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A Quote Worth Requoting... (out of context)

The Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) is the more centrist wing of the Democratic party. (Yes there are a few.) They are locked in a life and death struggle with the radical left-wing who has co-opted control of the party.

In an open letter to Democrats last week, the DLC attacked the party's left wingers who they (accuratly) feel have cost them recent elections. In the middle of the letter came a wonderfully ambiguous quote...

We urge you to make clear to the American people that winning the war on jihadist extremism will be the Democratic Party's first priority this year and every year until the danger recedes.

I agree.. If the Democrats can win the war against 'jihadist extremism" in their party, they might just win a few elections. Though I don't think that is how they meant it....


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The DLC? Man, what a flash... (Below threshold)
Cousin Dave:

The DLC? Man, what a flashback. That is so 1992!

Seriously, I didn't realize that the DLC still existed, after the number that Clinton did on it. Does it have even the slightest bit of influence within the party? Somehow I doubt it.

Tellem Dave. Howie roolz.</... (Below threshold)

Tellem Dave. Howie roolz.

There is so much humor in t... (Below threshold)

There is so much humor in that letter. I like this:

"Far-sighted Democrats like Franklin Roosevelt, Harry Truman, and John Kennedy fashioned a tough-minded internationalism that eventually won the Cold War and stimulated an unprecedented expansion of liberty and democracy throughout the world.

For too many Americans, however, all this is ancient history."

Ancient history?? IT IS!!

Won the cold war? Gee, what about RMN and Ronnie? Spectators?

They'll need a whole lot more than that letter to breath again.

John Kennedy was president ... (Below threshold)
Just Me:

John Kennedy was president for 3 years, and the Cold War was just ramping up.

I am thinking they are reading the wrong history books.

"Though most of the signers... (Below threshold)

"Though most of the signers of this letter backed the decision to rid the world of Saddam Hussein, we respect reasoned opponents of our view."

No, no, NO, you damned fools! You are in a knife fight for the soul of your poor, damned party; you do not pander to the faction that you're fighting. They want to break you. Do not make it easy for them.


PS: And, for the record, if the Democrats want to win actual elections they're going to have to get their heads around the notion that simply attacking President Bush's foreign policy positions doesn't freaking work. Particularly since winning said elections requires that they win over people whose major worry about a Democratic victory is that they might change those policies.


History was re-written for ... (Below threshold)

History was re-written for Kennedy by the MSM. They were so enamored by Jackie, they did not realize Kennedy did not accomplish much during his term, except boinking Marilyn Monroe (I'm not sure that was hard to do.)

Oh, I forgot, he went to France, and Jackie wowed them with her designer clothes.

Yeah, I tend to agree mostl... (Below threshold)

Yeah, I tend to agree mostly with what Pat expressed (^^). All the hype and fascination about Jack Kennedy in the Presidency...but in reality, it truly all was just about the veneer. Veneers, perhaps, more realistically.

Unfortunately, his death and circumstances made any precise, accurate review of his time in Office avoidable and not really possible. What we have is a fairy tale remaining about the Kennedy Presidency, if not the Kennedy family altogether.

...but in reality, it tr... (Below threshold)

...but in reality, it truly all was just about the veneer.

And Kennedy was about as veneerial as they get, at least until Clinton came along.






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