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BlogRunner Is Back

The mysterious disappearance last year of BlogRunner is still a mystery, but the good news is the service is back in what appears to be an even more useful form.

The service seems to be re-envisioned around virtual topics. For example there's The Annotated New York Times tracks blog postings that cite articles published by The New York Times. These blog fragments are grouped by author or by topic to form virtual, distributed conversations that span multiple sites and that center around the coverage of news events as reported by the Times. One of the nifty features is that thousands of RSS feeds are available for The Times alone.

At the main BlogRunner the same concept is employed with topics like Politics, Law, Media, etc. that form virtual weblogs made up of target materials from relevant blogs. All sorts of sliced and diced topics are presented and RSS feeds are available in abundance.

It's an interesting concept, and worth a look...


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BlogRunner...shmogrunner...... (Below threshold)


It seems that Wizbang is part of the "Sweep it uner the rug and hopes it goes away" conspiracy of the Sandy Berger hand-slap.

What say you, Wizbangblog??






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