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Blog Whoredom

I bet you thought I was talking about Wonkette and Jeff Gannon's National Press Club event again. Sorry not today. These folks have lots to say about that.

No, this has to do with the going rate for blog whoredom. What are your blood, sweat, and tears worth in the cold, hard marketplace of ideas?

Evidentially $5 a post. Happy endings optional...


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Two question, Kevin:<... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

Two question, Kevin:

1) Are you gonna hit them up for $5.00 for this posting?

B) If not, mind if I go for it?


Well, one of you guys go fo... (Below threshold)

Well, one of you guys go for it. Then let us know if it's a scam or a joke!

Shoot, $5 per post? That's... (Below threshold)

Shoot, $5 per post? That's lunch! Not only am I a blog whore, I'm a shameless blog whore.

I responded to the posting ... (Below threshold)

I responded to the posting (thinking it was freelance writing type stuff); $5/post isn't bad for a college student. I was disapointed to learn that I could only write positive reviews about sites they wanted me to on MY blog. Blog whoredom indeed. (although if disclosure is allowed, heh, why not? He has yet to write me back on that question)

Oh, and for heaven's sake, lets not publicly crucify this man, as the blogosphere tends to do right quickly.

Post on the topic at http://madjon.net/index.php?id=78&blog_page_url=http://madjon.net/2005/04/blogging-whoredom-not-here.txt

Update: This person does al... (Below threshold)

Update: This person does allow disclosure but prefers that the blogger does not; so, for now I have turned him down.

I bet it's a George Soros f... (Below threshold)

I bet it's a George Soros funded plan.

Or perhaps part of Jane Fonda's publicity for her "new book." I base this last guess (well, both of them) upon the content of that blog, link-jump/popfactor.

On another note, who is going to actually track anyone down when they DON'T get their crackho, err, five dollars fee? FIVE DOLLARS?!

Follow the tried and true method and that is get the money upfront, THEN write the copy.

I mean, who could LIVE with... (Below threshold)

I mean, who could LIVE with themselves afterward? Not only being asked to write on spec, but actually writing on spec and for FIVE DOLLARS!! This is even worse than a crackho 'standard.'

I'm with Suzy. They need to... (Below threshold)

I'm with Suzy. They need to add at least a couple of zeroes.






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