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And Now A Word Of Thanks

Checking the Site Meter counter I notice another milestone - our 8 millionth unique visitor. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who reads Wizbang, and send a special thanks to those who are regular commenters. In a little over one week (April 11) Wizbang will celebrate its second anniversary, and there will be many people to thank on that day. In advance of that day this seemed like an excellent occasion to give thanks and praise to those who make up the Wizbang comment community. It's because of you that Wizbang has continued to thrive.

Checking the Technorati Top 100 (where as of today Wizbang occupies the #73 spot) it's striking how few of those sites offer comment sections, and of the few that do, how many of those do not require registration. There are those who argue that a blog isn't a blog without comments. I don't know about that, but it wouldn't be doing this without comments.

I've resisted the various registration systems (like TypeKey) because most of them are either hard to setup or hard to use. Thanks to all of you that comment and your willingness to be civil, I haven't thought about the registration systems in a long time.

Note: Several folks were a little bummed that the "open auditions" I mentioned on April Fools day weren't happening. That's not technically true, since as I write this Paul is still supposed to be on hiatus [addressing personal issues]. Since before Paul's hiatus announcement I've been working on a plan to bring more contributors on board at Wizbang while maintaining the chemistry between the existing editors. Wizbang will have the "help wanted" sign up later this week, not to replace Paul or Jay Tea or myself, but to augment the three of us. I'll be looking for a weekends only editor, and a couple students for traditional college credit internships. More details to follow.


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Comments (20)

Congratulations! Well earne... (Below threshold)

Congratulations! Well earned. I'm still working on my first 100,000, but I'll get there someday!

You do a wizbang job of put... (Below threshold)

You do a wizbang job of putting out the blog ^_^

A worthy read.

I'm in the "if it doesn't a... (Below threshold)

I'm in the "if it doesn't allow comments, then it isn't a true blog" camp. Kudos to you!

Kevin: My thanks to you and... (Below threshold)
Old Coot:

Kevin: My thanks to you and your contributors (it's post-04/01, I can say that can't I?). Regards.

I am periodically tempted t... (Below threshold)

I am periodically tempted to make a 'not really blogs' in my blogroll for all those who don't allow comments. Except that I'd make myself a laughingstock by putting Instapundit in it.

Congrats! As long as you s... (Below threshold)

Congrats! As long as you stay ahead of Oliver Witless (#100) you'll do fine.

We love Wizbang. Congratul... (Below threshold)

We love Wizbang. Congratulations to a well deserved series of stats, particularly this latest one.

I'd be willing to contribute as an editor, although I haven't yet figured in that 'working on Sunday' aspect, unless I could consider it a volunteer effort, as in, not work. That'd work.

I'm jealous and bitter, Kev... (Below threshold)

I'm jealous and bitter, Kevin. I hate you.

My pathetic excuse for a blog is one year old now, counting the Blog-City site I started with, and I haven't topped 5,000.

Granted, I'm not as prolific, verbose, or talented as you, but I still hate you.

I's so easy to comment on y... (Below threshold)

I's so easy to comment on your own blog that the blogs that don't allow comments don't really stop us. What stops us is that no one can easily find our replies.

Is it time to do some technorati/haloscan funkadelic magic to Firefox and make posts on uncommented blogs have comments anyway in the bottom half of the window?

Would they sue us? Half the uncommentable blogs are run by lawyers.

Josh Poulson: there's a re... (Below threshold)

Josh Poulson: there's a reason why those lawyer-blogs don't allow for commenting (I bet you figured that out already, however).

About commenting, I agree that TypeKey is a hassle -- several people who I really value as web-peers don't comment on BIRD, my blog, because I employ the Type Key system, so it's a problem for me to continue to use it.

However, after reading through my spam-blocks and such where the comments' section is concerned, I can't understand how other sites without registrations avoid all the comment spam.

Just asking 'cause for me, it's a realy problem (comment spam and allowing comments while avoiding the spammers).

Perhaps I don't fully understand the MT Blacklist but I thought it relied on TypeKey, not that my not understanding that means much, just that someone assisted me with my install so I didn't fully investigate the mutuality of those, if any.

suzi, it's probably because... (Below threshold)

suzi, it's probably because you're an attractive female ;)

and kevin is....well you know :)

congrats to wizbang! no doubt the efforts of paul and jay helped wizbang skyrocket to new heights, especially during the election proceedings (there's probably 1/3rd of your entire traffic right there). I have entertained hopes of guest blogging here @ wizbang until I started my own blog, because I figured that my posts might not be welcome.

anyways I think a weblog is a pretty generic term. What Kevn has formed is more of a regulated bulletin board in the form of a blog. I'm not putting it down by any means, I thoroughly enjoy the community formed (esp you julie, why I have no idea, as you seem to enjoy harassing me)

Damn. I'm a few weeks olde... (Below threshold)

Damn. I'm a few weeks older than Wizbang and I've just topped the 56,000 'milestone'.

Maybe I should try publicity. Or, at a pinch, stop banging out posts while watching Family Guy.

There are more important th... (Below threshold)

There are more important things than just stats, not to diminish (not at all) those reported here by Kevin about Wizbang, just saying as to others who write about blogging and conclude some level of defeat when their stats are outmeasured by those of othess...I just mean that there's more than page hits and visits to define an interesting, worthwhile site.

Someone earlier (not a friend, by any means) emailed me some link to more drech by Maureen Dowd (I think the emailer just might be motivated by too many beers, too much grass and just a bad-do altogether), anyway, just look at her "stats." Would you want to be popular like that?!?! I've written this before and I still will again and that is that sometimes popularity only means you're accessible, it doesn't mean you're valued, or even have value, it just means you answer the phone or "go out for rides" more than some.

All kidding aside, I think blogging is more than just measuring who visits your site and how often and for how long. There ARE more significant and interesting reasons than that, to write.

Getting paid is great, no doubt about it but you can't expect a grand without a certain amount of labor and practice involved. Well, you CAN expect it, just that mostly you get to SAY afterward that you arrived right off the keyboard but everyone else knows differently, that you had to write a lot and write alone for a while to even get in touch with what it was you had to say.

A number of the higher-traffic sites, also, share a certain circle-effect of closed promotions of and about their own, so it's a bit like a monopoly in that regard. Doesn't mean it's wrong or bad or a negative, just that individuals shouldn't measure their unique efforts against a larger (relative) conglomerate of sites that host together and communally promote and share resources and information privately.

Henry: I don't know why you'd assume your posts might not be welcome. I enjoy what you express, never -- as in, not once on Wizbang -- ever found you disagreable or nonsensical. Everyone's got a perspective, it's just a case of what everyone's intentions are to and about others...that's the stumbling block for some to my read but you're not among those.

Henry...argh, you mean spam... (Below threshold)

Henry...argh, you mean spammers know what I look like?! The very thought makes me feel all icky.

How do you get SiteMeter to... (Below threshold)

How do you get SiteMeter to track unique visitors? Mine just shows visits and pageviews?

Kevin, I began blogging onl... (Below threshold)

Kevin, I began blogging only two months ago, and I was fortunate enough to find Wizbang right away. It is a regular part of my day --- I especially appreciate Jay beating up on Massachusetts and Paul's running food fight with the oozers.


Henry: You're one ... (Below threshold)


You're one of my favorite people. You know that.

If you break your arm patti... (Below threshold)
Rod Stanton:

If you break your arm patting your back how are you going to keep up the blog? Stop and get back to posting!

that's why i meant sexually... (Below threshold)

that's why i meant sexually harassing :P

you're one my fav peeps too =-)

Kevin, as the token single ... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

Kevin, as the token single guy on "staff" here, I'd like to volunteer to "interview" interns...

(Now, where are my copies of Bill Clinton's and Monica Lewinsky's books?)







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