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Gannongate - The Affair The Keeps On Giving (Humor) Part II

If you thought the Jeff Gannon story couldn't get any more ridiculous, you were wrong. This morning the Des Moines Register sets the hearts of the man-whore investigative corps aflutter by doing a feature on the investigation, unfortunately for the conspiracy obsessed Gannon bloggers they come off looking like, well, themselves...

Johnny Gosch, an 12 year-old Iowa paperboy who was kidnapped in 1982, is the latest twist in the Gannon saga. It's believed by some that Gosch was abducted into a child pedophilia ring. According to the Register no trace of him has ever been found, and no suspects have been arrested.

The Register's Erin Crawford reports:

Nearly 23 years later, White House correspondent Jeff Gannon, who wrote for a conservative Web site, was exposed in February as James D. Guckert, a man with no journalism experience and links to several gay escort addresses online.

If you have the time to read a few hundred Web postings, you will see how Johnny Gosch and Jeff Gannon, two completely unrelated individuals, became the same person on the Web. The way the theory developed says much about the anything-goes nature of the blogosphere and self-proclaimed reporters on the Internet, who seem to find accuracy and proof a nuisance in uncovering fantastical conspiracies.

It took the random efforts of scores of Web loggers (bloggers), credulous readers and longtime followers of the case to assign the two men a bizarre, shared backstory involving satanic CIA agents, pedophiles and presidents.

The complete concoction goes like this: Gosch was kidnapped into a pedophilia and child pornography ring that serviced the upper echelons of Washington, D.C., society. He was brainwashed by the CIA, trained to be part of a top-secret escort program. Then, he became Jeff Gannon and was given a plum job as a White House correspondent with the online conservative news service to keep him quiet.



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Comments (25)

I find that the Gannon has ... (Below threshold)

I find that the Gannon has provided every obsessive compulsive sufferer with a new set of hands to wash:

Then the story was dropped into dozens of Web sites. Gosch case activist and Denver resident Ted White estimated he posted messages about the connection on 65 or 70 sites.

"I'm a member of over 80 Yahoo groups," he said. He fanned the rumor on the sites, spreading information he heard from private investigators on the Gosch case.

And wash. And wash. And wash. And wash. And wash. And...

"Top-secret escort program"... (Below threshold)

"Top-secret escort program"??

Oh, there's a Wayan Brothers movie in that...

This story should have come... (Below threshold)
Steven L.:

This story should have come out on April 1st.

Are you sure that isn't the... (Below threshold)
Just Me:

Are you sure that isn't the Onion?

What is WRONG with these pe... (Below threshold)

What is WRONG with these people? Some reality-based community they are...

Where does Karl Rove find t... (Below threshold)
Old Coot:

Where does Karl Rove find the time to do all this mischief?

Work in the Trilateral Comm... (Below threshold)
Governor Breck:

Work in the Trilateral Commission, Bohemian Grove and David Ickes' Lizards from Space and you'll have a top-drawer conspiracy theory.

Where does Karl Rove fin... (Below threshold)

Where does Karl Rove find the time to do all this mischief?

The Great Rove-meister never sleeps!

The real problem is,... (Below threshold)

The real problem is, of course, that these guys are making the rest of us look bad.

Are they making me look bad... (Below threshold)

Are they making me look bad? Only when they make me laugh so hard I lose control of my bladder.

Only people who have... (Below threshold)

Only people who have radio transmitters in their teeth could think like this:

"The most fervent bloggers on the Web aren't as interested in linking Gannon to Gosch as they are in presenting their version of a massive conspiracy. The story that excites them is a sordid tale about the CIA operating a pedophilia ring on behalf of dignitaries and politicians and training male prostitutes to serve as spies.

They try to link both Bush presidents to this conspiracy, prove that Hunter S. Thompson's death was not a suicide and investigate a so-called government-sponsored pedophilia operation they claim continues to abduct children."

Someone pass out the Lithium.

It seems that in this case,... (Below threshold)

It seems that in this case, "The Tinfoil Hat Brigade" reallly is accurate.

And seriously, who thinks being a white house correspondant at Talon News is a "plum job?" I'd be spilling my guts by now.

You people all sound like d... (Below threshold)

You people all sound like disinformation/damage-control specialists. Sex has always been used in high places to compromise and control people. There is plenty of similar precedent in history for this "stranger than fiction" peeling of the onion. It's much easier to be dismissive than to investigate, and, yes, it's also easy to be misled when people jump on the bandwagon, but don't reject this out of hand because it amuses you to do so.

FNORD!... (Below threshold)


Arghhh, Renee...we're not r... (Below threshold)

Arghhh, Renee...we're not responding to sex in high places, the power of sex, but about this insane issue about Gannon and the millions upon millions of hours and messages and theories and c.o.n.c.e.n.t.r.a.t.i.o.n about the mysteries that just MAY be Gannon and Area 51 and the Face on Mars and the Swamp Thing of New Jersey (who just MAY be a Republican!) and...

Do you not perceive the outrageousness of that one article alone (this thread, link)? Please, tell me you can't be serious that you find something wrong with commentors HERE.

I'm sure harems and pimps exist (in fact, I am quite sure that they do) but for Heaven's sake, I mean, at least Bill Clinton admitted his daliances (eventually), start there with the outrage, something real...funny how all these same people all hot and seemingly insane about Gannon thought that the females who tried to seek redress for harms inflicted upon them of the sexual kind by Bill Clinton were "irrational" and their charges "unfounded."

And, Renee, why not focus o... (Below threshold)

And, Renee, why not focus on Sandy Berger and his theft and destruction of classified documents? I mean, that's PROVEN...maybe try to prove he's a homosexual which is WHY he had those papers in his pants...

That last part was sarcasm.

Actually in all fairness th... (Below threshold)

Actually in all fairness that is not what bothers many of the critics of Pope John Paul II. I cannot speak for all of them however.

As Carl Bernstein rightly alluded to on Scarborough Country, the fact of the matter is the Catholic Church has changed a great deal since its creation about 300 AD ish, I believe. I mean it's been centuries since we had a good Inquisition.

Yes there are certain moral truths but certain truths are relative. And certain dogma of the Catholic Church is man-made doctrine, not rooted in the Bible and/or subject to broad interpretations.

Let's take the one child per family policy in China. It seems rather draconian and certainly is against most religious teachings. Go forth and multiply sayeth the Lord.

But is the starvation of millions of Chinese, which would have been the result had the Chinese government not put on some brakes to population growth, and may yet happen, any less unsavoury?

John Paul II also believed all war is wrong. How wonderful he is so comfortable in the knowledge that an Adolph Hitler will not rise again or the Saddam Husseins of the world can be dealt with diplomatically.

How many here subscribe to that moral truth? Of course I think the latter may have been the Pope's personal moral truth rather than the official position of the Church.

Big appollogies as they wou... (Below threshold)

Big appollogies as they would say in Clockwork Orange, I've posted to the wrong thread,

moderators feel free to delete diatribe


Came here from Right Wing N... (Below threshold)

Came here from Right Wing News. According to a newspaper story I found many years ago, Gosch's mother did say he came back for a brief visit at least once when he was older. The book Franklin Coverup. dealing with corrupt politics in Nebraska and Gosch is quite interesting and possible. The way the information about the political pedophilia appears tends to discredit the rest. LaRouche people tend to give a strange spin to good information to throw others off a trail.

These blogs thrive because ... (Below threshold)

These blogs thrive because people with opinions to share can "hang out". I used to be naive, but now I know that there is enough corruption in politics to go around, so there is no need to make pointed "shame on you" references to Clinton, etc. I am aware that there are many important stories that are not picked up by the mainstream media. My point is, the cranking out of the follow-up posts seemed ever so obviously contrived to ridicule. I'm just sorry that the the American population seems divided into the clueless "dumb-downed" and the "sneering opinionated", without much in between. I hope that we, as a nation, don't polarize to the point we get the rug pulled out from under us by foreign powers while we are too busy sneering at each other's partisan pursuits to notice what's really going on. And, lest you opine that that is exactly what "Gannongate" is doing to us, I just want to say that I believe there is probably a lot more to it than either "side" knows right now, so why the great haste to sweep it under the rug? (The same rug that's going to get pulled out....etc, etc)...

Listen to Renee, for she is... (Below threshold)

Listen to Renee, for she is a voice in the wilderness of made-up minds; a way forward for the mud-stuck, out of ignorance and atrophy. Follow the voice, for it holds the true power.

Renee...people are not ridi... (Below threshold)

Renee...people are not ridiculing YOU, they are responding to the overwhelming amount of preposterous allegations-being-advanced-as-fact-about-unsubstantiated-fears-and-allegations where Gannon as person and occasion is concerned.

Who has then bled over theoretically and colloquially into all manner of possible allegations. If a person has evidence to share, then share that but simply applying a John Wayne Gacy level of horror and dangerous grotesquery to Gannon ~just because~ is the mark of a paranoid personality. In this case, however, the mark of dozens of them all together, encouraging greater levels upon levels upon levels of strange brew.

No one would dismiss any facts that were well presented. Or even an allegation that made greater sense beyond a level of gossip. So far, about Gannon, all that exists is gossip after the initial exposure of his fake identity and gained Press Room pass.

The websites he registered COULD JUST AS EASILY HAVE BEEN REGISTERED to protect the domains, as they were later then alleged by Gannon attackers (about his homosexuality by others of that behavior) to represent "evidence" that Gannon "was a whore" and the entire strange tales began from there.

Gannon as homosexual, that's believable on second glance...him as being a reformed sexual escort, that's believable on second/third glance, but without evidence about real interactions, profits, exchanges and such, it's all just heresay. A few people who really, really resent Gannon for voting and declaring as a Republican and who really, really hate Republicans found their little chipping point and then started chipping and now appear to be completely crazed about the very idea of Gannon, as personna.

There are reasonable explanations all along the way, however, for how and why he became present in the press room at the White House but those have all been simply abandoned without even considering them out of certain homosexuals who feel their mission is to attack other homosexuals as long as they are conservatives.

It's a sick agenda, and sick behavior. The only people who are proving that they are unbalanced, paranoid and of questionable sexual wellness are those who are beating this Gannon thing into the Woods of New Jersey as Swamp Thing Attacks Gayzilla.

We could just as easily, if... (Below threshold)

We could just as easily, if applying the Get Gannon Just Because paranoid think to the alternative, we could all just as easily start SWEARING that, say, Howard Dean is transvestite who rose to power by participating in a transvestite prostitute ring in Vermont.

Just start including that on a few DU boards and see what happens. the reason you'll get reamed for doing so is because Howard Dean supposedly is a Democrat, a liberal. They'll clearly and quickly deem the story insane and awful and all that but substitute the name of Dean with, say, Tom DeLay (or has happened, Jeff Gannon) and then watch the serious concentration begin.

The point is, it is not that people (here) do not take serious issues seriously but that this Gannon thing has taken on the proportions of the paranoid delusions of the insane. Unfortunately, like insane people everywhere, many of whom are insane because of their paranoia, never, as in, NEVER can perceive their thought processes as unreliable. While many others who observe them can and do so easily. It's that last observation that many on Wizbang share...it's shocking just how imbalanced many are among liberals about the Jeff Gannon story. And they do not pose any capacity to realize just how imbalanced they are.

Thanks, Chad, for the suppo... (Below threshold)

Thanks, Chad, for the support. And -S-, I know you weren't ridiculing ME, give me some credit, man, the chemtrails and microwaves haven't taken that big a toll on my mind yet. And, hey, I'm sorry, but I detect just a little too much desperation in the tone of your arguments, just a smidgen of hysteria. Too bad, folks, you're just going to have to put up with the likes of us who love to take a stick and turn over rocks just to watch the grubs writhe in the light and dig themselves into a deeper hole.

What about Gannon's Secret Service clearance? Is the Secret Service not doing the job the taxpayers are paying for, or what? We pay these guys, maybe not the biggest bucks, but still....didn't they know anything about this guy? And where DID he come from? I don't think he resembles the published photograph of James Guckert. And what about his remark in an interview where he says he was "asked" to be a reporter? Most people become reporters because it's what they choose for a career, not because their guidance counsellors "ask" them to become reporters. That sounds like mole (a dumb one, at that) to me. Anyway, I have read many of the blogs and there are a lot of people who ARE taking on some serious investigations, dividing up the topics and assigning them to people. I really haven't run across a lot of vicious attempts to bash for the sake of bashing. But, if something shady or evil comes to light, then it will be guilt by association, born-again or not. If our paid public servants don't have the brains to learn from the past, I, for one, don't feel sorry about what comes after.

Other hard-hitting stories ... (Below threshold)
rocko van buren:

Other hard-hitting stories by Erin Crawford. For a better one, visit www.pointblank-dm.com

Search: "erin crawford"
Found 8 documents, showing 1-8.

Is he Johnny Gosch?
Published: 04/05/05 in Recreation

DJ wants to be a bridesmaid before she turns 30
Published: 04/05/05 in Radio/TV

What's In
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Crawford: Cushy comfort for feet: a mere $250
Published: 04/01/05 in Columnists - life

Hard-working Railettes dance their way to top national honors
Published: 04/01/05 in Education

Iowan cools TV competition
Published: 03/31/05 in Radio/TV

$10 dinner
Published: 03/31/05 in Food/Dining

Cat hunting season? Now that's an idea that'll make fur fly
Published: 03/29/05 in People/Places






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