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Shell shock


I have to admit I thought Paul was going a bit overboard on this whole evolution thing, but I never thought it would go this far. Even after I got a couple e-mails asking if I thought Paul was just trolling, I figured it would soon grow old and fade. After all, Kevin's never told me what to write or not to write (excluding the Republican National Convention live-blogging), but I guess he has his limits. After all, it's his name on the blog.

But his dumping of Paul... that's got me a bit rattled.

I guess he means it, too. Paul's name is gone from the credit box, and Paul's "private" Wizbang e-mail address bounces now. I guess Kevin will let Paul keep the "[email protected]" for a little while to wrap up any of his business.

I think what has me the most thrown is that Kevin didn't notify me before he made it public. I've always felt a little bit of a third wheel in the behind-the-scenes stuff, getting the impression that they were forming a senior partner - junior partner kind of relationship, leaving me the "associate" role, and I found that kind of comfortable -- just about the right balance of authority and responsibility, coupled with freedom and deniability. But with Paul's absence, I find myself promoted to "senior associate," with the concomitant responsibilities and obligations that come with it.

And the lack of any real relationship with Kevin beyond an occasional e-mail or comment on each other's threads also has been a bit uncomfortable. I've often remarked/joked about the RNC thing, but it did bother me at the time. He volunteered my specific services to the entire nation (through the Wall Street Journal) before once broaching the subject with me. It worked out all right, but I didn't like being taken for granted like that.

And now Paul is gone... for good or ill, it's still a major change. Wizbang will not be the same, and I don't know if it's going to remain a good forum for me.

Perhaps when Kevin hosts his auditions next week, he might find enough willing contributors to fill two vacancies.

As I've mentioned before, I'm going on vacation tomorrow -- I've got to catch an early flight. I have a couple other pieces "in the can" that I've set to publish themselves later today -- I'd been working on them since before this all broke -- but I think I might take a little hiatus of my own while I'm away.

I should be back posting something by Wednesday, but in the meantime, I've got some heavy thinking to do. I've come to enjoy blogging -- hell, it's probably the most exciting part of my life -- but I think it's time to look at moving on. I've been encouraged to start my own blog, but I don't really think I'm ready for that. Anyone know of any group blogs with openings, or of a solo blogger looking for a "guest," please mention them in the comments.

I gotta go start packing for the trip. And maybe a walk to clear my head.



[Important Note: This post was part of the Wizbang April Fools]


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Comments (23)

Just wondering if all this ... (Below threshold)

Just wondering if all this is a big April Fool's joke. If so, good one.

If not, it's good drama, at least.

Traditionally you can't do ... (Below threshold)

Traditionally you can't do an April Fools joke after midday April 1st.

If this does turn out to be a joke, I'm gonna claim I knew all about it and was just playing along.

If it isn't, I'd like to volunteer the use of Sortapundit to Jay Tea. I've been looking for a co-blogger for a while, and I just wrote not 5 minutes ago that he was the genius of the operation.

Yeah, it's dirty gyp. I ha... (Below threshold)

Yeah, it's dirty gyp. I hate April Fools Day.

Unless its a joke, I think ... (Below threshold)

Unless its a joke, I think I hear the Saxons at the gate...

I think of it as the websit... (Below threshold)

I think of it as the website evolving.

Yeah, I'm smelling joke her... (Below threshold)

Yeah, I'm smelling joke here. Kevin's firing of Paul was 100% believable, but Jay's post here sounds a little off.

But just in case, I've got a spot at Conservative Friends that's just waiting for a celebrity blogger. And whatever Sortapundit offers you, I'll sweeten the deal, just let me know.

I'm not so sure. As April ... (Below threshold)

I'm not so sure. As April Fools jokes go this is pretty risky. The comments I've seen applauding Kevin's action have been pretty harsh on Paul, and my own post kicked him while he's down. If we wake up in the morning to find it was a joke I expect an awful lot of feet shuffling and awkward apologies.

And Drew, I'm offering panc... (Below threshold)

And Drew, I'm offering pancakes and a set in stone promise not to fire him (even if he sleeps with my sister).

You are welcome to guest po... (Below threshold)

You are welcome to guest post at our blog any time.

RE: Laurence Simon's post (... (Below threshold)

RE: Laurence Simon's post (April 1, 2005 04:03 PM)
I think of it as the website evolving.


I see your pancakes and rai... (Below threshold)

I see your pancakes and raise you waffles! With a side of bacon!

Hell, I'd give him the sp... (Below threshold)

Hell, I'd give him the space- he argues the whole evolution schtick better than I could (or, at least, makes it interesting). Only problem is, he'd have ALL of my traffic to deal with. All twelve of them.

He might not like that size of an audience, I think.

*I really should get a sitemeter*

Maybe it's a joke with a re... (Below threshold)

Maybe it's a joke with a real basis. Lot's of behind he scenes stuff going on and a lot of hurt feelings.

Oh, and Jay, keep up those rule of law posts and I guarantee you, you will be next. I've already emailed Kevin about you.

Oh, and Jay, keep up tho... (Below threshold)

Oh, and Jay, keep up those rule of law posts and I guarantee you, you will be next. I've already emailed Kevin about you.


You too Jay Tea?Th... (Below threshold)

You too Jay Tea?

This has to be a joke. Without Paul and Jay Tea, this blog wouldnt be much, IMO.

This has to be a joke.

No, jay just want everyone ... (Below threshold)

No, jay just want everyone to feel sorry for him. He has worked hard to push Paul out. He's going no where. Right, Jay?

If its true, well then you ... (Below threshold)

If its true, well then you most certainly can come over to the group blog I am in...

But I have a feeling it isnt true, even with Kevin's post. We'll see.

I'm going to miss Paul stir... (Below threshold)

I'm going to miss Paul stirring the pot with a Mac Vs. PC debate when things got boring. Now that I look back He did have a history of lighting the torch for most the olympic comment storms.

Definitely an April Fools j... (Below threshold)

Definitely an April Fools joke.

I posted below, kinda unhap... (Below threshold)

I posted below, kinda unhappy about this either way - it's a sucky April Fools, and it's a sucky "You're Fired." It would be bitter cosmic irony if it were a joke, but Paul and Jay Tea got offers they couldn't refuse. I mean, nobody's making waffles for me. They won't even let me get at the copier, and I'm pretty sure cranking out tons of crap for students to read is what they hired me for.

If it's an April Fool's jok... (Below threshold)

If it's an April Fool's joke, it's in poor taste and we are not amused.
We seldom are amused by the jokes men play on each other. We prefer the more sophisticated humour involved in sewing shut the fly on every pair of boxers in the dresser drawer.

If it is not an April Fool's joke, we are seriously displeased, and request that Paul and Jay (if he leaves) let us know where they end up blogging next, since we won't be reading here any more.

It is Kevin's blog, and he must do what he wants with it. He may publish a blog version of cakes and ale or a blog version of cod liver oil, or a blog version of 7th grade locker room humour.
And it is our computer and we shall do what we like with it and read the blogs that engage us and ignore those that do not.

Methinks this is about to become one that does not, which is fine. No blog can or should be all things to every reader.

One of my readers has sweet... (Below threshold)

One of my readers has sweetened the pot by adding grits and home fries to the offer.

Lame.I hope it was... (Below threshold)


I hope it was worth Paul making himself look like an idiot for so long.

Or does Paul believe some or all of the idiocy he posted about evolution?






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