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Canada's Watergate - Adscam

The Canadian government is in the midst of a Watergate-style meltdown, and the internet is hastening it's collapse. Our friend Ed Morrissey has published accounts of testimony before a court that Canadian publications have been banned from reporting on. Ed's original account from an anonymous courtroom insider is available here.

The publication and linkage by Canadian bloggers has sent shock waves throughout Canada, as the publication ban (applicable only to Canadians) has been rendered, for all intent and purposes, moot. Ed was interviewed about the story The Globe and Mail. Much like other recent stories that governments or the media have attempted suppress, the internet has just routed around them.

Meanwhile liberal bloggers in the US (in this case an actual member of Congress) are still working the Jeff Gannon story...

Coverage Elsewhere:

  • Joe Katzman with all the background in the story you'll need to get up to date, at Winds of Change.
  • Colby Cosh says, "it would actively help free the hands of Canadian webloggers and reporters if our foreign cousins were to be aggressive about 'publishing' the substance of the Brault testimony outside the reach of Canadian law."
  • Kate McMillian has more reaction tracking at small dead animals
  • Angry in the Great White North tweaks the presiding official of The Gomery Inquiry by mentioning the one phrase in Canada that can get you tossed in jail.
  • The Politicker notes the the blogosphere cannot be contained.
  • Tim Worstall on Adscam, Canada, Censorship and the Gomery Enquiry.
  • bound by gravity - features daily link roundups.


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Comments (21)

Looks like the Canadian Lib... (Below threshold)
Just Me:

Looks like the Canadian Liberals got caught with their pants down, although it is yet to be seen if it has any effect on who controls their government.

From comments I have read at CQ the Canadian MSM is even more biased than the US.

Another great job of report... (Below threshold)
Rod Stanton:

Another great job of reporting by the Captain. Another kid from Cerritos making good in the real world.

Just Me - - How can anyone be mor ebiased than the MSM? They are past the lazy eight!

Someday,Candians w... (Below threshold)


Candians will realize that not having a Constitution is bad for you.


That having your country owned by somebody else (Canada is still a dominion) is also bad for you...

The Canadian media is nearl... (Below threshold)

The Canadian media is nearly uniformly pro-Liberal, a fact borne out by recent blogger research at the Elections Canada donor database - before it was recoded and rendered unusable.

In Canada, the leader of the governing party is given near dictatorial powers - his office and cabinet appoint all federal judges, appoint all crown corporation - and "foundation" boards (which are outside the authority of the Auditor General who uncovered the malfeasance of the Sponsorship Program), appoint all members of the senate...

The only thing that is restraining them at the moment is that they failed to win a majority in the House of Commons, and a non-confidence vote could bring them down. That may be exactly what they hope for, that the government dissolves and they are allowed to suspend the inquiry and further testimony - just as they did in 2004.

The opposition parties have a very fine line to walk - there are pros and cons in bringing down the government, and the greatest con may be in doing it too soon for the rest of the damning information to get out to the public.

In closing - thankyou Kevin, and Ed, and the rest of you for focusing on this. We are in some legal jeopardy (how much is uncertain) for even linking to Ed's site. The more attention that can be brought to efforts to suppress the information, the better. This is our Watergate, writ large, and in this case, the blogosphere is playing the role of both "Deep Throat" and the Washington Post.

>Meanwhile liberal bloggers... (Below threshold)

>Meanwhile liberal bloggers in the US are still working the Jeff Gannon story...


Canada? What's a Canada?</... (Below threshold)

Canada? What's a Canada?

You made that shit up, didn't you?

>Candians will realize that... (Below threshold)

>Candians will realize that not having
>a Constitution is bad for you.

You know, you're absolutely right. We should copy the US Constitution that allows things like DMCA, Carnivore, and PATRIOT.

Oh, and BTW: Canadian Constitution

>That having your country owned by somebody
>else (Canada is still a dominion) is also bad
>for you...

The Governor General is symbolic in modern Canadian government. Britain or its representatives cannot veto Canadian laws.

Nice troll though.

"Someday,Candians ... (Below threshold)


Candians will realize that not having a Constitution is bad for you.


That having your country owned by somebody else (Canada is still a dominion) is also bad for you..."

This is the stuipidest thing i've ever heard.
Have you even bothered to check your facts?

Canada became a sovereign nation and signed its own constitution in 1982.

Connections to the british commonwealh are purely historic and symbolic.

Hey Canadian...give that tr... (Below threshold)

Hey Canadian...give that troll a TRUDEAU SALUTE!

Canadian-- Yes, th... (Below threshold)
John Thacker:


Yes, the troll is stupid. But the "notwithstanding clause" and certain other aspects of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms seem a bit dubious to this American. AIUI, you have rights which are absolute-- unless the government really, really wants to violate them and says so explicitly.

Seeing how the UK Parliament has recently trashed double jeopardy, trial by jury, habeas corpus, and other long held rights, we're a little skeptical of parliamentary supremacy and ability to overcome rights.

The Liberal government is i... (Below threshold)
Nicholas M. Roach:

The Liberal government is ignoring the charter of rights and freedoms by not providing probono lawyers to fight for the civil rights of the poor when they are discriminated against. I hope the Gomery report puts them all in Jail including my MP Jacques Saada who likes to sue people.

Yes indeed, John Thacker! ... (Below threshold)

Yes indeed, John Thacker! It always seems reasonable to write the government a little "wiggle" room, that is, until the poor soul finds himself in the room for wiggling, and gets squashed.

Yep still working the Jeff ... (Below threshold)

Yep still working the Jeff Gannon plagiarist story while you guys seem to still be working the Jeff Gannon is a "journalist" story.

My 2 latest examples of Jeff Gannon's patented plagiarized journalism:

How Gannon Spun The Boston Globe
Jeff Gannon Stole the 10 Commandments

It's suggestive to my view ... (Below threshold)

It's suggestive to my view that Canadians are being very.slowly.introduced to the fact that their fairy tales just aren't facts. That the world is far more than 'oye' and The Kids in the Hall.

I'm thinking that this is a very meager beginning to Canada's concept of reality outside a quite antiquated and separatist detachment from it, combined with a great deal of snootiness about the very idea that they aren't at some pinnacle of something already, or haven't been. Canadians, after all, have had their news and information blunted and highly edited "on their behalf" for a while now and it's interesting to see some among them beginning to wake up to the fact that maybe.they.haven't.been.told.the.whole.stories.for.a.while.now.

I interact with a lot of Canadians in Hawaii, or did when I lived there, and to a 't', they all perceive Americans and America as lowly and corrupt and beneath them, in more ways than one, combined with all that I met in Hawaii were all involved in New Age thinks of one sort or another. Very limited in awareness.

In all due respect, Canadia... (Below threshold)

In all due respect, Canadians here, this thread. Just saying, that was my experience. Not like I am unfamiliar with Canada and Canadians, by the way, just saying, those were my experiences.

Combined with the fact that Canada has had a complete lock-out on some news information and what you've ended up with is a highly concentrated and closed society of socialism that is motivated by inaccurately condoned and enabled fears. You've been sold a crock for a while now, is my point and it's affected the general resident's perspective about "the others."

And, well, those are my gen... (Below threshold)

And, well, those are my generalizations for this night (^^). About the specifics, I'm withholding further comments until there's more information available. So far, it reads as if suggesting at least the possibility of using certain forces by which to impale one's competitors. I'm just not sure about all the players involved. And that includes on both sides of the border.

Because, I do make note of ... (Below threshold)

Because, I do make note of a certain US organization capitalizing on all this news from/about Canada to enjoy promotions.

You know, things are more than they seem.

i feel bad tonight for thos... (Below threshold)

i feel bad tonight for those idiot yankees who think Canada does not have a consititution...

by the way, Canada did not invade Iraq,

and we canadians will never let your stupid missile defence system go onto our soil, hope russians and chinese blow up ur yankee hairy ass

We should copy the US C... (Below threshold)
John Thacker:

We should copy the US Constitution that allows things like DMCA, Carnivore, and PATRIOT.

Umm, the Canadian Consitution allows such things as well, and even worse. Surely you know about the "notwithstanding clause." Surely you know about the War Measures Act. (Yes, passed before the Candian constitution was repatriated.) Surely you know about Canada's own DCMA-like provisions, and of course the blank CD tax given to the MPAA and Canadian equivalent groups.

After all, the Canadian Constitution was largely written by Pierre Trudeau, the same man who declared martial law after a much smaller terrorist incident than 9/11, the October Crisis when the FLQ kidnapped two ministers.

I grant that many Americans are ignorant of Canada. But you Yank-bashers would rather have it that way, trust me, as it prevents us from tu quoque-ing you.

Finally the son of the exto... (Below threshold)

Finally the son of the extortionist and his inablity to fly the Canadian flag on his ships will be sunk.The liberals are history and hopefully decertified.Finally the Trudeauites have been uncovered.Time to drink my fill of cold lagers and hearty ales then properly give the respect the liberals deserve- me flattening my bladder on them.

I have read a lot of childi... (Below threshold)
Nicholas M. Roach:

I have read a lot of childish rhetoric here but I have a serious personal beef with the Liberals. I was asked to leave a mental health organization in Brossard where I was a client (of health care services) and a volunteer. The reason -- Their new social worker called my mother for information and then proceeded to seduce me. When our relationship was found out I lost my civil rights due to this discrimination. When I took this issue to my Canadian MP Jacques Saada he said he could do nothing. When I left messages telling him I thought he was just not interested in helping a constituent --he wrote a letter to my parents. I find this unacceptable behavior by a Minister of Parliment as I would not write his mother if I had an issue with him.






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