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Baby Wizbang Turns One

I'll be off until this afternoon celebrating the first birthday of our youngest. Enjoy the Carnival of the Trackbacks (below) in the mean time...

Update: Here's a picture of the birthday boy.


And his cake.


Comments (19)

How sad, to have his birthd... (Below threshold)

How sad, to have his birthday fall on the day of the death of one of the greatest popes...

Congratulations though, Kev... (Below threshold)

Congratulations though, Kev

Well, Henry, one of my pare... (Below threshold)

Well, Henry, one of my parents died on my birthday. It is what you make of it...best to celebrate life in all it's wonder.

Cherise the babe, Kevin, and I know that you do.

Cherish...... (Below threshold)


unless the baby's name real... (Below threshold)

unless the baby's name really IS cherise ;)

then you've got something there suzi.

yea I can understand about that...

Is anyone else amused by th... (Below threshold)

Is anyone else amused by the fact that the head of the person standing behind him lines up [i]exactly[/i] with his head? Makes it look like his hair a different color towards the back.

Jinx McHue...ha, I noticed ... (Below threshold)

Jinx McHue...ha, I noticed but then I took care of some other things and the moment passed.



What a looker.I have... (Below threshold)

What a looker.
I have three rugrats of my own, 8, going on 2 and 4 months.

They are what life is all about.

That's one good looking bab... (Below threshold)

That's one good looking baby. honestly!

He's got cute hair (and has... (Below threshold)

He's got cute hair (and has it really been a year already?! Wow!) . . . best wishes to you all.

Happy birthday! An auspici... (Below threshold)

Happy birthday! An auspicious day for one; the day before mine.

Your child has a birthday..... (Below threshold)

Your child has a birthday... today.

Today is HIS day, and his alone. Happy birthday to him! So special.

It's easy to see that one day he will BE someone important, someday.

I like that.

Happy Birthday from me!

Hey! He looks just like Jay... (Below threshold)

Hey! He looks just like Jay Tea!

julie...shhhhhh....</... (Below threshold)


julie:I managed to... (Below threshold)


I managed to obtain a copy of the cake photo before Kevin chopped it...


Wow. One! And such a cutie!... (Below threshold)

Wow. One! And such a cutie! Makes me almost miss my daughters at that age ...

almost... ;-)

(daughters now 26, 23, 22, 17)

I gotta say I like my grandma gig a whole lot (twin grandsons 2 1/2).... loads of fun and not my main responsibility (but I worry 'bout 'em just as if they were my own... shoot, I didn't expect that)

Savor each day you get...they DO grow faster than you realize.

And when they are teens, aliens come take their brains away ...

Kevin,I don't know... (Below threshold)


I don't know how to say this gently, but your son has a parasitic growth in the shape of a little girl growing out of his back.

You might want to get this looked into on his next well-baby appointment.

suzi, julie, you two are a ... (Below threshold)

suzi, julie, you two are a pair...

He's very cute, Kevin.... (Below threshold)

He's very cute, Kevin.







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