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Wizbang Weekend Caption Contest™

It's Friday, which means it's time for the Wizbang Weekend Caption Contest™. Enter your best caption for the following picture:

Emperor penguins look up at a giant imposter at Tokyo's Ueno Zoo, Japan. Zoo director Teruyuki Komiya dressed up for a stint in the penguin enclosure for the annual April Fool event to display a human being at the zoo(AFP/Yoshikazu Tsuno)

Winners will be announced Sunday.

Update: Winners announced. Comments are now closed.


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Comments (95)

The bender having gone just... (Below threshold)
Jack in TX:

The bender having gone just a little too long, Teddy's latest Town Hall meeting starts to scare him..

Don't worry guys, it's only... (Below threshold)
Brian Beatty:

Don't worry guys, it's only John Kerry. I heard rumors that the Dems had kicked him out and he's looking for a new place to fit in.

"Upus, renown fish diver an... (Below threshold)
Jim in Texas:

"Upus, renown fish diver and youger brother to famed cartoon penguin Opus, strongly denied steroid use in testimony in front of the select committee of the Zoo Penguin Control Sports Association.

Unnamed sources on the committee have not ruled out drug testing."

Honestly, my brother is Jac... (Below threshold)
Danger Kitty:

Honestly, my brother is Jack Box and I was the one to give him the idea for the new Chibatta bread chicken breast sandwich.

Nudie magazine day! Nudie m... (Below threshold)

Nudie magazine day! Nudie magazine day!

Clearly none of the penguin... (Below threshold)

Clearly none of the penguins were buying Phil's reasons that he wasn't doping.

Although Steve's freakishly... (Below threshold)

Although Steve's freakishly large size was an advantage for basketball, for some reason he was always picked last in Emperor Penguin Gym Class.

No, really. It's all "bowfl... (Below threshold)

No, really. It's all "bowflex"

"Mate, it doesn't matter... (Below threshold)

"Mate, it doesn't matter how much dope you took, you still can't swing a bat!"

"Wow, this steroid scandal ... (Below threshold)

"Wow, this steroid scandal is really spreading!"

1) Sandy Berger finally fou... (Below threshold)

1) Sandy Berger finally found a place where he thought he could fit in.

2) Jose Canseco, is that you? I knew you took steroids, but that's just rediculous.

3) Howard Dean finally found a crowd that took him seriously.

Seriously guys, does this m... (Below threshold)

Seriously guys, does this make me look fat?

I have never taken steroids... (Below threshold)
John Smyth:

I have never taken steroids senator...........

George Felos holds another ... (Below threshold)

George Felos holds another 2 hour press conference. Mr. Felos also provided some beauty tips for the sick and invalid.

Tom Daschle warms up to his... (Below threshold)

Tom Daschle warms up to his new job at the Sioux Falls Zoo.

Then they took our fish and... (Below threshold)
John Smyth:

Then they took our fish and said "go ahead and get your big brother".

Michael Schiavo goes into h... (Below threshold)

Michael Schiavo goes into hiding.......

"I'm John Kerry and I'm rep... (Below threshold)
Governor Breck:

"I'm John Kerry and I'm reporting for duty!"

"I like them biscuits and m... (Below threshold)

"I like them biscuits and mustard, UM, HUM"!


Al Gore explaining how he i... (Below threshold)
Dave M:

Al Gore explaining how he invented Linux.

As a Democrat and one of y... (Below threshold)

As a Democrat and one of you, I will push for statehood for Washington D.C. and the right to vote for everyone confined in the National Zoo.

"Sadly, Michael Moore turne... (Below threshold)

"Sadly, Michael Moore turned to increasingly bizarre methods to attract followers following the 2004 Election"

Jacko has found a new way t... (Below threshold)

Jacko has found a new way to hang around underaged children without drawing suspicion...

One of these things/Is not ... (Below threshold)

One of these things/Is not like the other...

"And big penguins is practi... (Below threshold)

"And big penguins is practically big chickens..."

Sandy Berger begins his com... (Below threshold)

Sandy Berger begins his community service sentence today...

“Hey Dad will I grow to be ... (Below threshold)

“Hey Dad will I grow to be that big?”

You know what they say abou... (Below threshold)

You know what they say about Emperor Penguins with big feet!

"I say this a fun zoo. What... (Below threshold)

"I say this a fun zoo. What time is the luge for elephants and penguins?"

His traffic falling, O-Dub ... (Below threshold)

His traffic falling, O-Dub searches for a new group that will conform to his worldview... Pros: Free fish Cons: That niggling feeling, that somehow, this is racist. Still, better than the Cool Aid costume....

The Soviets just HAD to one... (Below threshold)

The Soviets just HAD to one-up us, didn't they?

Dean addressing the dnc... (Below threshold)

Dean addressing the dnc

"Yes, I know it is suppose to be lemming costumes, but this is the best I could do on such short notice. Now, will you just shut up and follow me as I jump off this cliff?"

Small penguin on left: "... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

Small penguin on left: "...and now Edmunds gone, what is happeinging? what are we going to do?"
Polar bear in penguin suit: "(burp)"

Small Penguins: "fake, fake... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

Small Penguins: "fake, fake, fake, fake, fake, fake ..."
Large Penguin: "Shaddap!"

"What's that on the Telly?"... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

"What's that on the Telly?"

I've called this meeting be... (Below threshold)
Steven L.:

I've called this meeting because I think we've been infiltrated by a spy.

Howard Dean, kicking off th... (Below threshold)
Clay Jarr:

Howard Dean, kicking off the DNC's 'Penguins are People, too' campaign, addresses a group of constituents. Dean, clearly buoyed by studies that show penguins overwhelmingly vote democrat by a 6:1 margin, vehemently denied allegations of pandering to the penguin vote.

Bill Gates spying on a Linu... (Below threshold)
Brian Day:

Bill Gates spying on a Linux User's Group meeting.

Doctor I told you not to mi... (Below threshold)

Doctor I told you not to mix cloning with steroids and wilt chamberlain's dna...

Sure, he got to be God Of T... (Below threshold)

Sure, he got to be God Of The Penguins, but after a while their adulation just left Arthur feeling empty.

Damn, this isn't the Flamin... (Below threshold)

Damn, this isn't the Flamings Lips concert..

The Zoo's Top Penguin Took ... (Below threshold)

The Zoo's Top Penguin Took ill. NOt wanting to alarm the public, they improvised a replacement.

Congress is dismissing the ... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

Congress is dismissing the need for any investigation, but the Yankee's, however, are showing interest.

In a soft gentle voice: <br... (Below threshold)

In a soft gentle voice:
"...and I want you all to call me 'Daddy'."

It all started to go wrong ... (Below threshold)

It all started to go wrong for Henry when the penguin in front turned his back and mooned him.

[Kevin's probably going to ... (Below threshold)

[Kevin's probably going to ban me for this...]

At last! Proof that evolution is true!

Management at the National ... (Below threshold)

Management at the National Zoo in Washington, DC attempted to cover up another animal death; that of Peppy the Emperor Penguin.

Visitors became suspicious when "Peppy" wandered away from the other penguins and lit a cigarette.

Smoking is prohibited at the zoo, especially by the animals.

Hey mom, where is my steroi... (Below threshold)
Alvin LEE:

Hey mom, where is my steroids. I would like to be as big as you !

Filming began on "The Opus ... (Below threshold)

Filming began on "The Opus Movie" Thursday, starring Michael Jackson.

I am Spartacus.... (Below threshold)

I am Spartacus.

Michael's plans for just di... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

Michael's plans for just disappearing suddenly went awry when one child in the crowd said, "Hey, that big penguin is always hanging around the littles ones AND he's doing the moonwalk!"

Ostracized by the chimpanze... (Below threshold)

Ostracized by the chimpanzees, Jane Goodall tries desperately to find new animals to study.

As the news of the missing ... (Below threshold)

As the news of the missing fish stash spread all heads turned to Phil...

"Don't listen to that big o... (Below threshold)

"Don't listen to that big one. His name is Curveball and he gives bad advice."

Depressed about the cancell... (Below threshold)

Depressed about the cancellation of the National Hockey League season, Pittsburgh Penguins fan Kenneth Baugh has taken extreme measures to be near any penguins on ice.

John Smith, the zoo's sexua... (Below threshold)
Master Shake:

John Smith, the zoo's sexual reorientation therapist (left), attempts to "scare the gay" out of this all-male group of penguins.

1) Trying to preempt yet an... (Below threshold)

1) Trying to preempt yet another scandal, Kofi goes undercover at the UN Antartic Refugee Camp to inspect the Ice for Fish program.

2) With sadness, Herman reports back the iceberg elders that it appears no amount of steroids will help penguins fly.

Cruella DeVil takes matters... (Below threshold)

Cruella DeVil takes matters into her own hands as she gathers the last of the penguins needed to finish her latest coat.

Repeat after me.."Windows i... (Below threshold)

Repeat after me.."Windows is garbage, and Bill Gates is the devil. Windows is garbage, and Bill Gates is the Devil."

"Parts is parts." - Frank P... (Below threshold)

"Parts is parts." - Frank Purdue, RIP

In the early days, before h... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

In the early days, before he stumbled on the right animal mimicry formula, Marlin Perkins lost a number of assistants as well as running up a substantial bill at Big Cat Costumes, Inc.

Ever since the incident wit... (Below threshold)

Ever since the incident with the nuclear powered Soviet submarine, Kenneth feels that the other penguins now treat him like he is some kind of freak or simply avoid him altogether.

--Howard Dean takes other l... (Below threshold)

--Howard Dean takes other leaders of the DNC on a field trip. Film at 11.--

Mike Rogers infiltrates gay... (Below threshold)

Mike Rogers infiltrates gay penguins, determined to "out" the Republican ones...

"Martha, I told you mating ... (Below threshold)

"Martha, I told you mating with that sKerry fellow would come to no good! Now look at what you have to show for that unholy union!”


Look what you get if Heinz-Kerry and Michael Moore mate! One big ugly, useless, flightless, fish-smelling, neo-squawking, leftwing, I hate everyone penguin!

Hey, it's Al Gore and he sh... (Below threshold)

Hey, it's Al Gore and he shaved his beard and lost some weight! He's actually leading his crew!

Hillary Clinton continues t... (Below threshold)
Randy P.:

Hillary Clinton continues to redefine herself in preparation for the '08 election.

"Fear and Loathing in Antar... (Below threshold)

"Fear and Loathing in Antarctica" -- Penguin Books Edition

Patrons watch the final sce... (Below threshold)

Patrons watch the final scence from the Zoological Players revival of "One Swam Under the Penguins Rookery", where the quiet, giant Peguin is egged on by the other inmates to pick up the stump and break out of the Zoo.

"Uhhh ... Quack ...?"... (Below threshold)

"Uhhh ... Quack ...?"

James realized too late that his clumsy greeting may have blown his cover.

Psst. That Kerry fool must... (Below threshold)

Psst. That Kerry fool must be running for president again, and wants our vote.

Hey you bird brains, I make... (Below threshold)

Hey you bird brains, I make be fake but I'm accurate!

Sesame Street flashback...<... (Below threshold)

Sesame Street flashback...

"One of us....is not like the others...."

Oooooh, lookie boys. That's... (Below threshold)

Oooooh, lookie boys. That's a biggggggg one!!

Although a rare occurrence,... (Below threshold)

Although a rare occurrence, Cecil suddenly experienced that a 4 hour erection was not the only side effect of his Cialis.

Dang, Randy got my Hillary ... (Below threshold)

Dang, Randy got my Hillary caption. Next best:

Secretary-General Kofi Annan resigns UN for undisclosed leadership position.

PETA undercover agent Sebas... (Below threshold)

PETA undercover agent Sebastien Panklethorpe is pictured here relaying escape plans to a huddle of Emperor penguins interned at a Tokyo zoo.

Realizing that he would no ... (Below threshold)

Realizing that he would no longer be allowed to "play" with boys, Michael Jackson tries to "play" with the children of another species.

Paul, preparing for April F... (Below threshold)

Paul, preparing for April Fools Day 2006, posts yet again with this picture and the following line: "The zoologist in the penguin suit is an oozer."

Part indian and part pengui... (Below threshold)

Part indian and part penguin, Ward Churcill was a natural to head up the new polar studies department at Harvard.

"Today, class, we are going... (Below threshold)

"Today, class, we are going to visit the humans in the zoo. Mind, now, and don't feed them. They are on a carefully controlled diet to keep them from getting fat in captivity."

Having lost the entire seas... (Below threshold)

Having lost the entire season due to the NHL lockout the Pittsburgh Penguins decide to put their mascot out to stud.

"I knew I shouldn't have tr... (Below threshold)

"I knew I shouldn't have trusted a tuxedo salesman working at a zoo."

In scene rarely captured on... (Below threshold)

In scene rarely captured on film, a penquin bully takes lunch money from smaller weaker birds.

Paul reveals photographic e... (Below threshold)

Paul reveals photographic evidence of the Intelligent Designer.

Being 1/32 penguin Ward Chu... (Below threshold)

Being 1/32 penguin Ward Churchill rallys his loyal minions to fight "The Man".

"No, you little bastards! ... (Below threshold)
Kaptain Krude:

"No, you little bastards! I don't want any fish heads!" -- John Kerry's memory of Christmas 2004 is seared _seared_ into his brain.

Large Penguin (Thinking): "... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

Large Penguin (Thinking): "I don't go to the zoo, it was that bastard Secret Service Agent that drugged me, gagged me, and put me in this stupid costume."

Attempting to revive her ca... (Below threshold)

Attempting to revive her career after "Catwoman", Halle Berry is seen on the set of her latest film, "The Empress."

"So I rubbed the urn and th... (Below threshold)

"So I rubbed the urn and the guy said: 'I grant you three wishes', blah, blah, blah. So I said: 'Screw off Bozo, like you're going to turn me into some giant standup penguin comic or something."

Where is PETA when you real... (Below threshold)

Where is PETA when you really need them?

A photo of Danny Divito aud... (Below threshold)

A photo of Danny Divito auditioning for the upcoming movie “The Penguin Returns”

Kenneth Baugh, President of... (Below threshold)

Kenneth Baugh, President of the local Furries Chapter, decides to field test his new costume before traveling to the anual Fur Con to be held in Las Vegas.

Should have read the small ... (Below threshold)

Should have read the small print - damned if I didn't think I was buying a penis enlargement process.......

Update: <... (Below threshold)

Update: Winners announced. Comments are now closed.






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