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Checking in

No, despite numerous pleas and fervent wishes, I have NOT vanished from the face of the earth. Due technical issues not within my control (yet still my own dang fault), I've been without net access for a couple days. When I return from vacation (Tuesday afternoon), I should have at least a couple good postings up here, including at least one moderately incriminating and potentially scandalous photo from my vacation and a new contest.

Yes, I miss you folks, too. Even some of the trolls. (Them, just not that much.)


(Way, WAY overstuffed on outstanding Italian food right now)

Comments (7)

Some of us were on a silent... (Below threshold)

Some of us were on a silent hunger strike to protest your absence.

Oops, today is the fourth.

Game over.

Jay who?... (Below threshold)

Jay who?

You won't miss the trolls a... (Below threshold)

You won't miss the trolls as much if you use your sights & take your time instead of spraying fire all around. Remember the BRASS system: Breathe, Relax, Aim, Sight, Squeeze.

Hey Jay, I've noticed that ... (Below threshold)

Hey Jay, I've noticed that page loads are much faster since you’'ve been gone.

I don’t think you ever told us where you are though.

Where are you? Not Baltimore again, I hope.

Italian food?Incrimi... (Below threshold)

Italian food?
Incriminating photos?

Keep your eyes peeled for that news story of a man "getting a little too close" to the Pope!

Who do you think he misses ... (Below threshold)

Who do you think he misses most of all?

I think he misses minnie mo... (Below threshold)

I think he misses minnie most of all.






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