're coming after you.

Christ, let her rest in peace for 5 minutes before you get your goddamn lynch mob going.

"We're coming after you"

Who the f**k are you? You're not going after anything.

The poor woman has died. Just say a prayer for her today, and you can get back to your hatred and acrimony for Michael Schiavo tomorrow....

The politicans hope that we... (Below threshold)

The politicans hope that we will forget. Most of us will, but the ones whom truly believed that this was wrong will not.

I had a indifferent opinion when some would hold out Jeb Bush as a potential candidate for either '08 or'12, but Jeb's lack of action has made me put him in the same category as McCain. That category is There is no-fucking-way I'm voting for this guy, ever.

God rest her soul.... (Below threshold)

God rest her soul.

Meanwhile, a few more hundr... (Below threshold)

Meanwhile, a few more hundred innocents died in Darfur at the hands of Arab jihadis...

And now, back to wall-to-wall Terri Schiavo coverage.

Since the disabled can now ... (Below threshold)

Since the disabled can now be legally "Off'd", the next segment of the population to suffer the same fate must be the elderly, eh?

Very sad story. Her struggl... (Below threshold)

Very sad story. Her struggle to stay alive over the past two weeks has been remarkable.

...or said another way........ (Below threshold)

...or said another way..... Pre-birth abortions have been legalized, during-birth abortions have been legalized, and it now looks like after-birth abortions are now legal as well. No wonder the moonbats want to take away our guns. Heh.

What happens in 5 years ... (Below threshold)

What happens in 5 years when we find out that bio-technology could have saved her?

Wow, we're going to be able to grow brains? Cool!

What happens when we find out that her husband had alterior [sic] motivies?

Earth is here waiting for you when you want to rejoin us.

Actually she died YEARS ago... (Below threshold)

Actually she died YEARS ago...according to the State and the pro-starvation supporters.

The only thing that died today is a piece of meat....again, according to State and the pro-starvation supporters.

Wasn't Mike the person who ... (Below threshold)

Wasn't Mike the person who trained in nursing care to take care of his wife? Wasn't his care so overwhelming, the hospital staff tried to stop his treatment? During the first 13 years, she never developed a bed sore. He is not a complete angel, but he is human. She has been dead for 15 years.
So the religious right-to-lifers want to go after him. What a joke! Even though that is what she wanted, what her legal guardian wanted and what dozens of court cases let stand. The family lost in court, repeatedly. Drop the whining.
Maybe now Cartman will get his Sony PSP player...

Here's a comment from anoth... (Below threshold)

Here's a comment from another blog I thought hit the nail on the head:

"I have heard a few commentators say that at least the Terri Schaivo debacle has taught many Americans the importance of having a living will. It ought to have taught no such thing. This is not to say that having a living will is useless or ought to be rejected out of hand. It is to say that the lessons to be drawn from the Schiavo situation lead us in the other direction. Think of what is being done to Terri Schiavo in broad daylight, under the scrutiny of a multitude of cameras, against the pleas of her parents and family, with numerous protesters outside, and with no living will anywhere. If the all-important safeguards that everyone talks about were being honored in this case, Terri would still be receiving her food and water.

"So now imagine the same scenario behind closed doors, and the only thing between the patient and starvation is that piece of paper called a living will. Think about what the death-mongers are willing to do in public, and then run a thought experiment about what they would probably be willing to attempt when the public's attention is elsewhere."

from http://www.dougwils.com

Law enforcement, w... (Below threshold)

Law enforcement, working with others, amassing documentation over a 3 year period.

working together, we are going to bring this slug to justice.

Terri won't rest until that is accomplished.

I doubt this thing is over.... (Below threshold)

I doubt this thing is over. Get ready for a flurry of wrongful death lawsuits in civil court.

Christ, let her rest in ... (Below threshold)

Christ, let her rest in peace for 5 minutes before you get your goddamn lynch mob going.

I couldn't agree more. We should be showing respect for the life ended, not howling for vengeance.

Besides, the best revenge is ensuring that bad laws and runaway courts can never be used in this manner again.

OregonMuse--very sound poin... (Below threshold)

OregonMuse--very sound point. The living will was a document born out of a desire for patients who did not wish to be artificially sustained by technology. Now it's a tool to keep someone from being unduly "put down" because of the whims of agenda-driven activists, attorneys, and judges.

SPG, your short-sightedness is quite telling. If only your brand of thinking had prevailed, open heart surgery would still be a pipe-dream, because a hundred years ago, the notion of actually doing hands-on repair of the heart was just as unbelievable.

Laurence Simon--if you truly think this blog has been about "wall to wall Schiavo coverage," I sincerely hope you're not dependent upon a feeding tube.

No amount of human wrath directed towards Michael Schiavo, George Felos, or George Greer will accomplish anything for Terri. Neither can that fix the bigger problem. I sincerely hope that as the debate on this topic continues more attention will be focused on the abuses of power exercised by the judiciary, both on state and federal levels.

We've all seen today (and over the past few weeks), the current effects of the devaluation of human life that was firmly established by Roe v. Wade. We were warned. We didn't listen. It will get worse. Our generation will be reviewed in centuries to come as among the most barbaric in human history.

Thank God - may she rest fi... (Below threshold)

Thank God - may she rest finally in peace. It was 15 years in coming and would have happened if she had not been resuscited after all that time without oxygen. She is now with God and may he hold her in the palm of his hand.


All the arguments that are ... (Below threshold)

All the arguments that are going on with the families, my belief is Terri's mother is at the center of the problems. When I was 24 and my husband died, his family went through me first before any decision was made. I would have prefered that they took over but not only did they include me, they went through me before any decision was made. That's how it should be done. And I already told my family for years if they buried me, I would come back and haunt them until they dug me back up and cremated me. Cremation urns can be buried and a stone or ground plaque put on the ground so you have somewhere to go to visit. The Shiavo's should work with Terri's husband, not continue the fight.


CollegePundit (and others) ... (Below threshold)
Harold Geroge:

CollegePundit (and others) have let their anger cloud their brains. No one knew when the exact moment of death would come. Schiavo and the Schindlers were taking turns in Terri's room -- it was just as likely that one group or the other would be there when she died. (And if it had been the Schindlers instead, then CollegePundit would probably be calling Schiavo a "heartless bastard" for NOT being thre.)

I don't know that "Thank Go... (Below threshold)
Just Me:

I don't know that "Thank God" should ever be the response, when somebody passes away.

I can't even remotely find something in this to Thank God for, I just hope we learn from this, and I hope that we don't start declaring open season on the handicapped, since they often can't speak for themselves and the apparant rule of thumb now is what the non handicapped think of their quality of life.

Great, now they can fight o... (Below threshold)

Great, now they can fight over the corpse.

HEY LIBERALS: TERRI DIED; A... (Below threshold)

Maybe the liberals - (like Glenn Reynolds) - aren't HAPPY, but I bet you they are RELIEVED. And I bet they'll ALL tell you, "it's because this is what Terri wanted."

YEAH SURE: it's what Terri wanted alright - AS ARBITRARILY DETERMINED BY A JUDGE!

And judges are not infallible. Not even the SCOTUS. Remember Dred Scot. And Japanese internment during WW2. And then - as far as state courts' infallibility goes: there's Claus Von Bulow and OJ.

Judges and courts are NOT infallible and the courts were NEVER intended to above the law.

Congress has specified, enumerated Constitutional authority over the federal courts. The Congress passed a Constitional law - (UNANIMOUSLY IN THE SENATE AND BY 75% IN THE HOUSE!) - which was signed by the president. This LAW ORDERED the federal courts to do a DE NOVO. A majority of the judges refused to do their duty. NOT ALL: a few Clinton appointed justices agreed that they MUST make a de novo review. AND LET ME REMIND YOU: years later, minority opinions (dissents) often turn out to be right. But the judges FAILED TO DO THEIR DUTY IN FLAGRANT DISREGARD OF THE CONSTITUTION. This is OUTRAGEOUS. DO THEY THINK THEY ARE ABOVE THE LAW!?
The majority of judges acted very badly. AND WHAT CAN WE DO ABOUT IT?! Well, the LIBERALS will tell you the judges acted well. AND IF THEY DIDN'T, THEN WHAT!? What do we do then!? How many judges - justices of the SCOTUS get voted out of office!? NONE. Which is to say: the judiciary is not as accountable as the Congress. Which proves that the judiciary is the branch of the federal government which we must be very VERY wary of.

So... now Terri is dead; she was starved to death - SLOWLY. If you did it to your pet, you'd get arrested. OH: BUT THIS IS WHAT SHE WANTED.
ARE YOU SURE!? HEY YOU LIBERALS OUT THERE: ARE YOU SURE!? 100% SURE!? And what if you are wrong. Then what is it that you just did to her!?

Terri was helpless and voiceless - like a fetus. Terri was aborted by her husband - who was given auhority by a judge. The liberals do not care for fetuses or for voiceless, brain-damaged people. YEAH: PEOPLE!

Oh... did I hear a liberal out there say that fetuses are not people!? Then - PRAY TELL ME - what are they!? What is conceived at conception if it not a life!? What is a mother expecting if it not a baby!? And what is a person in a PVS if not a person!?

May Terri Rest in Peace.

I pray that God soothes the Schindler's grief over time, and channels their anger in ways that makes our world a better place.

And I pray that Michael Schiavo receives a just end, too - THAT GOD JUDGE HIM JUSTLY. I know God will judge perfectly and justly. Not like how Greer judged Terri; Greer: who merely PLAYED God.

I don't know that "Thank... (Below threshold)

I don't know that "Thank God" should ever be the response, when somebody passes away

Just wait until you see a close family member in late-stage Alzheimers...or cancer. You'll sing a different tune then I think.

You know, death is an end to suffering sometimes...

"Just wait until you see a ... (Below threshold)
Just Me:

"Just wait until you see a close family member in late-stage Alzheimers...or cancer. "

Well Terri Schiavo was in neither, and I don't see any reason to thank God in this case.

The Shiavo's should work... (Below threshold)

The Shiavo's should work with Terri's husband, not continue the fight.

Why should they work with him when he's not only planning to have her body cremated (something they apparently object to on religious reasons) but to have the remains buried in a Schiavo family burial plot somewhere in Pennsylvania?

Why should they attempt to work with him when from their viewpoint, he's succeeded in not only having their daughter murdered but is planning on denying them easy access to her final resting place?

This happens every hour of ... (Below threshold)

This happens every hour of every day and no one seems to notice. What do you think happens to all the terminally ill individuals when the Doctor or attending staff member pulls the plug. This whole sad story has been taken way out of proportion.
Life goes on

Look at the anger. Wow.<br ... (Below threshold)

Look at the anger. Wow.
I guess the dozens of judges, including supreme and appeal courts, looking at this case over the years were all liberal nut jobs.
FYI - it is a Christian religious belief that life starts when the sperm enters the egg, not a scientific or legal one. Do not mix your religious belief with US government law. Channel this anger into adopting an unwanted baby or volunteering at a local care center.

Funny how it took Bush a few hours to make public comments about this, when it took him over a week to say anything in public about the school shooting in Minn., where many innocent lives were lost. He also killed over a hundred people as governor of Texas because some judges and courts decided to. I guess those judges were all 100% correct and the dozens of judges in this case were all wrong.

On one hand I agree that to... (Below threshold)

On one hand I agree that today we simply need to put our politics aside and pray for Terri's family, but on the other, I DO believe that Michael is responsible for KILLING her, and needs to answer some tough questions. I'm not talking about "lynching" him, but I don't want to see him be allowed to continue dodging questions, simply because his lawyers are better than the Schindler's lawyers. But I am going to set aside politics on this issue for today, and I'll be back once I know more about where this is going.

This unfortunate case of Te... (Below threshold)

This unfortunate case of Terri Schiavo has brought forth a great deal of compassion and caring from millions of people concerned about the well-being of one individual.

Death is a natural part of life; every person and every living creature will die some day. Some die after a long, productive, and satisfying life, and others are cut short before their time.

Every day on planet earth, 29,000 children die before reaching their fifth birthday. Most of these deaths are of preventable. Pneumonia kills millions every year, yet it can be cured with a dollar’s worth of antibiotics. Diarrheal dehydration kills over a million children every year, and most of these lives could be saved if the parents had access to a ten-cent packet of oral rehydration salts and knew the procedure for administering oral rehydration therapy. Tuberculosis kills over two million a year, and is curable with a course of drugs costing just $10.

I hope that the outpouring of compassion for Terri Schiavo will be channeled, or broadcast, to the millions of children in the world living and dying in poverty, whose lives are needlessly snuffed out for want of ten cents’ worth of oral rehydration salts, a dollar’s worth of antibiotics, or a two dollar mosquito net that prevents the spread of malaria during sleep.

finally the the vegetable d... (Below threshold)

finally the the vegetable died...
christ, a piece of boiled broccolli was more interesting...oh yeah, spare me your bullshit tears kevin

Gary - Terri's condition wa... (Below threshold)

Gary - Terri's condition wasn't terminal, it was chronic. Big difference.

prowlercube - The concept of life beginning at fertilization is scientifically supported. The question is one of viability. Legally, you can be charged for the murder of an unborn baby--just ask Scott Peterson.

Anomalocaris - true, it's tragic that so many people in the world live in poverty, and your intentions may be among those counted noblest among men. I fear, though, that your comments will be construed as glossing over the tragedy of our own government mandating the starvation of an invalid as you direct people to consider the inhumanity of an unrelated situation. Surely you don't propose that human compassion towards Terri was misguided, and you're hoping that now that everyone's worked up that they'll turn their attention to things that "really" matter. Again, I don't think that's what you're saying, but be careful about offering this type of grandiose diversion away from the topic at hand. You may come across as an agenda-driven imbecile.

and to Mike - I'd like to think that you would regret a statement like that if someone close to you were incapacitated. That, however, would be indicating that you are anything more than a pile of infectious fecal matter with a mouth. Now run along and take an intracranial lead injection and stop wasting perfectly good air to sustain your worthless carcass.

Terri's suffering has come ... (Below threshold)

Terri's suffering has come to an end. May her parents find peace, and may her killers be punished, and thereby reduce their temptation to try this death-by-dehydration thing on somebody else.

A small correction: Those "dozens of judges" never had a fresh look at the facts of the case. Greer was the ONLY judge who had any sort of finding of fact; other judges only examined whether procedure was followed in Greer's courtroom. And because there was apparently relevant information that might have changed the outcome IF Greer had allowed it to be entered into evidence, a lot of us are less than convinced by the "more due process than anyone else in American history" line.

The concept of life begi... (Below threshold)

The concept of life beginning at fertilization is scientifically supported.

Well, technically, life exists before fertilization as both sperm and ovum are quite alive. The argument is over when does an embryo/fetus become a human being (and thus is entitled to rights).

But that's a different debate for a different day.

For the record, given what I know, I was on the side of Michael Schiavo in this matter (and soon after will be going out with my fellow Nazi friends to smother little babies - wouldn't want to disappoint the loonies!).

That said, Mike - one so brave as to be anonymous - don't be a dick. Dick.

'He also killed over a hund... (Below threshold)
Jack Tanner:

'He also killed over a hundred people as governor of Texas because some judges and courts decided to. '

Bush didn't kill anyone you fucking moron.

Anyone else listening to Fe... (Below threshold)

Anyone else listening to Felos's news conference? There's something wrong with him. Why won't he stop talking?

"Fucking moron"? Angry beca... (Below threshold)

"Fucking moron"? Angry because I am correct? I actually support the death penalty. Check out the enclosed link.

If you can blame a judge or Michael for killing a human because they did not stop the removal of a tube, how is that different from a governor not changing a death penalty case to life in prison? Is that still killing a human? Can public officials or judges be charged with murder if an innocent death row inmate dies? Since we are not 100% sure Terry wanted this, can you be 100% sure on the guilt of everyone on death row? That is why we have a legal system.

I think Scott Peterson was charged for the "unborn" baby because there was a second body. I do not know where the law draws the line on unborn children - I think if it can survive outside the mother, it is considered a life. The mass of cells growing after the sperm enters the egg is not. My point is that there is a difference between some religion's beliefs and legal definitions on life.

I have to agree, even those... (Below threshold)
Just Me:

I have to agree, even those who wanted Terri to die have to admit that man is creepy.

Also, I find it weird that her brother wasn't allowed to stay with her, but she got to have Felos at her bedside.

"'He also killed over a hun... (Below threshold)
Just Me:

"'He also killed over a hundred people as governor of Texas because some judges and courts decided to. '"

Oh and I meant to say that everyone of those guys had an attorney appointed for them, and had access to the Federal courts for purposes of due proccess.

RE: mrs. bickerson's post (... (Below threshold)

RE: mrs. bickerson's post (March 31, 2005 02:59 PM)
Anyone else listening to Felos's news conference? There's something wrong with him. Why won't he stop talking?

I've caught most of it, but I'm a bit puzzled by your question. What should he do at a news conference, particularly given that he has remained relatively and purposefully mute (by his own admission) these past few days? The reporters are there to record his position and to follow up either at this session or at another time with other people to prepare a full story.

If you are still watching, the assembled press is asking questions now and he is responding. Hopefully they'll ask the questions that you want answered.

Hm... I really took no posi... (Below threshold)

Hm... I really took no position on the whole Terri Schiavo thing...

But I have to say, count me amongst the people who think that advances in science should lead toward preserving life, not determining when to terminate it.

Just meIt wasn't j... (Below threshold)

Just me

It wasn't just Terri's brother that got tossed out of her room, but her parents too

Terri died with no one from her birth family around her ... a final cruelty towards her from Michael

Now it looks like he will inflict further cruelty on her birth family by doing everything possible to keep his claim on Terri as a piece of property.

Because, that's what the law allowed...Terri = non-person, just a lump of property that belonged to Michael.

Notice the deafening silence from so-called Women's Rights groups.

Today, Terri was killed. B... (Below threshold)
Carol Herman:

Today, Terri was killed. By beasts.

But it isn't the first day since Americans found out that a BLIND JUDGE, who never saw the evidence, still ordered his courtroom compatriot, felos, to aid a husband who didn't deserve such a decent wife, who had such a decent family, to be in his life.

It's severed from him forever. By judicial killing.

Some day he will face internity. And, there the beasts will be damned.

My prayers are with the Shindler's. They showed us all the true meaning of parenting. And, to our Great President! Who shouldered the first burden, as he tried to undo the legal harm.

Michael? Good luck. May God visit on you the same curses he has visited up the Kennedy's. Seems you've got to work hard to earn those curses, ya know?

And, it's not in my hands. Never was.

But you, dear, Michael, just participated in shredding all the decency God entrusted into your hands. You took those vows in a Catholic Church? I don't think a priest helped you undo them.

And, why should anyone care what God puts in store?

HIS world. HIS business. We're all merely passengers, here.

Observe. Learn. Bad things happen to good people, after all.

nice tribute at evangelical... (Below threshold)

nice tribute at evangelicalunderground.com

So nice to know that you ar... (Below threshold)

So nice to know that you are capable of speaking for God, Carol. Sentiments like your's create a caricature of the pro-life movement that it is full of kooks. It isn't. I fear that the Schiavo case has done great damage to the life movement because this caricature will change minds against us.

To deny a mother, who broug... (Below threshold)

To deny a mother, who brought her child into the world, the opportunity to kiss her good-bye as she leaves is positively despicable.

The ghoulish lawyer can try to spin it however he likes.

Michael has shown his true colors. What he doesn't understand is the karmic debt he has just brought on himself.

God Bless Terri. She was a good soul who did nothing wrong.

Today Terri saw the face of... (Below threshold)

Today Terri saw the face of God.

God rest her soul.

Terri died with no one f... (Below threshold)

Terri died with no one from her birth family around her ...

Not that she would've noticed it anyway. She's been gone for a long time now.

Can you all just stop it please. All your "grief" is starting to ring very hollow.

None of you knew her. None of you lover her. None of you cared about her (on EITHER side)

All she was to all of you was a convenient excuse to argue 1 political point or another. To rehash your pro/anti abortion arguments, to yell about judicial tyranny or abuse of congressional powers, to clash over religion or secularism.

You all watched this sordid drama play out over your computers, while the family and husband fought it out in court. You all watched the circus on cable tv, you all talked about it over the dinner table and at the water coolers while Terri's feeding tube was disconnected.

You've quoted scriptres, called names, argued minutae and generally argued your positions passionately, but ignorantly. There's so much muddled crap about this case floating around, nobody can give the real facts at this point. This one said, that one said, blah blah blah.

Do shut up already.

She's dead, and the talking keeps going.

Am I the only one sickened by everything that's gone on here? Sickened by the husband, who- at the very least, acted in a very callous way towards the Schlinders. Sickened by the Schlinders- who came off to me as deserving of pity because they were sadly deluded about their daughter's state. Sickened by the company the Schlindlers kept, the Randall Terrys of the world. Sickened by the opportunistic vulturing of Jesse Jackson, swooping down to get in front of TV cameras. Sickened by the hyper Sean Hannitys of the world who couldn't run fast enough to kiss Jesse Jacksons butt? Sickened by the ghoulish leftists who callously refered to Terri as a seedpod, plant and worse? Sickened by the media, by talk radio, and by the vitrolic callers who couldn't get enough of calling Michael Schiavo everything from abuser to pedophile to murderer, irrespective of the facts of the case? Sickened by the lawyers on both sides, and by the conduct of the judges, and sickened by the disgusting pandering our congress and president engaged in. And even more sickened by the Democrats, who talked about Terri's right to die, and then voted with the Republicans to pass the bill. At least the GOP stood for something, even if I disagreed with it, a stand is always worthy of respect, cynical votemongering over a dying girl is just a disgrace. Sickened by the behavior of our country during this situation- and sickened by myself for being drawn into it at times despite my better judgement. Sickened because this girl is tragically gone, and the lawsuits are still flying even before she gets into the ground. Sickened because at the end of the day, so much ink has been spilled over this, so many words written, so many slogans chanted- and it will all mean nothing, becaue Michael Jackson is on trial and we'll be switching to that, won't we? We'll be debating the next thing and the next thing and the next thing, and Terri will be in the ground. All this sound and fury, signfies nothing in the end, doesn't it?

That's my final word on this matter. Thank you.

God... I didn't even finish... (Below threshold)

God... I didn't even finish reading the above post. blah blah blah Why don't YOU shut up already. If you aren't interested in talking about it then click off.

God help the person who is stuck living with you.

Michael Schiavo continued b... (Below threshold)

Michael Schiavo continued being a self centered creep up till the end... How appropriate!

Shark, if you are tired of ... (Below threshold)
that's mom to you:

Shark, if you are tired of the whole Terri business, then turn off your computer, stop posting your cynical rantings all over the blogosphere, and go DO something real to bring the world into conformity with your values.

I am sure it's a big surprise and incomprehensible to you, but most of us DID in fact love Terri, even without knowing her, because she was a human being. Not because she was smart, or pretty, or had snappy responses. No, just because she was human, and we love our species in no matter how obtuse, admirable, selfish, self-sacrificing, vile, humble, clueless, angelic, or DAMAGED we may be.

Most of us don't believe that accidents of fate or nature can render someone "not-human". You obviously believe that humanity must be earned and can be rescinded. I pity your useless cynicism; and I fear for you if you ever become a nuisance or a bore to those who believe as you do and who have power over you.

People around the world have had their hearts and minds captured by Terri's case because it touches the deepest longings, conflicts and fears within us. So much progress, love and understanding has come from the discussions and heart-searching Terri inspired. I doubt anything about you will ever provoke even a tiny fraction of this much good. Are you just jealous that no one is looking to YOU for inspiration, love or wisdom?

We are more tired of you than you ever could be of Terri. If you don't want to talk about it or hear about it, then just don't. Turn off all your communications devices and live your own life in peace. The rest of us will miss only your lost potential, and with only small regret allow ourselves to forget you.

Terri, however, will be in our hearts for a long, long time. May she dance forever in the sunshire of God's love.

Michael Schiavo insisting o... (Below threshold)

Michael Schiavo insisting on having Terri Schiavo's body buried in "his plot" in Pennsylvania (I think I read that he even wants "her" right there "next to" him in the ground) reads to me like a murderer insisting on keeping his prize. Many of them do, you know, they really, really need to keep trophies from their "work."

Ohterwise, makes no sense. I mean, what about his common law wife? At his feet? Oh, on the OTHER side...

The man is one very, very sick human being.

"Fucking moron"? Angry b... (Below threshold)

"Fucking moron"? Angry because I am correct? I actually support the death penalty.

You're anything but correct. And I doubt that you actually support the death penalty.

Check out the enclosed link.

There is no link. Proof positive you are a fucking moron.

From your prior post: [Bush] also killed over a hundred people as governor of Texas because some judges and courts decided to.

A governor can only exercise the powers granted to him under the state constitution and laws. The governor of Texas has a very limited role in capital punishment. If, and only if, the Board of Clemency refers a case to him, does the governor in Texas have the power to grant clemency. This requires the Board to hold a hearing and after a majority vote, make a recommendation of commutation.

This only happened ONCE. And the ONE time it happened, Bush GRANTED clemency. So, CAN WE PUT THIS BULLSHIT LIE TO REST ALREADY? Thank you.

Since we are not 100% sure Terry wanted this, can you be 100% sure on the guilt of everyone on death row? That is why we have a legal system.

But here there was a highly unequal legal system:

Schiavo: one fact finder, lowest burden of proof under the law, limited appellate review.

PsychoRapistBabyMurderer: 12 unanimous fact finders, highest burden of proof, extensive appellate review.

See the difference?

I think Scott Peterson was charged for the "unborn" baby because there was a second body.

No, Peterson was charged with killing a fetus. Note: the law did not say human being but fetus and contains exceptions for abortion or a death induced by the mother.

Oh, and you are a fucking moron.

A person calling into FOX e... (Below threshold)

A person calling into FOX early this morning, just after they announced Terri Schiavo's passing (someone credible, but I was barely awake and don't recall his name, just that I do clearly recall his statement made)...(anyway), caller-into-FOX said that, to caution others about just how outrageous this death of Terri Schiavo is, that Hitler and his plans/followers first set about putting to death the disabled, handicapped (all categories, types), affirmed, the elderly and inconvenient...and that there were millions who were killed by him and his PRIOR TO then moving onto the Jews afterward and taking millions of their lives.

So, society remembers and remembers well and has dealt greatly with that loss of millions of Jews at the hands of Hitler and his followers, and yet, what about all those millions they murdered before that? All those people killed simply because they were, to Hitler and his politics, to sum it all up, expensive, inconvenient and undesirable. Deemed not worthy and not living already so do away with them and the like, subhuman, all that.

What's taken place where Terri Schiavo is concerned is the same thing. You get one person who arrives at some "she's dead" conclusion and "she wants to die" by a creepy smart guy with a legal degree and then no one intervenes afterward and look what took place.

All that based upon heresay. Hitler didn't have much other than that to rely on, either.

And, the entire argument on... (Below threshold)

And, the entire argument on Terri Schiavo's behalf has always been and should remain that it has not been "proven" that Terri Schiavo "wanted to die" (the only indication about that is a conclusion Michael Schiavo produced several years after her demise based upon something he insists she said during watching some filmed media, after a financial award for Terri Schiavo's rehabilitative care was awarded, but after many years of Michael Schiavo insisting, and consistently, that he "didn't know" what Terri Schiavo "wanted or would have wanted" in her then-current circumstances).

All that took place is by default, society, so to speak, through ONE JUDGE, determined that Terri Schiavo's "wishes" were "to die" because the laws allowed her husband to act on her behalf without a written record of what her intentions were. So, Michael Shiavo produces this heresay years later (how convenient) and the prior years of not knowing what his wife's wishes were or were not are not even considered by that judge and presto, it goes on record based upon that one decision that "Terri Schiavo wanted to die."

And then the entire legal system failed Terri Schiavo from that point forward, just failed her completely and opted instaed to protect and defend and enforce the "husband's" will and determination.

I don't dispute a spouse's right to speak and act on behalf of their mate, but not as some carte blanche, unreasonable rule as in M.S.'s case, whereby all other circumstances and suggestions and even testimony was discounted just because there was that one initial interpretation that no record by Terri meant that that meant she had to die (recap there).

About her medical status, the PVS status is also debated by many physicians so there's room to consider that that may not have been her circumstance, however gravely disabled she was. A grave disability does not mean, concurrently and therefore, that someone has to die, wants to die, should die, ought to die, that putting a person to death becuase of a grave disability is in order -- legally, ethically, religiously, morally, all of it.

A lot of people project their tolerance and intolerance levels onto Terri Schiavo's experience (and others with grave disabilities) and conclude that no one "like that" "would want to live" and such, but, unless theres' directive that they DON"T want to remain alive, I can't see the automatic conclusion that they be put to death by default.

Which is where we are today as a society, at least in Florida. No proof, nothing, just a guy with a common law wife and an aggressive attorney who is all to fascinated with the right-to-die movement who is also involved in a hospice organization that is shared with the judge making nearly all significant rulings affecting Terri Schiavo and you get a dead woman by the hand of others.

Not like an autopsy can make her alive again.

The counter arguments on behalf of Terri Schiavo's life far outweigh the significance of Michael Schiavo-the-dubious-spouse's comments and needs. There was never any harm in simply allowing someone else to care for Terri and letting Michael Schiavo carry on with his life with his common law wife. I mean, not the actions of a man in love with his wife.

mrs. bickerson:Fel... (Below threshold)

mrs. bickerson:

Felos continues to harp on on any media who will film him and reprint his statements because he's getting paid to work the media. He gets paid and paid reasonably good fees to interact with the media...thus, he interacts with the media.

Yes, I agree with you that George Felos is a questionable person. The good that comes from all his many media appearances is that there's a lot of filmed/recorded appearances by the guy for future purposes (also a large inducement, I am sure, as to why he's devoted so much time to the media).

Unfortunately, Felos hasn't been charged of any crimes (to my knowledge -- not like I've looked into this, however) and whatever his medical records are as to his mental/emotional health are probably not going to be accessible.

I find it more than interesting, however, that many people are uncomfortable with the personality of George Felos. Can't decide quite why, just that there's a hunch, a feeling, something that makes you want to disconnect, turn him off, run away...I think this is one of those situations where someone's well hidden and it's up to other intelligent, well intended persons to find out what that uncomfortable thing is because otherwise, Felos and people like him will continue to exploit and use the legislature to the fullest extent of their wants possible and that is that people have to die, to live is to die, death, death...

Julie and -s-, like two nut... (Below threshold)

Julie and -s-, like two nuts in a shell.

frameone - a man with no nu... (Below threshold)

frameone - a man with no nuts.

RE: -S-'s post (March 31, 2... (Below threshold)

RE: -S-'s post (March 31, 2005 07:47 PM)

Let me get this straight.


What's taken place where Terri Schiavo is concerned is the same thing.

is equivalent to:

So, society remembers and remembers well and has dealt greatly with that loss of millions of Jews at the hands of Hitler and his followers, and yet, what about all those millions they murdered before that? All those people killed simply because they were, to Hitler and his politics, to sum it all up, expensive, inconvenient and undesirable. Deemed not worthy and not living already so do away with them and the like, subhuman, all that.

OK, I'll call it though technically this is a violation.

Godwin. Move along, folks. Nothing to see here.

Frameone: Someone now can m... (Below threshold)

Frameone: Someone now can make the case that we wouldn't want to live as brain damaged as you appear to be here, and so we should lock you in a room and withold your feedings. No hope of appeal. Gives you a whole new slant on it doesn't it??
Next time. Try to say something more useful ( hard I know..but try) than your last posting.

Whether or not Terri made t... (Below threshold)

Whether or not Terri made the alleged statement to Michael about not wanting to "live like that," there's another question I haven't seen answered. None of us would choose to live like that, and yet if there were no alternative, how many would change their minds and grasp at life, no matter what? I asked that question of many, many people over the last several months and not one of them could say for sure they'd want to die..several who had said they'd not want to be kept alive actually saw my point and agreed.

That judge didn't even bother going to see Terri himself. How dare he make a judgement call like this!

frameone: like sticky to 4... (Below threshold)

frameone: like sticky to 409.

If the best you can do, fra... (Below threshold)

If the best you can do, frameone, is write about nuts, me and Julie, I'll take those comparisons. At least Julie makes great contributions. And, I sure do love my Macademias. Have you priced a grove of the trees lately? Not to mention the nuts. Yummm, nuts.

The exciting realm of the flyby nonsense is yours. I know zapping in insect persistence random User I.D.'s on the internet is hard work, sticky sweetly smack and all, so, all that nonsense, whew, such hard work! You're doing a great job with it!

Anonymous Drivel: if you c... (Below threshold)

Anonymous Drivel: if you can't -- and you can't, by your own omission, this thread (and previous) -- comprehend what one individual's experience of such public proportions has to do with the possibilities of others, then please just give up writing nonsense and your ongoing nonsensical oh-the-quandray-with-flowery-emotionally-laden-terms-and-references-of-the-personally-derisive-and-quite-petty kind about people you don't and won't know (me, for one, in this case).

IF you just cannot handle or tolerate issues and process information, nay even understand it, then you -- and a few others here, and most people/readers/commentors know who they are -- need to move along. Not everyone else, but you. YOU need to move along. Unfortunately, egoists and narcissists (frequently mutually affecting problems to the same individuals) never do. I bet it never occured to you that you just admitted you offer limited understanding about the societal ramifications of a disabled person under quite questionable circumstances (long since enumerated and discussed but you seem to have missed that, too) to other humans.


I laugh each and every time you darken the issues with nothing much to offer other than to advise others to stop trying.

Terri Schiavo has passed aw... (Below threshold)

Terri Schiavo has passed away and the best Anonymous Drivel can do is focus on his/her/it's own navel. Not even Terri Schiavo's navel, but his/her/it's OWN navel. Michael Schiavo and his brother on national television today, along with George Felos, are doing exactly the same thing: it's all about them, their suffering, how bad things are...for them. Speaks volumes about them, not about Terri, may she rest in peace and I know that she is.

I've spent much of t... (Below threshold)

I've spent much of today crying. But probably not for reasons that would be apparent to most of the people who have posted on this topic in the last two weeks.

As I wrote in another thread, last year I lived through the horror of saying that my father had told me that he didn't want to be kept alive on machines. He hadn't told that to my mother or any of my four siblings, so I was the all of a sudden the orator of my father's wishes. Of course, in this instance, my family knew I wouldn't lie about such a thing and that the decision wasn't really a difficult one after watching what was happening to him.

Even then, it was the loneliest, most horrible time in my life. There was no one to confirm what I knew was true. What if it was just something he thought that day we discussed it and then changed his mind. He couldn't tell me, and he never finished filling out the forms that would have spelled it all out. I struggled for six months to even be able to smile, or get through a day sober. I would wish that feeling on no one.

So, watching Michael Schiavo be skewered and threatened daily for doing what he knew in his heart was what his wife wanted him to do, brought up feelings almost as intense as that day last April. Let me just assure you that no one would willingly put himself through what Michael Schiavo has gone through to, oh let's use the words of the whacko extremists, "MURDER TERRI SHIAVO" when he had the option of handing her over to her parents and then divorcing her, privately, with no television cameras or reporters breathing down his neck every day. As everyone has been so quick to point out, the money is gone. Probably has been for a couple of years. He could have just walked away. So there is no way he would have done this, unless, and this is just a crazy thought that I'm sure no anti-abortion, pro-life christian republican can relate to, he loved his wife so much that he would let his entire life be displayed and scrutinized by the entire world in order to do what she had told him to do for her.

When I read that lame-ass post saying that "we're coming after you," I cried. Let this man grieve his loss. If you freaks are so goddamned intent on lynching someone, why are O.J. Simpson and Robert Blake walking the streets? There is far more evidence to suggest that they actually murdered their wives and then somehow got away with it. All of these vigilante remarks are not only inappropriate, they reveal the writer as a fraud. There are so many horrible crimes committed in this country every day that you don't lift a finger to stop, yet you'll plot revenge against a man you've never met over something so personal and private that you have no business even knowing about.

I miss my father today. He was a devout bible-reading Christian (this time with a capital C because he actually lived his life in a Christian manner) who would have sat on his back porch with me and talked rationally about this subject. And even if we disagreed, we would have understood and respected each other's views.

But all there is today is invective and ranting. Turn your rage inward and fix your own lives. This man lost his wife 15 years ago, lost his privacy, almost lost his right to carry out his wife's wishes, and now people want to steal his right to grieve. To that I say, go fuck yourselves.

"Try to say something more ... (Below threshold)

"Try to say something more useful"

That's too much. I challenge you to cite one useful thing Julie or -S- has said in this thread. Better yet, tell me one thing you've said that's been "useful."

"CollegePundit (and others)... (Below threshold)

"CollegePundit (and others) have let their anger cloud their brains. No one knew when the exact moment of death would come. Schiavo and the Schindlers were taking turns in Terri's room -- it was just as likely that one group or the other would be there when she died. (And if it had been the Schindlers instead, then CollegePundit would probably be calling Schiavo a "heartless bastard" for NOT being thre.)" - Harold George

Naturally, you have sources to prove they were taking turns, right? Because, from what I'm told and what I've read, they were barred from the room before for various and sundry reasons, and today when Bobby Schindler became (rightfully) angry that his sister was about to die of starvation, and was taking it out (not-so-rightfully) on a cop. So, I wouldn't be entirely surprised if their visitation was restricted AGAIN. They were waiting at a thrift store, man. The fact of the matter is is that Bob and Mary Schindler are Terri's parents, and they most of all deserve to be in that room with her whenever they could, at all times if they wished. They fought exceptionally hard to keep her alive, the least that should be done is give them a measure of respect and let them be with their daughter when they want to be. Terri was not some sort of exhibit - open for viewing for a limited time by a limited audience - she was a human being with family that wanted to be there. It's called "courtesy", not a game of "Michael May I?" I somehow doubt that they would wilfully leave when they know that this was, quite possibly, her last few hours on the planet. And, look how it turned out - it was.

Short end of the stick is, I am of the opinion Michael Schiavo IS a heartless bastard, whether he was in that room or not. THAT much is not going to change. I don't buy a word he, or his loudmouth lawyer Felos, are saying. Particularly and especially a smarmy man like Felos, who can somehow pull of the quantum leap of logic that starving to death is dying in a dignified manner. It's sure as hell not the way I intend to go out dignified.

Michael got (what he thinks) he wanted, let her parents decide how they want to remember Terri and move on in their life. It is really that simple, and it would be a nice, token gesture to do so.

I also take offense to the fact that you go ahead and snipe me on this blog (by citing my "clouded mind" about this subject, which I am inferring you mean my own blog posts and not just the relatively few comments here on Wizbang), especially when I have my own open commenting system on my blog itself for you to comment in. Or is it the fact you have an audience?

My entire original comment in this thread was hoping God would take Terri into his hands, and my frustration that she had to die the way she did. My entire frustration with this case deals with the insanity that surrounds her cause of death - starvation. We don't do that for anyone else, why in the world should she be different? Especially since the decision rode largely on a conversation she had with her husband and his brother during a television program. If that's letting my mind being clouded, then damn, guilty as charged.

My frustration also involves how this case was handled - Judge Greer should have recused himself for his connections to Terri's Hospice, Felos should have followed suit, the Schindlers should have taken up the whole "clear and convincing evidence" cause in the federal courts a lot sooner, and the results may have been different. In the end, it boiled down to one party wanting to try every possible means they had available to them to improve their daughter's condition, and a man who is on record as barely tolerating a woman who was dead to him fifteen years ago, and he won.

Pardon me for being a little bit pissed that I feel it wasn't fair to starve someone when there were other viable options. I guess we all can't be so wildly dispassionate about everything.

frameone: you really do ap... (Below threshold)

frameone: you really do appear to be suffering from depression, in all seriousness. You display a routinely flat and antagonistic tone and attitude to and about both specific and impersonal individuals (what is the provocation, I'd like to know) and you discourage any empathy to and about nearly anyone, everyone.

However, you attempting, as does "AnonymousDrivel" and the a few earlier I.D.'s, Wizbang comments, to target a few of us here is unnaturally concerning...not about those you target (as same applies to "A.D."'s same behavior) but that you seem motivated to target, that you even waste time to that effort (targeting others, without specific cause or purpose, just that it appears you are generating some sort of personal reward by the acts of detraction alone).

The thread is about Terri Schiavo in memorial. It's not about you, it's not about "julie" or me, for that matter, it's not about Michael Schiavo, it's about Terri Schiavo. Terri Schiavo has lost her life due to deprivation, intentionally, by others. She's the one who suffered and who has died. Unfortunatley, like Michael Schiavo, the story, the issue, seems to be forcefully positioned to be all about Michael Schiavo, all about frameone, all about Anonymous Drivel.

It's not about any of you, but about a woman who has died. Write in honor of her life, or perhaps consider writing elsewhere to dishonor yourself, or anyone else. About me as your perceived target, you're the only person who can explain what that's about but you do still have my prayers.

CollegePundit...I agree wit... (Below threshold)

CollegePundit...I agree with you.

Rest in peace, Terri Schiavo. For Michael Schiavo, he still has a tough road to how, not that he hasn't set about creating that road and the tough issues ahead by his own determination.

Yes RIP. Now can we worry ... (Below threshold)

Yes RIP. Now can we worry about the 49,000 abortions that occurred during the 14 days that Terry Schiavo commanded all of the political capital of the pro-loife movement?

RE: -S-'s posts (March 31, ... (Below threshold)

RE: -S-'s posts (March 31, 2005 11:49 PM and March 31, 2005 07:47 PM)

I admit it. I have a hard time equating the 15 year legal and ethical saga of one American who finally had her last wishes fulfilled to the millions of people, "subhuman" or otherwise, killed by Hitler who did not have their last wishes fulfilled. But by all means, run that standard up the ash heap of humanity. I suspect you'll have some followers with the same perception of relativity and proportionate hyperbole.

Sorry I keep introducing new sounds into your echo chamber, but not everyone shares your opinion or the reflected waves. Hearing it twice doesn't improve the message. Also, when you have to resort to ad hominem debate, however applicable you think it is, your scorecard gets a debit. I'll mark the tally sheet and adjust the bullhorn - it'll be uproarious.

Here you go "julie":<... (Below threshold)
Wow, thank you for providin... (Below threshold)

Wow, thank you for providing a link that I never requested to more BULLSHIT LIES! Can you read critically? Or do you just accept what ever you read as truth? Did you bother to check to see if what Alter wrote was true? Or did you just accept it as gospel because it was in the msm? Whether reasonable doubt was raised in a few cases is Alter's opinion and anti-death penalty proponents *opinion. * For some reason people think that the mere allegation of contradictory evidence equals reasonable doubt. It does not. Note how he does not give the names of the cases he says where reasonable doubt existed. If he did, one could easily look up the court opinions and see the overwhelming amount of evidence against the condemned. You could find the HC of the defendant and see how lame their so called proof of reasonable doubt is. And you do realize that they are not referring to clemency hearings, right? No? Maybe, because they are intentionally misleading you. Bush only had the power to grant clemency in one case and he did.

Instead of taking your opinions from moonbats, why don't you go directly to the sources: Board of Parole and Pardons, the Texas Const., the Texas Admin. Code, and TCADP. Knock yourself out.

She died a long time ago.</... (Below threshold)

She died a long time ago.

Her brain was down to 5% liquid. Bush lost.






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