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Peter Jennings diagnosed with lung cancer

The Houston Chronicle and AP are reporting the ABC World News Tonight anchor Peter Jennings has lung cancer.

Peter Jennings, sole anchor of ABC News since 1983, told colleagues and friends in an e-mail today that he has lung cancer.

"As you all know, this is a challenge,'' Jennings wrote. "I begin chemo-therapy next week. I will continue to do the broadcast. There will be good days and bad, which means that some days I may be cranky and some days really cranky!''

"He will begin outpatient treatment next week here in New York,'' said ABC News executive David Westin. "It's both Peter's and my expectation that he will anchor World News Tonight during the period of treatment to the extent he can do so comfortably; but, we should also expect him to be off the broadcast from time to time, depending on how he feels.''

Jennings, 66, has been feeling ill for the past several months and was replaced Saturday on coverage of the pope's death by anchor Charles Woodruff. He last anchored World News Tonight on Friday.

With the retirement of Brokaw, Rather, and soon Koppel, Jennings is the last of the network news titans on the air. Love him or hate him, I'm sure everyone wishes him a speedy (and complete) recovery.


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Comments (13)

This is some new meaning of... (Below threshold)

This is some new meaning of the word "titans"?

Will Mr. Anti-America be go... (Below threshold)

Will Mr. Anti-America be going to Canada to get socialized medical treatment?

This is like when I heard E... (Below threshold)

This is like when I heard Elizabeth Edwards was diagnosed. I felt regret for all the names I called them up to that point!

Some bozo named McGehee say... (Below threshold)

Some bozo named McGehee says he is not sure if he takes pleasure in learning Jennings is sick.

Well, shark, given that he ... (Below threshold)

Well, shark, given that he became a U.S. citizen not long ago, I think it's safe to say he'll stay here.

Some bozo named Palmateer k... (Below threshold)

Some bozo named Palmateer keeps getting his facts wrong.

Chemo is much milder now th... (Below threshold)

Chemo is much milder now than when I did it in the early 90's but I still feel a lot of sympathy for him or anyone else going through it. Get well soon Peter, so I can go back to really disliking your leftist Canaduh bullshit biased news reports.

You folks may have too much... (Below threshold)
Rosy O'D.:

You folks may have too much class to kick a man who is afflicted, but I think he brought it on himself. As I've said before,

"You know what happens to people who lie. They get sick and they get cancer."
Rosy O'D.

I wonder if he will 're-thi... (Below threshold)

I wonder if he will 're-think' his position on Schiavo.

Yeah, a titan among anti-Am... (Below threshold)

Yeah, a titan among anti-American bastards. Who was it that pondered whether our recent military efforts were successful simply because 5th columnists were effectively neutered?

I hope he lives without needing life support. Just a feeding tube. For about 15 years. I'll bring him ice chips. In a star-spangled cup.

He's almost certainly got m... (Below threshold)

He's almost certainly got metastized cancer; otherwise, they'd remove a malignancy or malignancies, or even a lung and spot remove from the remaining one. No surgical attemtps and immediately after a diagnosis isn't a great sign.

Wish him well, more reason for everyong to just stop smoking everything. Even if you smoke a while when young and then quit, decades later you can still develop lung cancer (or cancer elsewhere but lungs and throat and tongue/mouth are the most likely).

Pretty terrible diagnosis, actually; I wish him the best. He can accomplish a good deal if he'll only start campaigning agains smoking.

And then share about the gr... (Below threshold)

And then share about the great medical care he's going to inevitably receive here in the U.S., contrary to what he'd receive in Canada or elsewhere.

I hope Jennings came to kno... (Below threshold)

I hope Jennings came to know the real Jesus Christ before he passed on and not the jesus he reported on in his ABC special a year or so back.






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