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Pope John Paul II's Condition Worsens

MSNBC has a Vatican Watch page. Here's the latest:


The Vatican denies reports that Pope John Paul II has died.

As Vatican watchers will tell you there is a protocol for announcing (or rather signaling) the death of a pope. It doesn't involve The Drudge Report or the Kentucky Lake Times...

Update: PunditGuy is on Pope Watch.


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Comments (5)

Anyone who's seen EuroTrip ... (Below threshold)

Anyone who's seen EuroTrip is aware of the Vatican's protocol for announcing the death of a pope.

Reporters can't break the c... (Below threshold)

Reporters can't break the competitive habit to try to be first with the news, even expected news. Given his condition, if they gone on reporting rumors of his death they'll be correct shortly.

This time, it was Fox News ... (Below threshold)

This time, it was Fox News with egg on it's face prematurely reporting the death!

CNN was more cautious, and MSNBC wisely held back, as Italian news sources got the story wrong.

I was wondering whyere Araf... (Below threshold)

I was wondering whyere Arafat's spokesmen wound up after Old Napkinhead croaked. They're working for the OTHER Observer State now.

This is good -><a ... (Below threshold)

This is good ->








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