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Fighting Fire With Fire

How do you get overweight, video game obsessed teenagers to lose weight?

More video games, of course.


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Well, that particular game ... (Below threshold)

Well, that particular game (your link) sounds like fun. And requires physical activity...so, I think it's a huge improvement in the right direction. Digital gaming is here to stay, might as well try to make it physically challenging, or at least require far more physical effort by end users inorder to interact, although I realize that might read like a contradiction (it is, to a certain theoretical sense).

And the Lord Kevin sayeth: ... (Below threshold)
Krusty Krab:

And the Lord Kevin sayeth: More video games, of course.

I might have said "better video games." Most serious gamers would love to put physical action into their games.

This game is all the rage w... (Below threshold)

This game is all the rage with teens. It is far and away the most popular game in the arcades (kids are lined up outside the arcade waiting for it to open) -- and there is a home PS2 version that sells very well too.

Aieeee.... "Dance, Dance Re... (Below threshold)
Patrick Chester:

Aieeee.... "Dance, Dance Revolution"!!!

(...there's a fatal flaw in that game: you have to have some soul or ability to follow the beat. I don't have that.) ;)

Bring back <a href="http://... (Below threshold)

Bring back Prop Cycle!

DDR! If you've never playe... (Below threshold)

DDR! If you've never played it, you have to try it at least once. It's a lot of fun, especially if you are challenging a friend. Of course, you have to be able to follow a beat. I wasn't the best at it, but then again I only got the chance to play once. It's hard work.

I set up a DDR PC simulator... (Below threshold)

I set up a DDR PC simulator for my teenage boys in December with 2 pads giving the options to compete directly against one another or to play one person on two pads. We wore those pads out in 11 weeks. Notice I said we as both my wife and myself play very often. We've since bought a permanent set of pads.

You don't need to worry about following a beat. It comes with practice and becomes second nature. The truely great thing about this game is the totaly adjustability of it to the entire range of atheltic abilities (or lack of). My boys dance way beyond anything I'll ever hope to get my 50 plus year body to do but still it not only challenges me but lets me actually reach certain goals. Certainly worth the $$$ (best pads about what a decent exercise machine would cost but there's cheaper ways to go) and worth the 3 foot by six foot piece of real estate it takes out of the middle of the living room.

One final note: where I find working out on exercise machines extreemly boring (and I must since I had bypass surgery), I find doing dance dance to be totally engaging. The CandyMan says - check it out! 8) www.stepmania.com

I've given DDR a try and,... (Below threshold)

I've given DDR a try and, while it is rather fun, I feel just a little bit weird doing that, even when friends are around doing the same thing. I'm hoping that the version coming out for the Nintendo GameCube will have more "old school" tunes to dance to (from the Nintendo Entertainment System days forward), or at least some from Nintendo titles I grew up with. Hell, I'd buy it anyway because I'm a sucker for novelty.

Even still, nothing beats 60 situps and Hindu exercises.

Personally, I haven't found... (Below threshold)

Personally, I haven't found this sort of thing as anything "new". If they're just doing an article on it now...it's kinda late.

But even with that, I'm still applauding the use of the game itself as part of combating obesity. Instead of chiding kids for not going out and playing when they obviously don't want to, use their likes to your advantage and get 'em to play.

What ever happened to socce... (Below threshold)
Just Me:

What ever happened to soccer and basketball?

Just Me...I was subtley sug... (Below threshold)

Just Me...I was subtley suggesting that irony, earlier, this thread: digital gaming now facing the need to require physical activity inorder to be...digital. Amuses me to no end if it wasn't so necessary for future development, the body mechanic and all. What will be really great is when we via body mechanics motivate/manipulate whatever technology...there are so many redundancies and contradictions in that/those concepts, I realize, and yet our biology is, actually, necessary to, um, "update" even moreso than the existing digital realm.

I'm waiting for virtual rea... (Below threshold)

I'm waiting for virtual reality games that have us literally "plug in" our muscles while wearing VR glasses, and for example...play soccer. Imagine 2 teams of 11 kids hooking up over the net to play a VR game of soccer....and imagine 3 referees doing the same thing.

now THAT would be irony (comining VR + Just me's thing for soccer)

by the way, I'm a huge fan of soccer myself, if not outdoor, indoor soccer..for those people who prefer to be able to score a lot, and everyone on the field the ability to score, try indoor soccer...you'd be amazed how tired you get running 30 feet back and forth.

Henry...I can understand in... (Below threshold)

Henry...I can understand indoor soccer, since I once used to run laps around my living room, a house in Malibu with a huge livingroom and small other rooms but I sure could run around a lot, and did. Made running so much easier as a routine, I can tell ya'.

It's not as outre as it sou... (Below threshold)

It's not as outre as it sounds. I've several freinds who play DDR, both the arcade version and the home one and they all report that doing it correctly is quite the workout. Having tried it once out fo curiosity, I'll definitely agree(this 50+-year old guy is *not* going to try to compete at it with a bunch of 20-somethings, I'm not *that* masochistic).

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