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Quote Of The Day - Lefty Outrage Edition

"But the real problem is the National Press Club. The insulted us by having a panel on blogging and deliberately invited a fool and a whore and stupidly imagined there would be no response from lefty blogosphere."
From the comments to this letter from Steve Gilliard to Ana Marie Cox (Wonkette). All involved are complaining about Wonkette's and Jeff Gannon's invitation to speak on a panel at the National Press Club. Remind me again, which is the fool and which is the whore?

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Hell hath no fury like a mo... (Below threshold)

Hell hath no fury like a moonbat scorned.....

Well, When I saw the latter... (Below threshold)

Well, When I saw the latter label I immediately thought of Wonkette.

But I was having trouble figuring out why the lefty blogosphere would object to any of the fools I could think of...

Its funny to see how self i... (Below threshold)

Its funny to see how self important many in the blogsphere seem to be. Dellusions of granduer seem commonplace.

Either fits in either categ... (Below threshold)
Rod Stanton:

Either fits in either category. Or both are both,

Oh, but didn't you know, AN... (Below threshold)

Oh, but didn't you know, ANYONE who does not think like them (moonbats that is) is a fool (if you're a guy) or a whore (if you're a girl), because we all know that the only ones who are "enlightened" are the left, right?

Except for Wonkette and Esc... (Below threshold)
Richard Gear:

Except for Wonkette and Eschaton (on thin ice), the other lefty blogs are getting cockblocked and that is wrong.

Wellll, my opinion (d'oh), ... (Below threshold)

Wellll, my opinion (d'oh), because I can tell already that this Brookings Institute-cum-National-Press-Club-for-the-Preservation-of-Liberalism is not going to go away any time soon, the whore is the Brookings Institute (well, close enough) and the cockblocer is Wonkette, and cockblocking as 'work' is among the *domain* of Jeff Gannon.

Seriously, now, just WHY th... (Below threshold)

Seriously, now, just WHY the fascination with Wonkette, Gannon and, and...what did I leave out here?

It's all about merchandising, baby! Merchandising!! With katsup! Which is a vegetable, remember?

National Press Club reduced to the standards (?) of a school lunchroom cafeteria.

Wonkette - the Paris Hilton... (Below threshold)

Wonkette - the Paris Hilton of the Blogosphere!






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