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Bill Clinton's Real Legacy

Oral Sex Safe and Not Really Sex, Say U.S. Teens - [Rueters]

(Teens say the darnedest things....)

Update: Like Bill Clinton's oral-sex obsessed intern Monica Lewinsky, this was a perfect setup (for a punchline) that was too hard to pass up...


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Comments (39)

Can't blame them, after all... (Below threshold)

Can't blame them, after all isn't that what a former President said/felt about oral sex.

I just saw a yet another co... (Below threshold)

I just saw a yet another commercial for a genital herpes treatment on TV. Whoever's hawking this stuff might turn out to be a good investment opportunity.

On February 10 <a href="htt... (Below threshold)

On February 10 I said
I see how this is going to go - the Democrats think that by repeating over and over that they have morals America will somehow forget that they produced the man who managed to convince an entire generation of teenagers that oral sex isn't actually sex - despite it actually being called oral SEX (Lewinsky is just the nickname thanks Bill)!
I see I was right on the mark!

Who couldn't see this comin... (Below threshold)

Who couldn't see this coming. Clinton has left his mark for all history.

Anyone who truely buys that... (Below threshold)

Anyone who truely buys that the "oral sex isn't really sex" meme has to do with Bill Clinton is delusional. Do any of you sincerely think that these kids were paying that much attention 5-6 years ago? Please.

Time for a bit of introspection. You might start with your views on abstinence education.

The report also says that a... (Below threshold)

The report also says that a third of the 9th graders intended to have oral sex in the next six months.

Well, 25 years or so ago when I was in 9th grade, I would have said the same thing. And I would have said it again six months later, and again six months after that, and so on. It wasn’t till 4-5 years after I intended for it to happen that it finally happened…

At last, Bill Clinton's leg... (Below threshold)
Bill M:

At last, Bill Clinton's legacy has been identified.

To be fair, I was brought u... (Below threshold)

To be fair, I was brought up in the UK and I never worried about oral sex. Still don't, to be honest.

P.S. I'm with you, jmaster. The story of my teenage life.

Get a clue, Carla...<... (Below threshold)

Get a clue, Carla...

If it wasn't for Bill Clintard's oral escapades, the LIbEral Media spin machine wouldn't have had to mobilize to try to declaw such a stupid dunderheaded move by the "leader" of the free world (who, btw if you'll excuse my sniping, had less of a mandate than W).

Simply put, Clinton begat media spin which begat media bombardment which begat the brainwashing of our kids raised by irresponsible parents such as yourself.

Any questions?

Please guys, that has to be... (Below threshold)

Please guys, that has to be the lamest Clinton-bash ever. I was gettin blown back in junior high in like 1996, and that's exactly what my sentiment was. Oral sex wasn't gonna make me a daddy! That's all I was thinking about. I was only doing it with one girl too, so there was no worry about diseases either. Only morons get STDs.

I agree with Wizbang most of the time, but this one - please guys, that was just lame. Clinton did not "invent the internet" as you would have it. The number one fear of teens is getting pregnant, not getting STDs. At least that is the POV of this young male.

Pick your battles guys, pick your battles.

Hey, as long as you do is t... (Below threshold)

Hey, as long as you do is talk about it...........

Well maybe carla has a poin... (Below threshold)

Well maybe carla has a point --- by complete accident...Perhaps the abstinence campaign is partially working -- kids think maybe they can find a middle ground between all or none. Temptation being what it is to teenage hormones and all.

But carla, why don't you tell us all why the conservatives and George Bush are responsible for BJs becoming the "back rub" of 2005?

Bill Clinton was a product ... (Below threshold)

Bill Clinton was a product of his time (the 60's), when women started burning their bra's, and sex became the new form of entertainment. Monica certainly had no qualms, Bill didn't either, although, he forgot what position he held

Now, young girls turn on MTV and see "singers" emulating sex, women wearing nothing and acting like ho's, and think that is the norm.

Don't blame Clinton so much. Blame we parents for allowing MTV to exist, and for buying sexy clothing for our daughters, and for being too busy to get involved with our children.

It never ceases to amaze me... (Below threshold)

It never ceases to amaze me the lengths that neocon conservatives will go to dismiss the failure of their policies. Abstinance only sex education and the "Abstinance Pledges" fails to teach teens about the real dangers of unprotected sex. The Christo-Fascist evangelicals like the program because it foists their attitudes and beliefs on the majority without the uncomfortable task of dealing with consequences. This anti-science, anti-reality policy cannot, by any stretch of the imagination be laid on the doorstep of President Clinton. His programs led to a reduction of STD's and abortions, five years in a row.

You guys are way too young.... (Below threshold)

You guys are way too young. Listen to G. He's also way too young, but he seems to get it.

'Abstinence education' is what we got way back when... and anything that didn't risk pregnancy wasn't 'really sex'. Anything that didn't destroy that all-important proof of female virginity wasn't sex.

BJ's were what girls did to make the BF shuddup about other things.

I just read a blurb on this... (Below threshold)

I just read a blurb on this study that was put out by another news service. They said that the study was conducted by UC San Francisco, on “northern California” students.

That little tidbit adds an entirely different perspective to the oral to vaginal sex ratio reported in the study.


Wow, Hiram. I was around be... (Below threshold)

Wow, Hiram. I was around before there were such things as neo-cons, and like Kathy K says, abstinence education was the only option.

Damned, evil, time-traveling neo-cons must have started it all way back before I was born. Damn that Karl Rove.

Ok, lemme see here...... (Below threshold)
Clive Tolson:

Ok, lemme see here...

You've got to go all the way back to Bill Clinton to place blame (typical), so one would assume that the Bush administration would advocate a policy that make the">http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/articles/A26623-2004Dec1.html">the dangers of risky behavior that led to STDs', unequivocal and correct?

Clinton has left his mar... (Below threshold)

Clinton has left his mark for all history.

It's not so much of a mark as it is a crusty stain.

Well here is an easy rule o... (Below threshold)
Just Me:

Well here is an easy rule of thumb, if the behavior has the word "sex" anywhere in it, it is sex.

Maybe somebody should have taught Bill that one.

Here's another rule of thum... (Below threshold)

Here's another rule of thumb: if the behavior has the word "sex" anywhere in it, blame Clinton. When you're done, swallow, and then blame Clinton again.

I'm just disappointed that I was in high school during Clinton's first term. If I had been just a few years younger I would have learned what sex was while I was still in school. We just had to wonder, what with no politician to set the example for us, as all adolescents look to politicians for sex tips, not their friends or music or movies or any of that. Now if only we could get a president to get caught with a goat, we'd have teenagers across the country goat-screwing to save their virginity.

Any girl who provides BJ's ... (Below threshold)

Any girl who provides BJ's for a boy because she wants him to "shaddup about other things" is displaying her very wrong choices in socialization. As in, if those are the options, they're with the wrong boys. And, they're indicating an abdication to the wrong persons for the wrong reasons.

I find the stats interesting, given that they're collected from among "Northern California" teens.

About Clinton, he had an opportunity for a good legacy up to a point when his actual character was displayed and exposed (pun intended) for all the world to review and consider. It showed that a ethically impaired male was in the Presidency and that's emerged as his legacy, as rightly it should given his behaviors, choices, deeds and rationalizations about those while holding the Office of the Presidency.

Not saying he wasn't, isn't human, isn't/wasn't whatever, just saying that most of us expect higher, more precise ethical behavior from the person in the Presidency. Clinton, unfortunately to him, his legacy and his believers, was found out while still in Office and that's what he'll be remembered for (and is): a man who violated vows and standards just because he could, without dedication for the obvious other choices available to him.

Articles like this, in my v... (Below threshold)

Articles like this, in my view, are aimed at the effort to enforce a "everyone's doing it so you're out of it if you aren't" social pressure upon a vulnerable population. Teens are still interesting in standards and self respect and of maintaing sexual and intimate acts with another person as being far more special and reserved than some want to suggest that those are.

But, to read articles like this, even some of the comments, this thread, it'd be possible for some people to get the impression that the world is sexually permissive to such an extent that to have any reservations or desire any controls over that behavior in your own life is to be out of touch, the dreaded "not popular."

I'm going to write this again: "being popular" is not inherently about posing worth, being of worth, it only inherently indicates a higher degree of accessibility and publicity. Particularly as to the sexually permissive popularity standard. Most human beings, be they young, middle aged and/or elderly, still are sensitive beings and most still require certain boundaries along the way to greater intimacy. Just because we had a morally chaotic, highly permissive individual of great immaturity in those areas in the Presidency (Clinton, for whom I voted, unfortunately) only means that a "popular" guy deemed "cool" and such attracted some obviously vapid persons who considered those aspects "attractive." I mean, look at his partners, look who he attempted to victimize on a sexual level...

I get from Bill Clinton today that he's grown up a great deal and made some reconciliations to his prior nonsense. I hope so. But it doesn't undo the legacy of his Presidency of just setting a terrible and quite foolish standard for all time to come, and even that Clinton is responsible for. Not like he was forced to indulge Lewinsky's flashing in the Oval Office, much moreso all the rest that followed.

I would like to also add, i... (Below threshold)

I would like to also add, in respect to Clinton, that it wasn’t just about a “BJ”. Or just adultery.

The bigger concern was sexual harassment. Those charges dogged him for years, and the evidence was fairly convincing. It was about a man in power asking for sexual favors from an underling in a quid pro quo situation. Bad, bad, bad.

And then the perjury thing sort of took over.

Bj’s from someone other than his wife was just as minor infraction, in the bigger scheme of things.

Despite the comical and wor... (Below threshold)

Despite the comical and worrysome nature of this headline, the reality is things are headed in the right direction. Teen pregnancies are down, abortion RATES are down, and teen sex is down. So those darn teenagers are doing something right, even if they flunk grammar.

Well here is an easy rul... (Below threshold)

Well here is an easy rule of thumb, if the behavior has the word "sex" anywhere in it, it is sex.

That's way too complicated for the liberals to understand.

I don't think that anyone *... (Below threshold)

I don't think that anyone *really* thinks that teen-age behavior has anything to do with Bill Clinton. (Half of them probably couldn't tell you who was president before Bush anyway.) It's just really really funny. Not because teens are acting like *him* but because the President of the United States of America was acting like a horny teen-aged boy.

Why is it so hard for you C... (Below threshold)

Why is it so hard for you Clinton defenders to acknowledge his obvious, and very publicly exposed, weaknesses? And while you can argue whether or not his conduct has had a direct correlation with teenage sexual conduct, can you not acknowledge the simple fact that teenagers all the time are looking for validation of their (questionable) actions from adults, and he just happened to be the one in the news?

Do you really deny that the litany of his publicly exposed sexual behaviors (sexual harrassment, even rape) would have had some impact on millions of impressionable youths seeking answers to their curiosities? That the President of the United States sets an example?

Look, BJs wasn't about bein... (Below threshold)

Look, BJs wasn't about being "popular" or peer pressure either. Why can't some of you just accept the fact that many teens want to be intimate with each other without the possibility of getting pregnant?

I think oral sex is the perfect solution to many teens who want to be intimate, but don't want to have the risk of getting a baby. It was for me. It had absolutely nothing to do with any external factors at all.

Clinton had no role in this what so ever. Unless he warped back into time to 1996 and told me personally that getting BJs was a fun thing to do. Not like I would have really listened to him, anyways.

G's offering up one of his ... (Below threshold)

G's offering up one of his best arguments, like, ever, as in, if you want me to call you again, you'll...look, there's nothing wrong with it, so go ahead, just do it...what's your problem, everyone else does it...

Clinton brought the rationalization argument about oral sex as contradiction in many terms (in his case, particularly) to the forefront: as in, the President on national television lying about certain behaviors and then later trying to rationalize them as not representing 'sexual relations' with someone.

If that's not an example for some, I just don't know what is. Just look at the influence he had on some on this thread and toward the same behaviors.

G, you're opining that 'SOME "teens" want intimacy' (wait, I thought a "BJ" isn't an act of sexual intimacy!), 'don't want pregnancy,' yadda, yadda, yadda, so, hey, have oral sex! Yadda, yadda, yadda.

SOME may, but it's not the ordinary behavior of all 'teens.' It all goes back to one's social environment and peer pressure and what individuals have been provided with what standards by their families and those that haven't and so are more easily manipulated into doing what someone else tells them 'just because.'

It's a common sense awareness for most and Clinton's foolishness about his marriage vows, his Presidential vows and his idea of what it was to do both at the same time is what reduced the guy in many people's view to that of a great big jerk. I could barely listen to him speak after hearing his "I did not have..." words, while, in fact, reading that he did have and then seeing Clinton try to squeak around the differences.

Like Bill allways said "Mon... (Below threshold)
Rod Stanton:

Like Bill allways said "Monica has a good 'head' on her shoulders." Sometimes you have to give a head to get ahead.

Well, maybe you do, Rod Sta... (Below threshold)

Well, maybe you do, Rod Stanton.

It can be a scuzzy world, surely, when the standard is scuzzy and not standards.

So, can we blame Dubya for ... (Below threshold)

So, can we blame Dubya for increased pot and coke use? How about increased desertion in the armed forces?

Drunk driving?


PusBoy: why?Clint... (Below threshold)

PusBoy: why?

Clinton's deviations were engaged in WHILE IN OFFICE.

President Bush's substance abuse experiences were during his youth, a long time ago. Perhaps you missed that part that he became sober and THEN he was elected to office and THEN he was elected to the office of the Presidency.

Clinton, on the other hand, maintained a reversal of those experiences, while also including adultery and other sexual variations on his marriage theme AFTER he was in the Presidency and while IN the office.

Big difference.

And, for Heaven's sake, Bush's credibility and honor in military service has been substantiated and proven. Unlike Clinton, Bush served. Clinton just hacked away at the funding.

-S- hard to argue with PusB... (Below threshold)

-S- hard to argue with PusBoy -- his comment here is every bit as senseless and immature as his aptly named blog, Virtual Pus.

-S- - - I was not talking ... (Below threshold)
Rod Stanton:

-S- - - I was not talking about my PC

pus [ puss ] ... (Below threshold)

pus [ puss ]


yellowish liquid produced by infection: the yellowish or greenish fluid that forms at sites of infection, consisting of dead white blood cells, dead tissue, bacteria, and blood serum

boy [ boy ]

noun (plural boys)

1. young male: a young male person
2. son: somebody’s male child
3. immature man: a man who is regarded as immature or inexperienced, especially a young man

Pus b o y
try this name.... "dumbass" you'll find it under dumbassery

Rod Stanton: I realize you... (Below threshold)

Rod Stanton: I realize you weren't and that you also were not talking about standards.

<a href='http://mo... (Below threshold)







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