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Gannongate - The Scandal That Keeps Giving (Humor)...

Am I the only one who finds it positively ironic that homosexual-activist blogger John Aravosis, who has taken leave of his endless search of the backwaters of the internet for pictures of Jeff Gannon's shaved manbags, is now pissed off because the National Press Club isn't treating HIM like a real journalist?

Aravosis is one of the pack of bloggers who felt it was a moral imperative to probe the sexual history of Gannon, even after he had resigned his job at Talon News. The reason for the witch hunt? Gannon wasn't a "real" journalist. Oddly being the gay new-media non-journalist (Aravosis) who "outs" the gay new-media non-journalist (Gannon) doesn't carry much weight with the folks at the NPC. Good on 'em...

National Press Club AGAIN defends GannonGuckert panel discussion [AMERICABlog]

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If it wasn't for the Press,... (Below threshold)

If it wasn't for the Press, especiall the white house press corps , I would have a blog at all.

The Gannon story is basical... (Below threshold)

The Gannon story is basically the only thing the left-wing blogs have to show for themselves, in terms of a "win."

How lame. Seriously.

Aravosis' says on his site ... (Below threshold)

Aravosis' says on his site that "you (argh, visitor)...and the ads...are the only thing keeping this site going."

That's a pretty reasonably good indication that Aravosis isn't making much of a contribution, to my view.

About the rest, I didn't read it. These manbag hunters continue to enforce the most prejudicial perspective of and about their kind. Which is their actual problem, right there.

After clicking up to the Jo... (Below threshold)

After clicking up to the Jose Lima post, I just don't understand why anyone would be the least bit interested in manbags.

I am starting to think you ... (Below threshold)
Just Me:

I am starting to think you maybe should have put this one under humor.

It got my morning off with a good laugh.

Next thing you know they'll... (Below threshold)

Next thing you know they'll be giving out Pulitzer Prizes for Chickenbag journalism.

Oh sure. I Google "shave ma... (Below threshold)

Oh sure. I Google "shave manbags" and all I come up with is this. Thanks, Kevin. Thanks for nothing.






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