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Flush beats full house

Manchester, New Hampshire is going to be the home of a new minor-league baseball team (the Fisher Cats -- I'm still disappointed they didn't keep the original name, the New Hampshire Primaries, with donkey and elephant mascots), and we're just finishing up building them a brand-new stadium just off downtown. And yesterday, April Fool's Day, they gave the brand-new stadium's plumbing system a stress test.

Thanks to the efforts of many volunteers, including dozens of Little Leaguers, stadium officials pulled off what might be the largest Synchronized Flush in the world, as they simultaneously pulled the handles on all 103 toilets in Fisher Cats Ballpark. The kids were repeatedly instructed that they were not to use the toilets, but to simply flush them on cue.

They were proud to report no sinkholes were opened in the field, but there was some concern about city residents who might have been taking a shower at the precise moment of the Big Flush.

Play ball!


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that my friend, is the desi... (Below threshold)

that my friend, is the design problem for a naval arcitect/marine engineer. One of the huge problems with ships with large amounts of hotel usage (such as my school's training ship) is how to design the flushing system to always have enough pressure. My ship has a hydro-pneumatic tank. A tank with both water and air in it, the tank level is regulated by the pump next to it, and the tank pressure is regulated by how much air is in it.

I always wonder what would happen if every single toilet were to flush at the same time, what the demand load on the system would be, it'd probably suck the tank dry...

In a related matter, moment... (Below threshold)

In a related matter, moments after the big flush, two tunnels collapsed 60 miles to the south in the heart of the Big Dig.

Sorry,...In 1998, ... (Below threshold)


In 1998, 1200 toilets were simutaneously flushed at (then) PSINet Stadium (now M&T Bank Stadium), in Baltimore, MD.


The real stress test is not... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

The real stress test is not just to flush them all at the same time, but to time the flushing based on distance from convergence points and the speed of the water.

rodney dill, you're talking... (Below threshold)

rodney dill, you're talking about the drainage system, i was talking about the supply flushing water. On a ship, its an entirely different system, it is run by saltwater.

You know waaaaay too... (Below threshold)

You know waaaaay too much about this, Rodney.

You folks are in for a trea... (Below threshold)

You folks are in for a treat. I'm from Toronto, the Fisher Cats parent club. Last year, our AA team won the championship, and we have some very talented prospects at that level again this year.

A good blog that will help you follow the Jays org., with a lot of minor league coverage, is The Batter's Box at http://battersbox.ca/


I don't know what the seati... (Below threshold)

I don't know what the seating capacity of the new stadium is but they did the same thing when the Sydney Olympic Stadium was built. Its seating capacity was 110 000 at the time so might have a few more toilets. It also has a reused water scheme where runoff from the ground is treated, stored in a disused brick pit and used for watering and sewerage use. Hey, my flush is bigger than your flush!

i love your show i never mi... (Below threshold)

i love your show i never miss it.






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