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I'm leavin' on a jet plane...

Just a quick reminder that I really am leaving on vacation this morning (and it looks like I'm getting out of Cow Hampshire just in time). I might still get at least one posting up a day, depending on the graciousness of my hosts, but I will most likely be unable to access my Wizbang! e-mail. If anything comes up, you can reach me through my Yahoo! address, TempoMan49. I should be back home sometime Tuesday (told you it would be a short trip!), and I already have an inkling for a new contest.


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- Note to J. Tea from the s... (Below threshold)

- Note to J. Tea from the staff at the Bourne conspiracy group: As you're leaving you might recheck the posts in the "Another Change in Direction" thread for a timely heads up concerning your doubtful future and personal misgivings. This post will self destruct in a month or so.....Marley HMSS

I love precipitation, unlik... (Below threshold)

I love precipitation, unlike many folks. I like snow, sleet, rain, blizzards, big waves, ocean mist, fog, light rain, heavy rain, drenching rain, smattering of drops of rain, just all precipitation. Just oove it, particularly when I'm in the water...nothing like being under the ocean during a heavy rain, even a storm, scuba gear, looking up at the surface, the calm water...it's wonderful. Nearly as great as skiing through fresh powder.

Enjoy your vacation, Jay Te... (Below threshold)

Enjoy your vacation, Jay Tea. Perhaps you are going somewhere arid? You don't have to answer that, just enjoy your vacation.






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